13 Natural Prevention for Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a common disease today. This cancer is caused by skin damage due to aging, wrinkles, sagging skin, marketing and color. Ultraviolet light from the sun too, can cause damage to the skin.

It does not hurt to enjoy the sun, especially when on the beach. What You Need to do do some action, before skin cancer invades you. In addition, chemicals in the care and skin care as well, can cause skin cancer. If you are careful, you can still avoid skin cancer.

The signs and symptoms of skin cancer are often unknown, for a long time. But at the time of diagnosis, the stage of the cancer will be at a dangerous level. So, it is better to reveal and protect the skin from harmful habits.

There are several things you need to do to prevent skin cancer. Here’s how you can use:

  • Sunscreen: Choose sunscreen that has SPF (Sun Protection Factor) more than 15. Apply sunscreen every 2 hours, when outside especially when the activity under the sun. For children, do not let them in the sun for too long.
  • Sunlight hot spots: Avoid direct contact with sunlight, especially from day to night. Because this is the time when the strongest UV rays.
  • Burned sun: Avoid burning when in the sun. This is another way to prevent skin cancer. Every skin burns, the risk of skin cancer will increase.
  • Tanning skin: Skin tanning is never safe, no matter where you get it, whether on the beach or in the radial booth to make the skin darker. Teenagers are more sensitive to UVR (ultraviolet radiation) emitted from the tanning booth.
  • Covering: Hats and clothes should be worn when you are out, especially in the sun. This is another way of preventing skin cancer. Sunglasses can be used to protect your eyes
  • Protect your lips: You can use the appropriate lip gloss, which has an SPF 30 content. Normal lipstick not as sunblock. Use lip gloss every few hours, especially after eating.
  • Clouds: Even though it is cloudy today, there is still the possibility that you could be stung by the sun. Research has shown that, about 80 percent of sunlight penetrates clouds, and fog.
  • Sensitive skin care: Keep the baby out of the sun, because they have smooth skin, and are more prone to sunburn. For children, use sunscreen and clothes to help prevent the effects of UV rays on their body.
  • Check the mole: You routinely perform monthly checks on the mole. If you notice a change in color, a change in shape or size, consult your doctor immediately. This is one way how to prevent skin cancer.
  • Bumpy: Watching the wound. Make sure that they heal properly. Also, care should be taken for areas of skin that are red, bumpy, bleeding or itchy. 

  • Consumption of herbal cancer prevention: To avoid this skin cancer, you can also take herbal cancer drugs that can prevent skin cancer. This herbal remedy is very powerful to prevent cancer, including skin cancer. Articles that discuss the full you can read in the previous article of cancer prevention
  • Coconut Oil: It is widely known that coconut oil has many excellent nutrients for the body, no exception for your skin. Many make coconut oil as a cosmetic ingredient and natural remedy, one of which is regularly dioles to help cure skin cancer because coconut oil has 9% palmitic acid.
  • Eggplant extract: Vegetables that have a purple skin color was found to have solasodine glycoside or BEC5 compounds that help cure cancer. Even a study showed that eggplant extract is effectively able to kill cancer cells carcinoma, squamosa, and keratosis.
  • Citrus oil: Citrus oil is obtained from orange peel extract and various citrus crops. If you get orange peel extract, it is also very good skin cancer. It is mentioned that citrus oil has D-limolene to protect the skin from cancer and help treat skin cancer.
  • Lavender oil and camomile: Essential oils can also be used as aromatherapy is also able to protect the skin from the sun and prevent skin cancer. You can also make a bath water in the bath tub to soak the body as a way of natural relaxation. 

  • Wine and its seeds: Grapes have many antioxidants, including the actual seeds that actually have the most antioxidants. So, drinking grape juice every 2 times a day will accelerate the cure of cancer or prevent the development of cancer in the body.

Thus our explanation on how to avoid skin cancer. You better avoid this cancer than to treat it. Because if already exposed to the disease will be more difficult to treat it and can cause death.

Hopefully this article useful for all of us and can provide enlightenment for those of you who need information about the prevention of skin cancer. Of course this article is not so complete, so you can find other information in other referrals. Thank you for reading this article how to prevent this skin cancer!

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