10 Fastest Ways How to Get Rid of Sneezing in the Morning

Sneezing is a sign of the presence of foreign material in the upper respiratory tract, in the nose or throat. Sneezing in the morning, especially when it’s cold, is a natural thing. However, there are some people who experience sneezing in the morning repeatedly. Although sneezing is not harmful, it is necessary to know the cause.

The causes of sneezing in the morning

  1. Rhinitis – Rhinitis is sneezing due to allergies. Someone can sneeze in the morning because of allergies to temperature in the morning. Allergies can also be triggered by dust, mites, and other things that stick to the mattress or pillow and inhaled while sleeping at night. To overcome rhinitis you can use allergy medication.
  2. Air conditions – Air conditions can trigger sneezing, such as dry air, cold air, drastic temperature changes and moisture changes.
  3. Unfit body – Body that is not fit can cause sneezing in the morning. For example because of fatigue, lack of sleep and stress.
  4. Flu virus – Usually sneezing due to infection by the flu virus is characterized by symptoms of colds, nasal congestion, hoarseness, reduced olfactory and loss of appetite.

Sneezing that interferes with health, such as sneezing from the flu, should be seen by a doctor. Sneezing that is not caused by infection can be solved alone. Sneezing in the morning can create a bad mood and disrupt the activity.

How to get rid of sneezing in the morning

  1. Wake Up Early and Have a Morning Shower

Waking up early means wake up before dawn. Before dawn the temperature difference is not too drastic so that your bath is more comfortable. If you wake up late and shower immediately, then the water will feel cooler. Maintain the habit of waking up early and having a morning shower. Thus the body will get used to the morning temperatures so that sneezing will slowly decrease.

  1. Observe Allergy Triggers and Avoid them

If dust is the trigger of allergies, then the environment around you, especially the room, should be routinely cleaned. If allergies are triggered by cold, then try to wake up early and shower immediately. Allergic reactions do not occur directly when people are exposed to allergens for the first time. The immune system recognizes these allergens before producing antibodies to fight them.

This process is referred to as sensitization. Once the sensitivity of the body to the allergen develops, whenever the allergen is inhaled by the nose, it will be detected by an antibody called immunoglobin E. This causes sneezing, swelling of the mucous membrane (the lining of the nose) and the production of mucus (snot).

  1. Clean the Bedroom

Cleaning the bedroom is a way to avoid or eliminate the cause of allergies such as dust or mites attached to the mattress or pillow. Replace bed sheets and pillowcases regularly. In addition, home hygiene should be maintained.

Dust and mites are often present in the corners of house, carpets and sofas. The most effective way to clean them is by using a vacuum cleaner. Studies show that vacuuming on a mattress or sofa on a regular basis can reduce exposure to allergens. 

  1. Use Air Conditioning Wisely

Air conditioning makes the surrounding air drier. Thus it will trigger sneezing in the morning. Use air conditioning as necessary. You can turn the air conditioning off after midnight because the temperature is already cooler. Adjust the temperature sufficiently to keep skin moist. The air conditioner also keeps dust, therefore clean it regularly. Anyway, sometimes extreme weather changes occur which make the morning so cold. This can cause a running nose. You need to know several ways how to stop running nose in cold weather.

  1. Take a Warm Bath

Taking a warm bath can be done before bedtime if the surrounding air is hot. This will make the pores more open and avoid the feeling of heat or stifling. You will sleep more soundly at night, though without the use of air conditioning.

  1. Exercise

Another important step on how to get rid of sneezing in the morning is exercise. Regular exercise improves the immune system and your level of fitness. Light exercise a few minutes each morning, will reduce the sneeze in the morning. Exercise will produce sweat which also means removing toxins from the body.

  1. Consume Nutritious Foods

In addition to exercise, consuming nutritious foods also boosts the immune system. Although you are trying to lose weight, keep a healthy diet well. Make sure the food intake meets all the necessary nutrients. Consume fruits more often. If by chance you get the flu, there are lots of natural ways to boost immune system against flu.

  1. Drink Fresh Water

Fresh water is believed to accelerate body metabolism, blood circulation, and remove toxins out of the body in the form of sweat and urine. If you wake up in the middle of the night, drink fresh air to keep your skin moist and avoid dehydration. As a guide, the water needed by the body is about eight glasses per day. It is better if you drink warm water because it will be more easily absorbed by the body. Do not get used to drinking cold water, especially after exercising. You need to know the effects of drinking cold water after exercise.

  1. Take a Rest and Manage Stress

Lack of rest and stress can result in the body losing or diminishing its endurance. Therefore, lack of rest and stress can trigger sneezing in the morning. As much as any of your work, set aside time to rest. Managing stress and controlling emotions as well as possible will help maintain health. Exercising regularly can help relieve your stress. By the way, it’s a good idea to know ways how to relieve tension in your body.

  1. The Use of Drugs

Medicines can be used to eliminate allergies. However this can not be administered continuously. After all drugs contain chemicals that have side effects. Drug administration can only be made on the basis of a doctor’s prescription.

It turns out you can learn how to get rid of sneezing in the morning easily. You should try the ways above and hopefully they are useful for you.

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