25 Natural Ways to Treat a Burned Tongue with Instant Results

Having a burned tongue happen in a rush when we are unconsciously do something that somehow stupid. We swallow soup, coffee, tea, and any other liquid with a very high level of temperatures. That’s why our tongue is having its protest by revealing further symptoms that indicate our tongue is totally burned this time.

Several Phases of Having a Burned Sensation on Tongue

There are three phases to pass to know how much your tongue hurts because of hot temperature liquid.

  • Phase One – You will start feeling the burning pain after freshly sipping too hot liquid into your mouth. Your tongue will slowly turning red and starting to show some swelling on certain areas.
  • Phase Two – You surely will feel more shocked because the burning feeling are felt down to the bottom layers of the tongue. In some case, your tongue will start bringing up small bulge filled with liquid, up to the tongue’s surface.
  • Phase Three – If you are experiencing such worst condition by unconsciously entering your mouth with something burning hot flame, it will start to reveal some black color around certain areas. Our tongue might possibly feel numb because the hot temperature somehow breaks tissues around the mouth. In this emergency time, going to the emergency room and immediately meeting the doctor would be the best response we can do.

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Ways To Treat a Burned Tongue

There are so many reasons why you finally getting your tongue burned. We can imagine when you’re having a little burned tongue feeling by sipping up a cup of coffee that was too hot but still insist to try, soup that still smoke but couldn’t wait any longer to taste, or even accidentally suck spoon that has been drown in hot water for a while.

Most of the reason is inadvertent that’s why we might possibly react fast with a surprise move by throwing them all away. After that, those things will leave us alone with our burned tongue. But listen, don’t you worry about that. We are going to let you know several applicable and fast ways to treat a burned tongue:

  1. Drinking cold temperature water

By entering cold temperature water immediately will help our tongue to recover faster from having burned feeling. It will prevent further broken tissues that might be happening around our mouth area.

  1. Sucking up some ice cube

If it’s not yet enough for us to cool down our tongue after getting our tongue burned in a sudden, try to find some ice cubes inside your refrigerator and start to suck it up until its cold temperature transferred into our tongue. 

  1. Drinking viscous liquid such as milk

Viscous liquid can help coated our tongue so then it would get more irritated with further damage. Cover your tongue first (at least for a while) until it calms down and ready to be treated by another proper and further treatments.

  1. Eating anything cold such as ice cream and frozen yoghurt

Cold meals such as ice cream and frozen yogurt can help us coating our burned tongue, too. Consume anything cold and let our tongue absorb its cold slowly until finally won’t cause any burning pain.

  1. Using baking soda

Baking soda has the ability to balance the acidity (pH) around your mouth area, fight against infection, and also reduce bacteria growth inside our mouth.  

  1. Consuming aloe vera in large quantities

Consuming aloe vera as a snack somehow gives us cool sensation especially when we munch them for a while in our mouth. Aloe vera scientifically proven to be effective to recover phase II and III burns.

  1. Eating spicy food with lots of chilies inside

By eating hot and spicy food, we somehow produce more saliva than normally which is good for our tongue condition that need to be cooled down with watery surrounding. There is also this ‘capsaicin’ compounds in it can also reduce the sensation of the nerves that cause the sensation of burning.

  1. Consuming some mint leaves

Mint leaves are popular for its menthol compound inside it. Menthol calms our nerves, helps to activate the cold taste nerves, to numb the burning area, and to reduce the inflammation that occurs. These benefits can be obtained from freshly picked mint leaves or anything mint such as mint bubble gums.

  1. With a little help from honey

So many journals were talking about honey as a rich source of anti-infection and anti-inflammation compound that helps human to get better condition by consuming it regularly (inside or even outside usage, just by applying it around our burned area).

  1. Gargling with glycerin solution

Glycerin is a kind of solution that can help us coating our tongue with moisture. It reduces the burning sensation and soothe the affected area. Also helps reduce dryness in the mouth, one of the reasons there is a burning sensation in the tongue. Usually found in a mouthwash.

Easy Ways to Naturally Treat A Burned Tongue

Besides natural ways to treat a burned tongue, we also have another options to try but keep in mind that we need to do bigger efforts with a little help from chemical products here.

  1. Consuming ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid)
  2. Adding our amount of Vitamin B dose
  3. Applying Vitamin E onto the upper surface of our tongue
  4. Applying some mint tooth paste
  5. Being selective when choosing the right meals to eat
  6. Planning on some appointment with expert doctor for further recommendation and monitor

And, the last couple choices would be surrendering yourself to doctor’s help and recommendation. Doctor usually recommends patient with burned tongue to limit their diet intake.

For further improvements to the burned area, we need to give more efforts by watching our diet. It’s also common for patient to undergo some other medical treatments for a better tongue condition in the future. 

Another Tips to be Implemented for a Burned Tongue

Also, here are other effective tips to be implemented every day. It’d be better if we can turn these tips to be one of our daily habit so then we would life a cleaner, healthier and happier life.

  1. Always do the regular cleansing steps – Do it every day, especially before having a night or a long sleep. For it is surely be the best time for any bacteria to doubled themselves and causing further problems.
  2. Use white tooth paste with no odd flavor added – Stay plain and essential by using enough amount of chemical helps to maintain our body conditions such as white tooth-paste with no stranger flavor.
  3. Stay away from any products containing tobacco – Tobacco can cause so many mouth problems such as periodontitis, sinusitis, caries, and even mouth cancer if we use it not wisely enough.
  4. Minimize our habit to drink so much alcohol – Alcohol and its complex compounds inside it, have the ability to dilute our tongue top layer.
  5. Prohibit ourselves to eat meals with high level of acidity – When we’re consuming food or drink with too high amount of acidity somehow could makes our mouth and tongue feels like burning. Try to stay away from too sour orange juices, tomatoes, coffees, and sodas.
  6. Choose another meal other than the spicy and the burning-hot ones – As we might already aware that keeping ourselves eat this kind of food may lead us to another mouth problems. Eat our meal when its half warm-half cool so it might not destroy any tissue around mouth area.
  7. Simply test the temperature of our meal before we fully finish it – Just because, as stated in previous point, hot meal have big possibility causing another trouble for our mouth and tongue.
  8. Choose healthy foods, free from preservative – What is inside preservative can slowly affect our mouth condition in a bad way.
  9. Drinking enough water on daily basis – Water will always be the effective healer for our body.

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After knowing the causes, phases, until ways to treat a burned tongue, hopefully we can raise our awareness to maintain our overall health. If you find this information helpful, please pass it on to other persons in need. Stay happy and healthy!

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