12 Side Effect of Playing Game Online Excessively for Physical and Mental Health

Hello people, today we’re gonna talk about game online and all around it. Nowadays, as we know playing game online is just like a lifestyle. In some area, we’re judge as an oldschool human if we’re not playing game online.

Game online such as PUBG, Mobile Legends, DOTA, AOV,and so many other online gaming that so popular right now. These massive game online is just make us feel more and more needed playing of these game.

But, Game online that would be so popular is just leave us about one questions. What about the side effect if we’re playing game excessively? Let’s find out about the answer of these questions above. Here there are 12 Side Effect Of Playing Game Online Excessively.

Health Disorder

While playing game online excessively and then your forgot about time. Suddenly you feel like a some pain on your body. Well, some researchers says there is some problem if we’re playing game online excessively for a long time. Such as :

  • Backache, because we usually sit for a ling time. There is some nerves that stuck in the same place for a long time too.
  • Headaches can appear if we stare at the monitor with high brightness on it. Light on the screen could make a radiation that disturb our health.
  • Eyestrain, seeing the screen with high brightness could give our eyes some extra working so, it could make our eyes get this disorder.
  • Arthritis is a joint disorder with inflammation that can cause from playing game excessively and also for a long time.
  • Carpal Tunnel Symptoms appear from compressed nerve in the carpal tunnel, a narrow passageway on our wrist. This could make our hand and also our arm numbness, illness and so on.

Those are the most health disorder that can attacked a player. So scary, Ins’t it?

Suffering Relationship

We have 24/7 each other, right? We used our time for daily activity such as sleep, eat, travelling, work, have a party, have a homework, have a condition which make us to have a relationships with others. But, what about if we’re playing game online excessively? Well, the answer is, if we;re playing game online excessively, we’re just destroy all of it.

As we know, in 24 hour per day, we destroy it with playing game online for 10-12 hour per day which can make us did not have good enough time to build relationship with other. See Also Ways to Get Rid of the TBC Medication’s Side Effects

We’re too busy with our game online and all of it for 10 hour per day or more ! So, playing game could make us suffer with our relationships too. Be careful if you playing game online excessively. Recently, a man divorced by his wife because of he’s too busy playing Mobile legends for 15 hour per day ! Not only suffer, but playing game online even can make a couple separate. 

Increased Aggression

During playing game online, our body increased nerves of aggression too. If we seeing violence for long time and also more and more, we’rejust destroy our brain from positivity and let negativity ruined our life. Read Also Side Effects of Turmeric for Stomach that Nobody Knows

Aggressive Behave

Either increased aggression, playing game online would make us more aggressive than before. Our brain have content to wind and win on those game. So our brain can’t thought clearly anymore.

There are so many case about playing game online such as, some 7 years-old boy has been stolen money from their parents to buy some chip and diamond in a game platform. Isnt’ it too bad for behave ? Massive influence from playing game online make us to win and win with magical way.

Addicted To Playing Game Online

Addicted is tbe most bad side effect for these content. Leave us addicted is just the same as addicted to drugs. Feeling to win every battle on the game would make us so selfish.

If we’re lose in a once battle, then we have to replied those lose with being a winner. Addicted playing game online excessively is not good for us, actually. See also Ways to Prevent High Blood Pressure in A Healthy Way

Unhealthy Eating Habit

”Being hungry in a battle is just okay, let me win this battle first.”

You’ ve always been said that sentence to yourself durign a battle in playing game online. Isn’t it true? So, these sentence show us that, you let your body starving and then you still focus on your win at the battle.

This is the ugly truth from a player. One man finds out died after playing game for 20 hour non-stop! Without drink water plenty, no sleep, and no food for 20 hour! Isn’t it so scary?  See Also Side Effects of Playing Gadget while Lying Down

Another side effect from playing game online excessively such as :

  • Decreased Mental Ability cause from playing game more and more then forget about our environment and our support system human.
  • Sleep Deprivation cause from losing ability to differentiate between game online world and this fact world. So you denied to sleep over.
  • Loss Vision, you just have one vision, ”to win a battle”. This is very destroy your mental health.
  • Depressed comes when you get lose and lose while you were have sacrifice everyhting.
  • Stress comes from depressed that cannot says.
  • Inactive Lifestyle cause because you’ve just sit on your table for a long time.
  • Poor Performance cause from inactive lifestyle.

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We have done explaining briefly to you about 12 Side Effect Of Playing Game Online Excessively.Hope this article could open up your mindset about playing game.

Playing game online is not totally wrong. You have to give yourself limit for playing it. Give yourself 3 times battle playing game online. Whether is win or lose, you’ve just play on it. Giving yourself limit is just assist you from addicted of playing game online. Then also assist you from a better health.

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