Causes of Fetal Heartbeat Not Detected – How to Overcome

As many others know, the fetal heartbeat can be seen or heard from the start of an 8-week old fetus.

There is also a thought, a fetal heartbeat can be heard from the start of a 6-week-old fetus, but the normal gestational age to be able to know the baby’s heart rate usually ranges from week eight to week eleven.

However, not infrequently also the fetal heartbeat is seen/heard at the time of the 17-week-old fetus, various factors can influence the variety of this information. To be able to know more clearly about the cause of fetal heart rate is not detected, I can convey the indication as follows:

  1. Causes of Fetal Heartbeat Not Detected

It should be said that this problem is very risky in pregnant women, many of pregnant women who think that the fetal heart rate has not been detected due to a problem in the fetus and its contents but still not necessarily with these opinions.

Often pregnant women still can not calculate properly the age of their own pregnancy, therefore when examined himself to the doctor, the assumption about the pregnancy is less precise.

  1. The fetus is still too small

If the gestational age is still about 2 months or still entering the age of 5-week fetus that means fetal heartbeat may be still risky for examination, because it could be his heartbeat has not been detected properly. Indeed there is a fetus that can be detected at the age of 5 weeks there are also that can not be detected properly.

The examination should be done with appropriate fetal age at the age of 8 weeks because at the time the fetus is 8 weeks, the heartbeat should have been found in the fetus.

As a reference for pregnant women, when an 8-week-old fetus can be done transvaginal USG examination and Doppler examination to determine the development of the fetus, and can also be followed by examining the length of the fetus to better know the development of the fetus adjusted to the age of the fetus and the fetal heart rate that has been felt.

  1. Fetus Not Developing

Other possibilities or causes of fetal heart rate is not detected that can be caused due to problems in the fetus that is in the womb.

This undeveloped fetus can be caused by a variety of factors such as chromosomal or genetic abnormalities, but there is also another possibility that there are infections in pregnant women when they contain the fetus.

This should still be discussed further and should not be rushed in deciding something because there must be a second opinion from another obstetrician in providing a medical explanation about the health and development conditions of your fetus.

  1. Error in Human Heart Detection Machine

Although this is very much avoided by doctors, the case of indications of human error and error checker tool this several times occurred in the experience of many pregnant women in the world.

This error can occur at the time of detection of the heartbeat, in this case, many pregnant women learn about the importance of the second opinion from different hospital/lab and from different obstetricians.

If there is a doctor’s explanation about 8 months of pregnancy that is still not detected heartbeat, you do not need to worry too much because you can do the examination to the place and other doctors to check themselves.

This is certainly not easy because it will cost more for the second test, but it is very important to do because considering the existence of human error or error checking tool is very possible if it occurs when you do the examination.

  1. Different Fetal Conditions

Different fetal conditions mean that the condition of the fetus that can show the heartbeat at the age of the womb/fetus is still 5-7 weeks, the age of the fetus that showed a detectable heartbeat at the age of 8 weeks and the newly detected fetal heartbeat at the age of 11 -13 weeks gestation.

This can happen because it is caused by mistakes during the calculation period of pregnancy, and the condition of the size of the fetus in the womb.

For normal fetal size and condition will have a heartbeat / detected heartbeat at the age of the fetus reaches 8-13 weeks. Pregnant women should not be worried first if at the age of 8th week of pregnancy is still not showing the detection of heart rate, other checks also need to be done to ensure that the fetus is well developed one of which is the measurement of fetal length.

Please note that the length of the normal fetus will increase 1 mm per day (1mm / day). Fetal heart and fetal detection need to be done to see the development of the fetus in every day, whether it has a long and growing as appropriate or not.

  1. Primitive Fetal Heart Conditions (Not Working Perfectly)

There are cases with heart conditions at 8 weeks of unfit working age that reinforce that pregnant women should not be in a hurry to decide something when they do not hear the fetal heartbeat for the first time. It takes the thoroughness and persistence and patience of pregnant women to deal with all the possibilities that exist.

Cases with a primitive fetal heart condition at the gestational age that should have been detected by heartbeats are commonly experienced by pregnant women, and when awaited newly detected at the time the womb/fetus is approximately 10 weeks old.

How To Overcome Unidentified Fetal Heart Rate

How to cope with this undetectable fetal heart rate is actually in the fetal mother’s own efforts, when the first/early examination has been indicated by no detection of the heartbeat of the fetus it contains, which may be caused by several things.

