The Dangers of Gnats Bites – Symptoms – Treatments

An insect called gnats in Europe or America lands is a small insect that is commonly found around the water areas, such as lake, river, sea, or other damp places.

Gnats belongs to Nematocera classification and it is also characterized by various colors, such as white, black, and red. Gnats is still related to mosquitoes but it has smaller body size than mosquitoes. Unfortunately, information related to gnats is still limited and hardly to be found because gnats is kind of scarce animal and it requires special circumstances to breed. (Read also: How to Prevent Dangers of Dengue Fever)

The Description of Gnats

Physical characteristic of gnats can be recognized as a combination shape from mosquitoes, flies, bees, but in smaller body size. One of the type of gnats which can be described is fungal gnats, which is a black gnats, which has body similar to mosquitoes, and has transparent wings. Gnats feet can be longer than mosquitoes and gnats has a sensor located in their heads (Read also: Ways Naturally Relieve Mosquito Bites). Male gnats has doubled number than female ones and they always move in a big cluster, which is often called as swarm or ghost, and they always gather in the afternoon to evening.

Gnats larva is divided into two types, which are those living in the land and those living in the water. Gnats larva which lives in the lands is a plant eater (herbivore) which has shape similar to caterpillar. It has transparent and yellow shape and a black rounded head. Gnats larva is very identical to mosquitoes but it has smaller body size. The second part of the larva gnats is the shoulder part of its body which located behind the head and it is the biggest part of their body.

The third body part of gnats is that several part of the body is similar to caterpillar and it has fuzz around their body. And, the last part of their body is that they have tail which has function similar to fin in the fish which is for swimming. (Read Also: Ways to Get Rid of Itchy Bug Bites)

Gnats in Asia

In Indonesia, gnats is an insect which is very common to be found in Indonesia since Indonesia is a tropical country which its high water and damp level. In the big city, gnats is rarely found because gnats requires natural habitat and green place to live and breed, which is unlikely similar to mosquitoes which can be evolved to breed to live well in the minimum condition of their habitat. (Read Also: Causes of Itchy Feet and Legs At Night)

Gnats Bites

What’s the dangers of gnats bites? Gnats is an insect which is biting, although its size is smaller than mosquitoes. Its bite effect can be worse than usual. Different to mosquitoes which is easily sensed when it bites, gnats bite is often hardly to be sensed because its small body size and the bite effect can be sensed in several minutes after it bites. The bites actually won’t really disturb you but it often attacks in a cluster so the effect will be worse. Female ones will bite to get blood from mammals, including human. 

Dangers of Gnats Bites and The Symptoms 

What are the symptoms of the gnats bites?

  1. Causing Rashes and Irritation

Gnats bites can cause the skin becoming red and irritation as well. After it is bit by many gnats, the rashes effects will appear in your whole body, such as face, neck, hands, and also your feet. (Read also: Dangers of Cat Scratches on the Human Body)

  1. Bumps

In several minutes after you are bit, red sports will spread and be swollen and forming bumps and small acne. If you are bit by many gnats in the same place, the skin which is bit, will be swollen in big size and will look like burning scars (Read also: Ways to Overcome Burning Sensation on Fingers).

  1. Causing itchy and sore

Itchiness and sore are symptoms which are very disturbing and it will make you assume that gnats are dangerous insect because it causes your skin becoming very itchy and sore. It will be severe if you scratch it. It can be there for several days.

  1. Causing pus

If the rashes and swollen are not treated optimally, it will cause wound and infection caused by the rashes and also pus followed by itchiness and sore. 

How to Prevent and Treat Gnats Bite

You could following this treatments to prevent Gnats bites:

1. Using external medical treatments

  • Keep your scars clean

You have to keep the hygiene of your scars so the scars will be better. Nevertheless, the hygiene of your scars cannot be done if you only wash it using either cold or hot water. It can be kept by cleaning it at least twice a day using NaCl 0,9% by using cotton to clean the scars so the pus can be removed and it can be cleaned. Clean it carefully to avoid the sore sensation.

  • Use The Gentamicine Ointment

Rub the gentamicine twice a day after you clean your scars using NaCl 0,9%. Gentamicine is an antibiotic classified as an effective aminoglycoside to inhibit the germs causing skin infection or any skin disease, such as Staphylococcus which can cause penicillin Pseudomonas aeurginosa, or etc.

2. Using internal medical treatments

Medical treatments can be done by consuming these drugs:

  • Cefadroxil (500mg)

This drug is useful to be antibiotic to cure infection caused by bacteria to avoid its resistant. It is consumed three times in a day.

  • Methylprednisolone (500mg)

This drug is useful to be anti-inflammation Moraxella catarrhalis which is useful to inhibit the developing of bacteria caused by gnats bites. Therefore, this drug is useful to prevent infection. Metilprednisolon is consumed three times in a day (1 tablet only).

  • Cetirizine (10mg)

This drug is useful to reduce itchiness, burning sensation, and sore caused by gnats. For adults, Cetirizin is consumed once a day, and you can drink it every morning, afternoon, or night before sleeping.

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