What Foods Are Most Likely to Cause Constipation? How to Fix It?

Constipation is a conditon where a person experiencing tough feces. Constipation attacks digestive system. Touch feces itself can lead to several health problem such as hemorrhoids.

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There are certain causes on why someone experiencing constipation. Below this, we will explain what foods are most likely to cause constipation you need to avoid. These are:

  • Salak

Actually, salak is safe enough to be consumen if we consume its skin as well. Unfortunately, most people dislike salak skin and prefer to eat the meat only. Salak skin itself rich of fiber.

  • Lychee

Lychee categorized as fruit that has high amount of vitamin c. It will give you fresh sensation if you consume it. Although it tastes fresh, lychee contains a very few fiber.

  • Durian

Durian has a strong smell and a lot of people like this fruit. Furthermore, it is not recommended to consume durian excessively because it can trigger constipation. You may also like to read dangers of durian if we eat it too much.

  • Apple

Apple has proven for its ability to improve body health. Sadly, apple contains high amount of sugar which not recommended to be consumed excessively because it can lead us to constipation.

  • Longan

Longan contains 15 gram carbohydrate per 100 gram that considered can disturb our body metabolism. Losing body metabolism itself opens a big possibility for constipation to occur.

  • Banana

Consuming banana excessively can trigger constipation to occur due to the amount of sucrose, glucose, fructose that contained in it. You can only consume 1 to 2 banana per day.

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  • Papaya

Although papaya well-known as fruit that can help to overcome problem in our digestive system, it can also be dangerous can trigger constipation especially in children. Papaya that not cooked well is the cause.

  • Peach

Peach contains gas and alcohol that can trigger constipation to occur. As same as durian, you need to avoid peach in order to prevent the possibility of constipation.

  • Pear

Pear that categorized as fruit which high amount of water can also trigger constipation to occur. It is because pear contains gas that also contained in durian or peach.

  • Mango

Although most people like this fruit due to its sweet taste, but mango contains sorbitol. Sorbitor produces gas which dangerous for our digestive system because it can trigger constipation.  

  • Dry fruits

Dry fruit such as raisins, apricot, and plum is not recommend to be consumed excessively because there is a lot of gas component in these dry fruits.

  • Grape

It is highly recommended to avoid grape because grape contains high amount of sugar that can trigger constipation to occur.

  • Cherry

As same as mango, there is a high amount of sugar and gas in cherry. Consuming cherry excessively opens a big possibility for constipation to occur.

  • Pineapple

Consuming pineapple can disturb our intestine which later can lead us to experiencing constipation. You need to concern enough on what kind of pineapple that you consume because not all pineapple can trigger constipation.

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These are what foods are most likely to cause constipation that you need to avoid because even though they taste delicious, but if we consume it excessively, it can lead us to experiencing constipation. Stay healthy, Good people!

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