15 Tips On Stress Relievers – 100% Works!

Everyone has their own problems in life. Those problems unavoidably affect their physiological state. The constant pressure and tough situations that they are facing make some people have a hard time to life their lives.

The feeling of stress can affect anyone, whether you are a boy, a girl, an adult, teenager, or even a kid, although some people say that women are more prone to stress. The level of stress itself is varied, started from light, mild, and heavy. The sign of having a light stress can be seen when you feel bored or demotivated.

Stress is claimed as the cause for various kinds of degenerative sickness because most people who are in distress usually have eating problem (be it over eating or less) and lacking of sleeping time. In this manner, the symptoms of blood circulation problem, stroke, diabetes, and other kind of disorder are easier to ‘attack’. Below are some tips to relieve the feeling of stress.

  1. Find Comfortable Place

Going to comfortable place or somewhere more quiet will make you feel relax. You can try this tips if you feel angry, sad, or any other negative feelings. If you are at the office and suddenly you feel stress, it is good to walk out of the room for a moment, such as go to the toilet, the prayer room, or just take a walk around the office area. For mothers who feel frustrated when taking care of their children at home, try to go to the bed room or walk away from your children for a minute in order to prevent yourself from snapping at your kids.

2. Scream

Scream as loud as you can is also good to relieve stress because it will help you to release the burden you are feeling at that moment. But this trick cannot be done in any place since people might be bothered by the noise. Go to some places which are far from the city, such as secluded beaches, hills, rice fields, or caves. Scream your lungs out and soon after you will feel less tense.

3. Make Love

Making love with your partner will help you to release your stress. When you are having sex, your body releases high amount of a particular hormone called endorphin which can make you feel more relax. It is also believed that having sex will improve your blood circulation, your heart function, and immune system. There are so many positive things you can get from making love.

4. Imagine Something Exciting

More often than not, people are bound to their job or must stay longer at the office because they have extra workload and deadlines that need to be fulfilled. Sometimes, feeling stress is avoidable in this kind of situations. In order to calm your mind and control your stress level when you are in that state, try to take a breath and imagine something that you need to do at that moment, or imagine you are having a relaxing time at a beautiful place. Let yourself escape the reality for a moment might help you to feel motivated to finish your work. In this fashion, you can do fun things that you have been looking forward to.

5. Exercise

Working out on regular basis could be taken as a therapy for stress reliever. Try to exercise with your friend, partner, or family to make the activity more fun and enjoyable.

There are various kinds of exercise you can choose to do, such as swimming, cycling, jogging, or playing futsal. Gym and fitness area are easy to find these days especially around office buildings, therefore you won’t be having a hard time to find places to work on your body and heal your mind. By doing exercise, your body and mind will feel more relax and refresh.

6. Yoga

Yoga is part of breathing exercise. By doing yoga or meditation, the burden on your body and mind will slowly melt down. It is better to do yoga with professional instructor but you can also do simple yoga poses alone.  This kind of exercise is good for those who want to be healthy without making your heart racing a hundred miles per hour and sweating a bucket or two.

7. Find a Hobby

Have something fun to do is also good for healing your stress. There are a lot of activities you can do in order to forget about anything that cause you to feel stress, such as:

  • Collecting Stamp
  • Sewing/ Knitting
  • Exercising
  • Hand-Crafting
  • Reading
  • Watching your favorite TV Shows
  • And many others

8. Window Shopping with Your Friend

Window shopping is also good to relieve stress. Taking a break from your busy schedule and entertain yourself by looking at some good outfits at the nearby mall is a good choice to consider. You can go window shopping alone or ask your friend to come with you if feel like need some companion

9. Talk with Your Friend

Another tip to release your stress is hanging out with friends. Meeting with your friends, eating together, and sharing about each other’s life will help you to ease your mind. Even though some people say that hanging out with friends can only relieve your stress for a short moment, but it is still a good activity to do and socializing with people you like is always better than stuck in the office doing stressful stuff.

When hanging out with friends, it is normal to tell about each other problems or what we have been going through recently. It is okay if you don’t find a solution for your problem right away because by listening and sharing your thought to your friend are enough to ease the burden.

10. Drink Water

Feeling thirsty could make give you a hard time to concentrate and keep your focus when you are doing your daily activities. This will cause you to get annoyed and frustrated easily. If this happens, take a short break and grab a cup of water. Drinking water can clear your mind, calm your down, and make you feel refresh. This applies to anybody, those who work at the office, parents, and children. Read more about Effects of Drinking Cold Water After Exercise

11. Take a Hot Bath

The next tip to heal your stress is a hot bath. Taking a hot bath could help to improve your blood circulation and relax your muscles. In that sense, the tension that you’ve been feeling on your body will be lifted and you will feel calmer. To optimize the healing process of stress in taking a hot bath, try to listen to slow music or imagine something fun.

12. Gardening

Some people think that gardening is an activity that suitable only for senior citizens, our grandpas and grandmas or someone who don’t have any other things to do. In fact, some research shows that gardening will make people happier. It is because seeing at the beautiful garden that we personally have been working on is very satisfying. Other than that, plants are good listeners, talking to your plant might help you to clear some of your negative thoughts in your head.

13. Get a Massage

Massage is also believed to be one of the most effective way to release the tension on your body. A certain massage on a particular part of the body could have different impact. A massage on your stomach and groin area will help you to feel less anxious, a massage around your bottom could help you to feel less depress, while a massage on your eye brows and chest area will ease your anger. You can get a head massage on beauty salons which will help you feel more relax. That is why massage industries is always alive and many people love to get a massage. Read more about Ways to Fix Interrupted Sleep

14. Therapeutic Scents

Therapeutic Scents, which usually being referred to herbs and flowers smell, could ease your mind. Why? It is because the sense of smell in the human body is related to the emotion control in the brain. Some therapeutic scents which we can find easily around us is lavender, jasmine, and rose.

15. Go on Vacation

Go on a vacation is the kind of stress reliever that you need to be planned beforehand. You don’t have to go to somewhere far away and expensive to have a good time. Going out with your family to the town parks or have meal together is a good way for relaxation. Keep in mind that when you go on holiday, you need to leave anything that related to your work behind.

Some of the tips above could be done on regular basis, such as living a healthy life by exercising, doing yoga, gardening, finding hobbies, etc. Some of them are very easy to do such as screaming, drinking water, and taking a walk. The point is, relieving stress is important so that you can have a healthier body and mind.

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