These Are The Dangerous Fruit Juices to Drink If You Have Diabetes

Diabetes of one of disease that caused by high blood sugar. Most people know sugar opens a big possibility for someone to experiencing diabetes but do you know that there are various food than can also caused diabetes? Rice is one of its example.

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As same as rice, juice that categorized as healthy food which is beneficial for your body health can also lead you to experiencing diabetes. Do you want to know worst fruit juice if you have a diabetes? Here are several fruit juices that you should avoid if you suffering from diabetes.

  • Mango juice

Mango juice rich of vitamin C as one of its components. Vitamin C itself contains high natural sugar ingredient. Therefore, that sugar ingredient is dangerous for those who suffering from diabetes.

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Actually,  consuming mango without processing it into fruit juice gives you sweet taste. Even though there are lots of mango out there whether it is sour of sweet, but basically mango that we often consume is sweet.

Consuming mango as fruit juice open a big possibility for you to experience diabetes because mostly we will add more sugar or milk into it. It will absolutely increase high sugar component of mango that dangerous for diabetes sufferer. You can try to drink mango juice without adding sugar or milk if you want to stay healthy.

  • Apple juice

There are 3 kind of apples such as green apple, red apple, and pink apple. Basically, these kind of apples has similar component. Apple contains natural sugar ingredient. Therefore, people like to consume it and even process it into delicious fruit juice.

To make a fruit juice, you may definitely add more sugar of milk to make the taste becomes more delicious. Beside of its delicious taste, you must to know that adding sugar or milk into apple juice that the apple itself already contained high sugar component, will increase its sugar amount which later can be dangerous for diabetes sufferer.

  • Strawberry Juice

Strawberry has sour and sweet taste which makes people love this fruit and often consume it in several ways. For example, processing it into fruit juice.

Sugar component in strawberry considered high and mostly people will add more sugar or milk into it and we cannot absolutely deny the fact that the taste becomes more delicious afterwards. However, even though it’s delicious, it will make the sugar component in strawberry becomes higher and can lead someone to get their diabetes worse. 

  • Bengkoang Juice

Bengkoang is beneficial for skin health because it has proven for its ability to whiten your skin. You can also use bengkoang as healthy drink by processing it into fruit juice. You may also like to read how to whiten face with carrots.

Bengkoang also categorized as one of fruits that contain high sugar component. Therefore, you need to reduce the amount of addition sugar you put while processing bengkoang juice because it dangerous for diabetes sufferer.

  • Cane juice

Another worst fruit juice if you have a diabetes is cane juice. Cane is useful to make sugar tastes sweeter. Consuming cane and processing it into juice excessively is not recommended because it has large amount of sugar.

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These are several worst fruit juice if you have a diabetes you need to avoid if you don’t want to make your diabetes becomes worse. You can simply consume these fruit juices without sugar or milk if you like these fruits above. Remember to stay healthy, good people!

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