15 Fast and Natural Treatments of Food Poisoning from Fish

Food Poisoning can be happening because of many factors and one of them comes from consuming fishes. The fishes we consume might already infected by microorganism called ‘dinoflagellata’. This type of organism usually found in dead coral reefs and in certain type of algae (usually the ones formed like a sea weed).

These plants are smaller fishes’ source of food, and then smaller fishes are eaten by bigger fishes, until we finally get a chance to consume bigger fishes. We unconsciously swallow those dinoflagellates along with the bigger fishes, too, because they can’t be destroyed easily although it has been heated, cooked, fried, salted or smoked before. Not fresh sea foods also have bigger amount of histamine inside it which isn’t good for our health. So, we must be very careful to know where our food material comes from.

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Food Poisoning from Fish Symptoms

When we ate enough amounts of bacteria that had been carried through fish body, we might be starting to feel unwell. Certain symptoms appear and felt one by one as those bacteria grows wilder disturbing our body’s normal functions. Here are several food poisoning from fish symptoms we might feel.

  • Feeling Dizzy / Having a Headache
  • Feeling weak
  • Experiencing Nausea
  • Having Abdominal Cramps
  • Having Diarrhea
  • Feeling Numb and Tingling in the Mouth
  • Vomiting Regularly
  • Itchy

How to Treat Food Poisoning from Fish

We can be classified as exposed to food poisoning when we already found more than one symptoms happening in our body system. Our body starting to react different ways than how it reacts normally. After that, we need to make sure we provide proper treatments of food poisoning from fish. If you are still confused and trying to find options to do, here we own some to try:

  1. Drinking Certain Amount of Young-coconut Water

Young-coconut water contains enough calium that can substitute calium loss during our vomiting and diarrhea phase so it can reduce the symptoms of bloating quickly. This coconut water somehow heals the food poisoning patient gently and help them feel better. It also contains of ‘tanin’ that plays role as antibacterial helping to fight any unwanted bacteria living inside our body.

  1. Drinking Pure Milk

Why milk? Because milk has the ability to neutralize toxins contained in the body, too.

  1. Taking Oralite/Isotonic Drinks

One of the food poisoning symptoms will make you losing so much water inside your body which then can cause you further dehydration. You can make this isotonic drink yourself by mixing 1 table-spoon of sugar with 2 table-spoon of salt with water and let it mix thoroughly. This drink will prevent us from having dehydration.

  1. Drinking Enough Water

Drinking water should be the finale option to choose if we don’t stock any milk at home or have difficulty in finding young -coconut around us. Water can help our body to minimize absorbing activity so the poisoned containing wouldn’t enter our body that fast. It also helps our body to dilute toxins in our stomach.

  1. Vomited the Fish Meal We Ate

If we’re facing anyone struggling with food poisoning, when the victim is still conscious, please make sure that they vomit their meal all out. This prevent bigger amount of toxins eaten and enter our body.

  1. Making Appointment with Doctors

After 4 hours or more without any improvements in the victim’s body, we need to take them to hospitals and get emergency actions. Doctors usually give food poisoning prescribe with several types of medicines to be consumed and give them lists of food to pay attention to. Patients of food poisoning oftentimes need to stay away from few type of food so if your’re the patient be ready to resist appetite.

  1. Consuming ‘CTM’ Type of Drug

CTM if getting translated would be ‘chlorfeniramin maleat’. This type of drug commonly prescribed to relieve allergy symptoms, fever, and common cold and it is suitable to be consumed by patient with food poisoning condition that might possibly suffer from inflammation, redness, watery eyes, itchy nose, throat, skin, cough, or sneezing.

Before we decide to buy and taking this medicine to help us treat our food poisoning condition, please make sure that we already met the doctor at the first place. When we are taking medicine, it’s better to have doctor’s recommendation and his watch.

Danger We Might Get from Food Poisoning

If the patient of this problem doesn’t get fair treatment between every phase the infected patient might get through, could lead the patient into serious kind of danger. We’re sure you don’t even want to get into further trouble, here’s more reasons we should watch what we eat carefully.

  1. Might Be Having Allergic Impact – This case mostly happens when we consume mackerel tuna and receiving some strange and odd chemicals that our body has never received before. The allergic reactions might vary according to each body’s condition at the moment.
  2. Might Inhibit Fetal Growth – If you are a pregnant mom, it is better for you and your babies to eat only homemade meal with fresh food material that we can ensure has a good quality to be consumed. Avoid buying foods from dirty places. 

  3. Is Toxic to Our Body – Toxicity levels that certain group of fish reach might be different from the other depending on their surroundings, if there’s any sea contamination, oil spills, and of course each fish’s body endurance to ward off toxins.
  4. Might Cause Baby’s Brain Defection – Some researches reveal that just by eating fishes that have been contaminated by dangerous chemical liquid can cause brain defect for baby that lives in mom’s belly.
  5. Might Have Possibility to Consume Mercury – Other than causing baby’s brain defection, mercury has been believed to cause other dysfunctional problems such as damage to the digestive tract, the nervous system, and the kidneys.

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Healthy Tips

There are some natural treatments of food poisoning from fish. Thus, please read this healthy tips here:

  1. Know what you are allergic to
  2. Don’t eat fish that may put you in the allergy trouble
  3. If those natural treatments of food poisoning from fish won’t work, please see a doctor immediately

Above all of the information we receive after reading this article, we need to pay enough attention to our diet. By watching what we eat in detail, how it been cooked, served, and so on can prevent us from getting such food poisoning problem.

Also remember to always play clean before we eat by making sure we washed our hands earlier and eating our meal in proper area with no flies, stray cats, and minim to unwanted-dirt. Hope we can be raise our awareness for the good of ourselves and families. Be healthy, be happy!

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