7 Ways on How to Get Rid of Acne with Banana Peel #Proven

Finding ways of getting rid of acne might be stressful. Acne might be the most annoying thing happen though you have passed your puberty period. Yeah, that is the fact that most of the people, especially women, should face. You like it or not, acne will accompany you for some time through your whole life. Therefore, we must find a treatment to reduce the frequency of acne occurrence on our skin or eliminate it for some time.

Why Does Acne Appear?

As we know that we have pores under our skin. Moreover, there are also oil glands that produce oil as lubricant for our skin so that our skin would not be too dry. Acne occurs when the hair follicle in our skin is blocked by either dead skin cell, dirt or sebum.

Besides, it might also be caused by the inflammation of the bacteria in the area of the pores that are blocked. When there is inflammation, it will turn our skin red, and it might be hurt.

How to Get Rid Acne Fast?

You might be stressful of thinking how to get rid  of your acne. You might be the one who spends lots of money for buying cream, cleanser or even doing treatment in a beauty clinic and still have not got any satisfying result. It must be annoying to see the commercial break on TV or magazine about certain products that claim they can do ‘magic’ on your face in a short period of time.

Don’t get tricked by the marketing trick which works mostly to people who want to get perfect skin instantly. Why don’t you try the other treatment? How about the home and natural remedy? Here are the steps on how to get rid of acne with banana peel, effective and fast.

Is Banana One of the Ways to Cure Acne?

Banana is famous for its various advantages in our life. Besides for weight loss, banana is also useful for treating acne. So, which part of the banana should be used? The fruit? No! It is the part of the fruit that is usually thrown away, the peel!

Banana peel is full of anti-oxidant, including lutein that is very beneficial for reducing skin damage caused by the sun. Besides, it also contains enzymes that help hydrating our skin, heal scars and prevent new acne occurring. Wow, that must be surprising! How can a peel be full of nutrients that are good for our skin? Surprisingly, it is! Thus, if yoo wonder  how to get rid of acne with banana peel, check this out!

The Steps to Get Rid of Acne with Banana Peel 

The steps are very simple. Get banana in the nearest market or supermarket. You don’t have to buy tons of bananas to clear up your acne. Just try one as a tester first. Then, if your skin can accept the treatment well, you can continue for your whole life.

Here are the steps on  how to get rid of acne with banana peel:

  1. Before you apply the banana peel directly to your skin, you need to wash your face. You can use cleanser foam or cleansing milk that you usually use.
  2. Pick up the best banana. What is considered as a good banana? Choose the ripe banana with yellow color and black spots.
  3. Peel the banana. You will not need the banana to treat your acne, so you can save it for later to eat or just eat it directly.
  4. Cut the banana peel into smaller pieces. Take one piece of the peel, rub and massage it to your skin. Make sure you use the inner part of the peel (with the white part inside). Don’t forget to check whether the white part is still there and once the white part turns to black, take another peel and massage it.
  5. Rest your skin for the rest of the day. Don’t rinse your skin directly. You need to let the banana peel be absorbed to your skin. You can do it before going to bed and rinse your skin the day after.
  6. Do it continuously. The treatment should be done for the following days. You have to consider the following things: If your skin shows irritation, then you have to stop this treatment.
  7. However, if your acne starts to clear up or appear less red, the continue for the rest of the days to get your acne cured.   

Scientifically Benefits of Banana Peel for Treat Acne

So far, many people proof that banana peel is effective to cure acne. If you think about the safety of banana peel to your skin, I personally think since banana peel is a natural material, so it won’t make any harmful effect. So, it’s worth to try. Moreover, there are some bloggers, especially beauty bloggers that have tried this treatment and it shows good result. You can check out many natural remedies showing acne treatment. They clearly shows the steps of banana peel treatment from peeling the fruit until the rubbing process to the skin.

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How to Prevent Acne

Of course not! If you expect by massaging the banana peel would totally solve your acne problem, you got it wrong! This banana peel is just like a helping tool for curing your acne. It doesn’t mean that by only applying it then you will get perfect skin. You also have to maintain the hygiene of your skin, your diet and your environment. By maintaining the hygiene of your skin, you can reduce the dirt or bacteria that might block your pores.

So, here are ways to prevent acne:

  • Your diet also plays an important role in maintaining the healthy skin.
  • Pick healthy food that is useful for your skin, such as food that is rich in anti-oxidant, vitamin E and vitamin C.
  • Also, your environment also important.
  • You have to protect your skin from pollution and direct sunlight.
  • Reducing exposure to pollution and direct sunlight might help your skin to be damaged.

In conclusion, banana peel might not be the best way to fight the acne. However, considering the health and the richness of the nutrients of this fruit, it is worth to try. Banana is also cheap and easy to find. However, don’t only depend on banana peel. There is always a struggle to have perfect skin, your effort and your commitment. By maintaining the hygiene of your skin might complete your banana peel treatment. So, try and see the result!

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