12 Ways to Keep Your Heart Stay Healthy (No. 4 is Shocking)

Heart attack and stroke are the sudden diseases that we are fear of. Our heart always depend on our health. What do you eat to make your heart healthy? What do you do to make your heart healthy? Let’s scroll down to dig about this deeper. We would like to explain to you more about 12 Ways to Keep Your Heart Stay Healthy.

Let Your Body Get Enough Sleep

Your body needs good quality of sleep for your own health. There are so many disease caused by bad quality of sleep, starts from the simple disease such as; headache, fatigue, fever and even more complex disease like heart attack and stroke.

Researchers say that the least an adult sleeps can cause him or her the disruption in underlying of adult’s body, blood pressure, and biological processes.

So, for adults, 8 hours sleep is the ideal one. You should get good enough sleep 7 to 8 hours sleep every night. This good habit would affect to your body and your health.

Avoid Eat Trans Fat

There are so many snacks that contains higher trans fat as their ingredients. You have to be smart and be careful for sure. But, hold on! Let us tell you more about what is trans fat!

Trans Fat is divided into two sources, naturally and artificial. When it comes to natural, then it comes from animals such as meat and milk. They contain smaller quantities of trans fat. The opposite from natural sources, artificial trans fat is created in industrial which could contain more hydrogen to liquid vegetable oil for food.

Artificial trans fat is the one that you should avoid it. This trans fat could make your bad (LDL) cholesterol increase and lower your good (HDL) cholesterol. Some companies use trans fat while producing their food products. Some of those food are fried fast-food such as doughnuts, french fries, baked goods. One more thing is, trans fat might cause your food taste fabulous but it’s still bad for your health. So, you have to avoid these trans fat.

Consume more healthy food

Add more vegetables on your menu. Change your menu right now. Proceed a bad habit into a good habit. You have to know more about vegetable that can make your heart healthy. Consume less fast-food and junk food is good for your health.

You also had to change your mind set that says vegetable tastes so bad. Some vegetables had sweet taste such as sweet potato. Green vegetable is still good for you. Read also Negative Effects Of Diet For Health Ladies Should Be Aware

Add on fruits too on your menu. Best way to eat fruits is 30 minutes before you are having a heavy meal. It can lower your high blood pressure and make our stomach even more full of vitamin. Choose a fruit that taste good for you, such as blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, apple, pear, grape, orange, pineapple. Everyday, you should have eat fruit once. This habit can make your heart more healthy than before.

Be Active!

Be active, people ! You have to do yoga, workout, jogging, zumba, and so many other fun sports. To increase spirit doing these sports, you can join some of sports community that have the same interest as you. Join a zumba party will add your spirit and make your mood feel better. Read more 14 Unavoidable Side Effects of Long Term Use of Nose Spray

You can also make some new friends. Join a gym class might be good too. Just be active ! If you are active right now, your heart will used to be active too.

Stay at Healthy Weight

Researchers says that the ideal of waist size for male is 90 cm and female 88 cm. Now lets check your own waist size. Is it less or more than standard? If it’s less, its good for you. But if it exceeds the standard, you have to start dieting.

Singapore had a strict rules about it. Furthermore, Singapore had a rules that their own citizen should have a waist size for male 90 cm and female 88 cm. If its more than the standardization of waist size, the citizens should paid off, and they would get an extra class of sports and diet until they jump right in the standard. Pretty much this assists the Singapore’s citizen to get healthier than before. And it also proved by the data, which shows that the rate of death caused by heart attack is lower than Indonesia. What an amazing rules, right? Read Also This Is How to Use Peppermint Oil for Effective Lung Cleansing

We know, to get on a diet might be more challenging and difficult rather than doing your homework. But, your hard work would paid off if you have a healthy heart.


Quit Smoking, and Avoid Secondhand Smoke

We all know about this fact, right? Smoke is the most dangerous things in our world. But, the companies still produce cigarette in a massive ways. The companies is always find the way to sells their products.

Even in Indonesia, as we know in Indonesia, Government had increases cigarette tax to lower the users of it. But, its not happen at all. As we know again, in Indonesia, Cigarette was shown the bad effect of smoking, instead of show us the scariest photo causes of smoke on their in front of package. But both things does not help much. Read more 13 Side Effects of Using Teeth Whitening Strips

So, if you want to stay your heart healthy, you should have avoid smoke. Smoke and secondhand smoke had the same impact of bad effect of it.  Quit smoke for a better health and a better life.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol had the same effect with cigarette. It is much dangerous, but still had the higher users. Users who drunk would have some bad effect until died. So, you should have avoid alcohol, and change your drink with mineral water or pure juice. Both mineral water and pure juice can assist your body processes. Furthermore, alcohol could make a heart disease too.

Read more Benefits and Side Effects Palm Oil You Must Know

Manage Stress

The only thing that we haven’t mention yet is your mental health. Over 90% disease come from your mind. If its full of negativity, it can cause you a disease. So, lets just to be honest, How many things that you’re thinking right now on your mind? a bunch? or a million?

Still, we have to mention this all the time, manage your stress. Let go the things you can’t control. Its not your responsibility to take a risk on another human life. Just be positive! Offering help to other people while you can. Just add on the positive things on your life once a day. Feels all the gratitude that God’s give to you. The best is yet to come.

We had done describe more about 12 ways to keep your heart stay healthy. We hope that this article can open up your mind. Let’s start a good life style to get a good life. Better health for a better life.

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