15 Causes of Knee Pain at Younger Ages You Should Avoid

A teenager or young enough to have a lot of activities that rely on physical, they sometimes experience certain conditions that cause the pain on their knee.

We recommend that if you experience the condition of pain in the knee to immediately check to the doctor, because this could be one of the characteristics of abnormalities in the bone.

Most of this case can cause a person to experience pain in the knee. Here is the cause of the knee pain at a young age that you should really know in order to avoid the risk of risk of pain in the knee. Read more about Best Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite Above Knees

1. Knee pain due to injury

Injuries that occur in the area of ​​the knee could be one of the factors causing why your knee is very sore or aching on the knee even when aged very young. The condition of this injury will greatly affect the ligaments, tendons and bags containing fluids around the knees, cartilage and ligament-forming knee joints.

The injury could be when you are doing physical activity and then dropped or sprained or it could be caused because you’ve had a traffic accident that makes you rest on the knee so the knee will be very painful.

2. Experiencing damage to menisci

Menisci is the thinnest part of the cartilage, it lies between arriving and also the femur. This form of menisci is like a crescent moon chakra and will absorb it for as big a pressure that will happen to your limbs. If it turns out you are damaged in menisci such as tearing it will cause a pressure that is too strong on the knee area although still very young, this pain usually will not be unbearable. Read more about  How to Treat Sore Knee from Running

3. Experiencing tendinitis

Tendinitis is one of the inflammatory conditions that occurs in the tendon section marked by the presence of reddish color on the knee and usually if touched will be very painful.

If at a young age you often do activities that require movement in the area of ​​the knee joint eating may have you risk of tendinitis. This condition can also be caused by mistakes when you want to warm up while exercising.

4. Overweight

Not only injury, weight condition or obesity when you were young can also be one cause you experience pain conditions on the knee and feel weak in the legs. This is because your weight is above normal so it will cause a pressure that is too excessive and can be felt also by the knee as a place to sustain body weight.

This pressure if excessive then it will make the tibia or lower leg bone exposed to friction continuously. So you have to be really vigilant if your body condition is too excessive, because not only makes the knee hurt, other health will also be very disturbed. Read more about Ways to Prevent Excess Skin during Weight Loss

5. Suffering from Osgood Schlatter Disease

This is one of the diseases that often strikes on the knee especially in children under 15 years old. Symptoms that mostly appear is there will be a lump under the knee.

For girls, usually it attacks on the average woman aged 8 to 13 years, whereas in boys will usually attack on children aged 11-15 years. This disease is caused by the lonjaka on the growth of the child that will make the knee part disturbed.

This disease also will usually give symptoms such as pain on the knee even to experience swelling in the tibia or the lower leg bone. In addition can occur due to child growth, this condition is also often perceived by the young athlete.

However you just calm down, because usually this condition will heal by itself without having to go through special treatment first. Read more about How to Fight Bad Breath with Betel Leaf

6. Experiencing parapatellar syndrome

Parapatellar syndrome is one of the syndromes that will cause damage to the part of the bone, which includes the patella. Children who experience this condition will usually feel pain on both knees, and the pain will get worse if they do physical activities such as walking, cycling, bending the knees or walking.

If this condition is not immediately addressed the child may experience symptoms of damage to the bone that will get worse.

7. Experiencing the condition of Chondromalacia Patella

Chondromalacia patella usually occurs due to the broken cartilage of patella and usually occurs in adolescent girls. This is due to structural changes as they enter puberty.

8. Experiencing Patellar Dislocation

This dislocation condition will occur due to the swelling in the joints, especially in the area of ​​the knee or kneecap. Teenagers who experience this condition will feel pain in the knee area with a great enough, they will also be very uncomfortable especially when going to move and perform activities. Read more about Dangers of Taking Bath When You Are Sweating

9. Against Juvenile Arthritis

This disease is one of a kind of autoimmune bone disorder disease and also one type of arthritis that is very possible for those who are aged 2-16 years old. The cause of this disease is not yet medically certain, but usually to overcome this condition doctors will provide painkillers that can be consumed specifically by children and adolescents.

10. Perthes Disease

Perthes disease may occur when the blood supply that flows in the femur and also the femur that is blocked so that it will stop for a while. A person who is still young and suffering from this disease will generally feel pain in the knee area to his crotch. If the condition is getting worse then it could cause more damage to the bone.

11. Experiencing an ACL injury

The ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament is one of 4 ligaments that will connect between the shin and the femur. This injury is also called ligament injury which is one of the conditions of tearing ligament which generally occur because the result of physical activity especially occurs in basketball athletes, volleyball athletes and others.

12. Running too excessively

Recently, a lot of people like to join running competition with distance of up to 10 km, and it has become one of the trends of young people today. But if it turns out that the condition of the foot is not possible, this will make the knee condition even more painful than usual.

When you are running, there will be a pounding on each step and your body weight can be 4 times heavier than the usual body weight. All the pressure that occurs will lead to the knee area so it will feel very sick.

13. Using improper footwear

The use of footwear can also make you experience pain in the knee. Some women like to use shoes that have a thing or a tall footwear. Actually the use of this high heel is very uncomfortable and can put pressure on the knee too excessively, causing you to feel pain in the area of ​​the knee. You should consume fruit to strengthen the bones as one form of strengthening in the bone. Read more about How To Treat Back Pain With Exercises

14. Bursitis

Further pain in the knee can also be caused because you are experiencing inflammation in section of the stock which is one of the fluid stock which is located under the skin lining the joints.

This bursitis can arise because you are too excessive when doing activities that will be associated with joints resulting in joints on the knee instead will experience severe illness conditions. As one way to strengthen bones you should consume a lot of calcium when you’re young.

15. Experiencing Iliotibial Band Syndrome

This condition is one of the knee pain caused by the connective tissue that will be attached to the area of ​​the plate and extends until the outside of the knee is irritated. This irritation will then lead to inflammation so that even make you experience pain conditions on the knees.

That’s all the 15 causes of knee pain in the easy age to avoid. Another symptom of compilation that occurs in the knee is not everyone will feel the same pain, because the cause will be different. Some other symptoms such as:

  • Have a swollen knee
  • The knee will feel stiff and will not even be straightened out
  • Sometimes there is a grinding sound on the knee
  • The skin surface in the knee area will be reddish and warm if you touch it
  • Sometimes joints will also experience a weak condition
  • Have a fever
  • Changes in the shape of the knee.

If it turns out the symptoms are attacking you, you should immediately examine it to the doctor because there could be abnormalities that occur in the knee bone, especially in the foot area. Read more about How to Use White Vinegar for Underarm Odor

Because usually some conditions that are very severe need to perform surgical procedures for the healing process. So if you silence for too long it is not impossible you will experience increasingly severe conditions as well.

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