The cause of undetectable fetal heartbeat can be due to the unexplained fetal position, a fetal age that is too small to be detected, fetal weight of the fetus who is overweight or the fault of the physician and the detector during the fetal heart rate. How to overcome this can be explained as follows:

  • Conducting Fetal Examination at the Right Age

Perform fetal examination at the right age and with frequencies as often as possible. Since the fetal heart rate has not been detected in the mother’s womb, it is mandatory for the mother to exercise regular fetal health control, routine health control and return to the same doctor after waiting several weeks to get fetal development is not difficult, but also requires patience and effort.

  • Check with a Doctor Second / Second Opinion from a Different Doctor

The purpose of doing the examination to the second doctor is to get a second opinion / second opinion is very useful as a reference of pregnant women in obtaining additional information about the condition of the womb/fetus.

Pregnant women can not just surrender to 1 specialist in one place just because considering the risk of mistakes on the examiner and the examiner (human error). So the advice for pregnant women is to make sure to 2 different specialist doctors to get additional information, if it is necessary to check with a specialist doctor who-3 was no problem.

  • Buy Doppler Instruments for Self-Surgery

Buying this Doppler tool can also reduce the anxiety of a mother who contains if not detected the fetal heartbeat it contains. Different fetal conditions make the detection of his heart was different in terms of age detection.

Sometimes because the position of the fetus and the weight of the mother can also affect the detection of the heart of the fetus in the womb. It can also be because the tool does not work properly at the time of examination.

How To Prevent Heart Failure Not Detected

How to overcome the heartbeat is not detected is actually more to how pregnant women process information received since the beginning of pregnancy and more patient with the stages of examination done in order not to be too hasty in making decisions. How to overcome this can also be a reference to make pregnant women do not worry in advance at the beginning of ultrasound examination of the fetus in the womb.

  1. Doing Examination / Ultrasound To Specialist Doctors Instructions Routinely

Transvaginal ultrasound examination and Doppler examination should be performed in well-reputed hospitals as well as in specialist doctors already skilled in treating maternal patients.

By performing routine inspection procedures, can be ascertained with the good condition of fetal content/development in the womb in every week. This monitoring is done to avoid the mistakes and excessive worries of pregnant women about the condition of the womb/fetus.

  1. Performing the Calculation of Pregnancy / Fetal Age True from the Beginning

It needs to be emphasized here, to be able to calculate and get a proper gestation calculation can be done with HPHT method (First Day of Last Menstrual), for example: suppose today dated August 16 you know that you have positive pregnancy using your test pack and HPHT July 16, then can know the age of pregnancy/age of your fetus has 4 weeks.

However, there is a lack of how to calculate pregnancy using this method, ie there is plus-minus about 2 weeks, so it is advisable to calculate the age of content/age of the fetus is more accurately done using ultrasonography. By correctly calculating the pregnancy period it will be able to help you as pregnant women in check the content properly and with conditions that it should have the fetus has a heartbeat.

  1. Stop Taking Drugs During Pregnancy Since Early Pregnancy

Consumption of drugs that are too hard and not recommended by doctors let alone over-the-counter medicines can have an adverse effect on the fetus in the womb.

The ingredients contained in these drugs are not safe to eat because they are too hard and can interfere with fetal development and growth in the womb. Drugs can cause fetal and infant risks at birth to have abnormalities, defects and fetal risks not growing and developing while in the womb because they have died.

  1. Start Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Most diseases can occur because it is caused by unhealthy lifestyle, so the immune system is decreased and easily attacked by disease.

Likewise with women who will someday be pregnant, so it should be extra in maintaining the pattern of his life. Because in addition to taking care of herself, the woman or pregnant mother is responsible for the health of her fetus. Some lifestyle that should be considered include:

  • Do not smoke

Smoking should not be too frequent for husbands of pregnant women because smoking can also cause pregnant women to breathe in unqualified air.

Smoke from heavy smokers can lead to pregnant women becoming passive smokers and ultimately also harmful to the fetus in the mother’s womb.

  • Not Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol should not be consumed by pregnant women or her husband because it will be able to affect the fetus is being conceived by his mother.

Alcohol levels consumed in the father can affect the quality of sperm produced when the fetus, it will be possible to occur abnormalities in the fetus produced.

  • Consuming Healthy Foods (Fruits and Vegetables)

Getting started to have a healthy lifestyle can help you who have been having difficulty in having a child. Healthy lifestyles can be applied to eating healthy foods, fruits, fresh vegetables and reducing the consumption of fast food that can increase the risk of high obesity.

Thus information about the cause of fetal heart rate is not detected and how to cope and prevent it. Hopefully useful and always keep your heart health.

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