6 Natural Ways to Treat Fibroids in Uterus with Home Remedies

What is Fibroids? Fibroids is not normal cell growth where it grow at uterus. This condition can be happen to three from four woman, Fibroids also can be name as fibroid uterus, miom, fibromiom, fibro leiomiom, or leiomiom uteri. Even though fibroid has no potential to be a cancer, or if this condition turn into a cancer is possibly small.

But this condition can disturb your activity, because fibroid will be effect to your body like swelling of the stomach, pain when menstruations, problem of urine, and can make a unnormal birth. Fibroid can be a small and you cannot see with regular eyes or can be a large one and make uterus change the shape. it’s normal if the fibroid change the size, in one month it can more bigger or in another condition fibroid can dissapear.

Types of Fibroid

Usually when woman get pregnant, fibroid will dissapear. And fibroid have four type, they are :

1. Fibroid Subresosa, this fibroid growth at outside uterus wall
2. Fibroid Submokosa, this fibroid growth under surface of the uterus but can spread to inside of the uterus.
3. Fibroid Miometrial, this type of fibroid can be found at muscle wall of uterus.
4. Fibroid Pedunkulata, this fibroid can be found at outside wall of uterus but always sticks to the stalk or base of the uterus.

Almost all Fibroid made from solid muscle fibers, but the causes of fibroid is unidentified. This condition will grow when reach puberty, and if the woman have a strong estrogen the fibroid will grow big but if the estrogen weak the fibroid also will small too.

The causes of Fibroid

The cause of fibroid is still unknown, but specialist was sure that it cause of gene abnormalities, irregularities of the circulation system, the response of body tissue, and a few proteins which can influence the growth cell.

The family history also can be one factor of cause the fibroid, and they belived that a race as well can be one of this condition. African Women have many case of fibroid Uterus. But you don’t have t worry about it if you have a health body the fibroid will not go bigger. Take care yourself with a healthy food and healthy lifestyle, it really help for not get a fibroid.

The Symptoms of Fibroid

The symptoms if fibroid which always happen are :

  • constipation
  • keep urinate in time
  • pain of menstruation for seven days or more
  • severe bleeding when menstruation
  • pain on waistband
  • suffer when urinate
  • pain on feet and backbone
  • pressure at rectum
  • feels bloated
  • pain when do a sex

Fibroid also can disturb a pregnancy, some people believe that fibroid is one of factor for infertility. Woman can suffer when pregnant if they have fibroid because fibroid can make miscarriage, if they have a huge fibroid when pregnancy they will suffer when giving birth. So the Caesarean section is truly need when they are giving a birth. But if the give a birth this fibroid will dissapear it self without a surgery.

For know if you have a fibroid needs a vaginal check, to know how big the size and using a ultrasonic waves or take a picture to know where the fibroid is.

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Natural Ways to Treat Fibroids in Uterus with Home Remedies

After knowing where the fibroid is, you don’t have to take a surgery for rid the fibroid. Many way to make fibroid disappear, you can use a natural way for it. This is a natural way to treat fibroid in uterus with home remedies, they are : 

1. White Tumeric

White tumeric is one of herbs and spices for make a perfume, food coloring, and for medicine or drug mixture. White tumeric have contain substance like kurkumin, bosdesomoksikurkum, desmetoksikurkumin, keton sesquiterpen, tumeron, tumein, sabinen, felander and borneol. This substance is really good for womanhood and Also can treat a fibroid.
You can add 10grams of white tumeric, tumeric, and boil it with 1 litre of water until the water reduce 50%. And after that you can drink it three times a day.

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2. Red Ginger

Red Ginger also can use to be one of medicine for fibroid. Red Ginger have many substance which can kill a cancer cell. Red Ginger kill the cancer with two ways are by apoptosis and autophagy. Apoptosis is when the cancer cell kill them self, and for autophagy is progres to damage a cell from the inside cell and name is lisosom.

3. Soursop Leaf

In Indonesia Soursop Leaf is one of a herbal medicine which have many function. One of the is to heal a fibroid, soursop Leaf are famous have a substance that can block a cancer cell. The researchers said that soursop Leaf also can heal another dangerous disease too, and they have a substance which good more than chemotherapy. 

4. Mangosteen Skin

This is very famous ingredients to heal many disease. Mangosteen Skin have a substance which call xanthone, it is very good to heal a cancer cell also a fibroid uterus. You may also find out about: How To Make Infused Water For Diet

5. Mengkudu

Mengkudu or Noni ( Hawaii) is one of a fruit which have many good substance to heal any disaeses. The DNA of Noni Fruit can kill cell which symptom of cancer, also can heal a fibroid uteri. They have a high antioxidant to block a cancer cell for body.

6. Mahkota Dewa Leaf

Mahkota Dewa Leaf also famous ingredients for heal fibroid uterus. They have a  anti-inflammatories in flavonoids to kill a cancer cell and heal fibroid uterus. You can add Mahkota Dewa Leaf at 800 Litre of water and boil the water are reduce until half of amount water. And you can drink that water twice of a day. You may also find out about: How to Cure Back Pain When Breathing with Home Remedies

That are the natural way to treat a fibroid in uterus with home remedies. You can find the traditional ingredients in many place, and you don’t have to worry about the fibroid uterus. This all ingredients don’t have a side effect for the body which you can find it anywhere also easy to make it. Beside this treatment we also suggestion to eat a supplement to give you a more power to heal a fibroid.

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