This Is How to Use Peppermint Oil for Effective Lung Cleansing

The Lungs Functions 

The lungs are the main organ that constitute the human respiratory system. Their function is to extract oxygen from the atmosphere and into the bloodstream, and in exchange, release carbon dioxide (CO2) gas from the bloodstream into the atmosphere. This mechanism is called the gas exchange process.

The lungs are situated in the chest (thorax) area of the body, specifically in the thoracic cavity of the chest. Every human has two lungs, one on the left and one on the right side. The right side is bigger and heavier than the left side, with the total weight of both lungs being roughly 1.3 kg.

The lungs anatomy consists of trachea (the windpipe), tubular branches of trachea (the bronchi), smaller branches of bronchi (the bronchioles) and a much smaller branch of bronchioles (the alveoli) which has the form of a microscopic air pocket/sac.

The lungs operate as follows; the air is first inhaled from the nose or the mouth. Afterwards, the air will then be channeled and flow through along the trachea towards the bronchi. Once the air reached the bronchi, it will then pass on and divide the air into the much smaller bronchioles. From here, the air is then passed to and contained within the microscopic air sac of the bronchioles, which is the alveoli.

A normal human being has approximately 300 million alveoli within the lung structure. Between the alveoli, there is a thin layer of cells (the interstitium) that contains blood vessels and cells that support the alveoli itself. Oxygen from inhaled air within the alveoli will be passed on from the alveoli walls into the bloodstream inside the capillaries. Once inside, the blood will leave the lungs, circulate towards the heart and the heart will use the oxygen to fuel organs cells activities.

The waste product from this, the carbon dioxide (CO2) gas, will be recirculated back from the heart to the lungs, where it is exhaled out of the body by the reverse of inhalation process. Both lungs are sheathed by a thin layer called the pleura. The presence of this layer enabled the lungs to expand or contract with minimum friction when we are breathing.

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Lung Cleansing

The air that we breathe is not free of harmful substances and pathogens. The lungs have an in-built system to protect the body from dangerous contaminants. Among these systems are microscopic hairs (cilia) inside the breathing channel, whose function is to weed out large-size particles that are inhaled with air.

Then there is also mucus, a liquid produced by the trachea and bronchi, whose function is to keep the air channel moist and help prevent pathogens and other substances from entering the inner part of the lungs. Diseases that can be caused by disturbances or abnormalities in the lungs are as follows:

  1. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): a disease in which the lungs are damaged due to smoking or obstruction in the breathing channel by foreign objects/contaminants. Symptoms of COPD are: shortness of breath and difficulty of blowing air out.
  2. Emphysema: a type of COPD where the alveoli is damaged due to smoking. The symptom is usually shortness of breath.

There are conventional & non-conventional ways to cleanse the lungs from dangerous contaminants. One of the non-conventional way in doing it is by regularly taking peppermint oil. 

Peppermint oil

A peppermint oil is a liquid that is obtained from the peppermint plant. A peppermint plant is a crossbreed between the water mint and spearmint plants that are endemic to Europe and North America. The oil is made by heating peppermint leaves at moderately high temperature and then cool the resulting vapor from the leaves into a liquid form. The oil contains up to 60% menthol and 30% menthone.

The menthol is what gives the oil an expectorant property, it will help the body in opening the airways, clean the mucus and reduces any obstructions in the breathing channel. The oil also has an antioxidant property that enables it to help the body deal with any respiratory tract infections. Hence by taking it regularly, we can significantly cleanse the lungs without any intrusive medical procedure.

Using peppermint oil for lungs cleansing

Here’s how to use peppermint oil for effective lung cleansing. Steps that needs to be taken when using peppermint oil for the purpose of lungs cleansing are:

  1. For a cost-effective treatment, you can obtain off-the-shelf peppermint oil from licensed pharmacies or established supermarkets.
  2. Make sure that you purchase products that contains pure or > 90% peppermint oil.
  3. It is recommended that you take the oil by inhaling it via the nose. Avoid drinking the oil or rubbing it in your skin.
  4. Inhale the oil for 2 minutes, 1-2 times a day and 7 days a week.
  5. Once you finished using it, keep the oil in a sealed container away from heat and humidity. Do not store the oil in a cold or very cold environment.

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Health tips in using peppermint oil for lungs cleansing

Several health tips in taking or inhaling peppermint oil are as follows:

  1. Do not purchase peppermint oil from roadside vendors as these may contain uncontrolled contaminants or harmful additives.
  2. Do not purchase products that contains < 90% peppermint oil or extra aromatic additives. This is because there are no health benefits that can be obtained by doing so.
  3. Do not inhale the oil if you are asthmatic, experiencing chronic respiratory problems or in any other medications. As there might be side effects if you have health problems.
  4. Do not inhale the oil if it has been kept too long outside or if its exposed to the air for an indeterminate amount of time. As it may already degrade or contain dangerous contaminants than can be harmful for the body.
  5. Stop taking or inhaling the oil immediately if there are side effects. Consult your physician or visit the nearest health facilities with regards to any side effects issues.

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