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Durian has unique smell; it can be identified if it is already ripe. Some people do not like durian because its aroma. The content of durian fruit is very soft. It is very good to be combined with beverage and food. However, it is dangerous if it is consumed overly. For some reasons, durian fruit is not allowed to be consumed.

Dangers of Durian Fruit

Durian is one of the fruits that contain many vitamins for the body. But if eating excessive, durian is also not good for health. Durian, tastes delicious, cannot be separated from some negative effects. In the case of death, there are about five percent who die of overeating of durian. Behind the enjoyment of eating durian, but not all people know those effetcs.

1. High Cholesterol

Durian that contains high cholesterol is very dangerous if eaten too many. For people who have diabetes and high cholesterol is strictly prohibited to consume durian because it will increase their blood sugar. High cholesterol will provoke high uric acid can make sick complications. That’s the dangers of Durian fruit!

This complication is very fatal for the body. Cholesterol is the disease of most people, from high cholesterol can also develop into others diseases, not just complications. You may also read: Dangerous Effects of Smoking on Teeth

2. Cause Diabetes

What’s the the dangers of Durian fruit? People who have a history of diabetes should not eat excessively durian fruit. High glucose in durian can increase blood sugar so the risk of diabetes will be greater. Patients with diabetes should not eat durian more than five fruit. Glucose in the body of the durian eater will rise faster than sugar.

It is very dangerous if people with diabetes eat excessively durian, it causes a fatal death. So, if you have high blood sugar, then avoid eating durian or just eating a little. You may also read: Dangers of Using Too Much Mouthwash

3. Make the Fetus Dead

The fetus in the womb cannot withstand heat. If pregnant women eat durian, it feels hot in the stomach. The heat triggers death. Hot taste is due to high alcohol content in durian. Alcohol content is also present in jackfruit, tape, and pineapple fruit.

Pregnant women should avoid those foods. Even if you want them, it is recommended by drinking lots of water. In order, containing mineral can neutralize the heat in the fetus. You may also read: Danger of Cats For Pregnant Women

4. Causing Heart Disease

Heart disease occurs due to excessive consumption of durian. Cases of people dying from heart disease usually have a fairly high sugar levels. This gets worse when consuming excessive durian. The cause of death is due to heart disease to rapid heart beating. The content of alcohol and cholesterol in the durian will spur heart beating faster. It is not advisable to eat durian with coffee, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. You may also read: Indian Food to Avoid during Pregnancy

5. Cause Death in Hypertension Patients

Hypertension or high blood usually collaborates with heart disease. Alcohol content in durian will trigger a rise in blood pressure. Increased blood pressure triggers a faster heart rate and has the potential for heart disease. The blood pressure of a person above 200 will make you vulnerable to heart disease.

If the blood pressure in the heart and cholesterol rise together, the effect can be death. Patients with hypertension are strongly recommended by not to eat durian fruit. That’s the the dangers of Durian fruit! You may also read: Dangers of Gnats Bites

6. Causing Death

Durian fruit contains alcohol. This will increase the alcohol level in the blood if you eat durian and alcoholic beverages. Alcohol meets alcohol producing sulfur. It can make slower the metabolism process in the body and the body’s immune system. Sulfur is one substance that should not enter the body because it causes death. Sulfur that accumulates in the blood will cause the blood flow be longer and if accumulate in the kidney leads to kidney disease.

7. Causing Digestive Pain

Consuming durian should not be accompanied by drinks containing alcohol and coffee. Both trigger high blood. Mixing durian and coffee can also make a person affected by complications. And soft drinks, durian must not to be mixed with soft drinks because it causes the rise of stomach acid that can interfere with the digestion of the body. Digestive problems can make the intestines and stomach injured, If over can lead to death. 

8. Causing Kidney Disease to Death

Durian contains ethanol, methanol and ethyl metacrylate also sulfur. If the substance is overload, those will be harmful to the body. For kidney patients, all these substances are not very good for the body because the kidneys cannot decompose the substance.

As a result, kidney becomes unbalanced and decreases. If the kidney is burdened and decreased, then the kidney’s work is not maximal. The substance causes a person affected by kidney disease. If the kidney does not work much then the kidney transplant and blood transfusion must be done.

9. Causing Blood Vessel Constriction

Excessive alcohol compounds in the blood result in narrowing of blood vessels. If the narrowing of blood vessels in the brain, it will be very dangerous that resulted in brain stroke. If entering a heavy stroke, then the healing is difficult. The patient of stroke is not recommended to eat durian. It is intended that the flow of blood in the body of the patient is not burdened by cholesterol as the content of durian fruit that has been eaten.

Those are some negative effects if over eating durian. It needs to be observed for everyone by not too much eating durian fruit. Durian is a typical flavored fruit for some people, but some do not like the smell of durian. In addition durian is also a fruit that is skinned like a thorn, but the texture of the fruit is quite smooth. Durian is widely used for beverages, crispy foods and even certain traditional food. Durian can be combined with a variety of seasonings that cultivate it more delicious.

People do not have to worry if they want to consume durian. There are several ways to consume durian to be more safe and healthy for the body. If consuming is not excessive, it does not matter. To reduce the negative effects of durian, it is advisable to drink water as much as possible and do not drink syrup or alcoholic drinks and soda.

Durian cavity after exfoliated can be filled with water, this is to neutralize the smell of durian and to lower blood pressure. If eating durian can be accompanied by eating mangos teen, vitamin content in mangos teen can neutralize the negative effects of eating durian.

And some can eat vegetables and do not consume excessive meat. You should also be balanced with exercise so that body healthy and can be maintained. Keep always thinking positive and do regular health check up to the nearest doctor.

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