What Are The Dangers of Sleeping With Your Dog

The relationship between Humans and Dogs often looks fun and harmonious. Humans sometimes consider their dogs become their best friends, so they think that’s okay if they sleep together with their pets in one bed.

They assumed that their dogs are well-treated so they’re believe that their dogs are free from any disease. Well-treated doesn’t mean that your dogs free from any viruses, bacteria or parasites. Dogs tend to interact with free environment, this causing they will always touched by viruses, bacteria or parasites.

Therefore. Let’s discuss what are the dangers of sleeping with your dog below.

1. Causing Meningitis (Inflammation of the brain lining)

Dog saliva contains meningococcus bacteria, which causes meningitis or often referred as abnormalities on human brain membrane. Humans will easily affect by this disease when they familiarize their dogs to sleep in one bed or make a direct contact such as often kissing the dog on the nose or mouth.

If you get an only slightly dog’s saliva on your mouth, it’ll cause a meningitis in the future. This disease can’t be detected immediately within a week or a month, but it’ll occurs later. This disease will damage your nerve, that begins with a partial paralysis of the body, and ends with permanent paralysis and mental disorders. You may also read about how to relieve itch from yeast infection.

2. Disrupting the Health of Fetus in The Womb

Another danger of sleeping with dog is that a pregnant woman often attacked by the Toxoplasma virus. This virus found in fur, saliva and dog poops. Toxoplasma virus will damage the fetus health and will cause a respiratory problem, serious infection of imperfect fetal organs.

The fetus inside the womb will infected with toxoplasma because the mother often sleeps with her dog during her pregnancy. Where the virus can enter the body through mouth into body’s network to reach the fetal placenta (Uterus). An infected fetus will be born with disability or even caused a miscarriage when the gestational age is still below 2 months. You may also read treat cancer with aloe vera as an home remedy.

3. Increase The Risk of Breast Cancer

The virus experts at Munich University told that as many as 79,7% breast cancer case were caused by a woman too often interacting directly with dogs such as carrying, bathing, cuddling, or even sleeping together in one bed for years. Breast cancer was caused by a viral mammary tumor found in dogs. Mammary Tumor are a disease type that occurs as a danger of sleeping with dogs continuously. However, there are also ways to cure gonorrhea naturally.

4. Getting a Diarrhea

The danger of sleeping with a dog is basically when a dog ticking out his tongue and interacting with humans, touching all parts of human body. Dogs actually carry a parasite that live in their body such as worm larvae that grows significantly in every 4 months.

Worm parasites will move to humans body when the dogs licking the humans mouth or nose. If this happens continuously, then human will suffer an abdominal pain and prolonged diarrhea. The worm parasite will injure the stomach network and interfere intestinal organs. You may also read dangerous fruits for diabetes.

5. The Appearance of Lyme Disease

There is an eggs and adult lice in the dog fur with the type of Ixodes that will migrate to human bodies when they sleep together in one bed. The danger of sleeping with the dogs that commonly found is the itchy feels on the skin surface, reddish rash, irritation then an inflammation which begins with high fever, limp body and also attacked by dehydration.

6. Recurs Asthma Suddenly

For those who have an asthma, you shouldn’t keep dogs. This is to prevent your asthma from recurring in more severe portion. Dog fur is vulnerable to causing asthma because when it enters the nasal cavity, it’ll flow into respiratory system and will interfere the respiratory system itself.

7. Causing Insomnia

Dog behavior are difficult to controls. Dogs tend to have an active trait to always ask their owner to playing and interacting continuously.  Even though the keeper is tired, sleepy and want to go to bed soon. This aggressive dog behavior that doesn’t want to be quiet and tend to bark will cause a person to hard to sleep and will get stressed. If this condition continues, it will cause an insomnia.

8. Swelling of The Lymph Glands

The dogs can get disease in their digestive tract caused by Toxocaracanis worms. Where the worms are carried through an environment where the soil contains an eggs Toxocaracanis worms which accidentally enter their bodies when they’re cleaning their feet.

The entry of worm egg and adult worms toward the oral cavity is one of the dangers sleeping with the dogs. If the worm is left on the bed, then human touches or breathes it, human will easily affected by this disease in the digestive tract. These worms can cause swelling of the spleen gland and decrease human consciousness at a severe stage. You may also read about
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9. Triggers Scurvy

The female mites come from the condition of eating place, dog’s playground and other playground that contaminated with various toxic particles. Female mites will grow on any location or used objects that are dirty because of dogs. When female mites lay an egg on these dirty objects and migrate to dog’s skin. When hatching, the adult mites will cause dogs to feels itchy. Mites will move to humans and cause scabies or scurvy.

10. Get Rabies

The deadly thing that can be happen when you sleep with a dog that has been infected with the lyssavirus virus or rabies, but the dog hasn’t given rabies symptoms.

When you get bit, you don’t get hurt because you think it’s a reacting of interacting. Then that’s when the rabies virus has entered your body. If you mingle with dogs, at least avoid the bite. Because that condition is a transmition method of rabies that you never realize before.

11. Digestive Tract Disorders

The dogs that often interact to dirty environments will get Campylobacteriosis bacteria inside their bodies that can attach to all objects in your home such as chairs, tables, children toys, and so on if the dogs touch it directly.

If the bacteria enter the human body, it’ll interfere with the digestive tract. This disease resulted a person suffered a high fever, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

12. Serious Skin Infections

The Dogs that infected with scabies or any dermatophytosis will transmit the bacteria to the surface of human skin, which will cause serious allergies and skin infections. The skin infection not only feels itchy and red reddish, but the disease will injure the skin surface, very itchy and circular. This condition occurs because someone too often directly contact with a dog who has been infected with the disease, but hasn’t given any symptoms.

Beware of what the dangers of sleeping with your dogs. It looks fine despite the fact the disease have lodged in the body. Check to the Doctor every 6 months to prevent infected from your dog such as skin infection like scabies or dermatophytosis.


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