13 Helpful Ways How to Get Good Sleep When Stressed

An average adult needs at least 7 or 9 hours of sleep. This will ensure the full resting period for the body. With a well rested body and mind, you can carry on with your daily activities. But what happens when you’re stressed out? The stress can reduce your chances of getting any sleep. Do not worry as worry adds to your stress. We have 13 How to Get Good Sleep When Stressed. But first, lest address the potential causes of stress and all of its effects on you.

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Causes for Lack of Sleep Due to Stress

There are many factors that cause lack of sleep due to stress. It all depends on the environment that you live in. Moreover, someone might be more vulnerable to stress than others. Everyone has different level of stress that they can handle. Below is a list of some causes for lack of sleep due to stress which might apply to you:

  • An exam in school
  • Recent death of someone close to you
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Recent divorce
  • Giving presentation the next day
  • Pressure from work
  • Keeping problems to oneself
  • Unpleasant experiences such as theft
  • Moving into a new neighbourhood
  • Incurable illness

Effects from Lack of Sleep Due to Stress

Stress affects people in different ways. It may mentally cause a heavy burden to someone. Other than that, it might have a physical manifestation in many forms such as lack of sleep. After knowing some causes of stress which affect sleeping habit, here are the effects which may take a toll on you:

  • More difficulty to sleep
  • Inability to focus
  • Weight loss
  • Loss or increase in appetite
  • Constant tiredness
  • Persistent headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Easily angered
  • Skin problems such as acne
  • Increase chance in heart attack
  • Weak immune system

Ways to Get Good Sleep When Stressed

After knowing the causes and effects of stress that distract you from having a good night rest, it is time to know how to treat it. Here are some ways that you can do to help you sleep:

1. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are famously known for their ability to help you relax. They contain compounds that can reduce the amount of stress that you have. Try using Lavender Oil or Bergamot Oil. These oils will help create relaxing ambient in your room. Some places also sell these oils in spray forms. You can spray the oil on your pillows to help you sleep.

2. Adjust Light

Never use bright light when you want to sleep. Adjust the light around the house and especially in your room. Bright light would be too intense for your to relax. Dimmer lights are better to calm you down. Moreover, the low light intensity would not be too harsh on your eyes either.

3. Use Artificial Sound

Some artificial sounds help people sleep better. Artificial sounds such as the rain or birds chirping in the forest can help your mind to relax. They act as distractors. Moreover, when you close your eyes you may feel like you are being transported into another place. Find the artificial sounds that you like using the internet. Make yourself feel like you are lying down in your most loved environment.

4. Writing Thoughts Out

A good way to reduce stress before sleeping is through writing. Grab your pen and paper then settle yourself in the most comfortable place. Write all your thoughts down. Put all your worries and concerns on the paper to lessen the stressful thoughts in your head.

5. Avoid Consuming Caffeine

Avoid consuming caffeine throughout the day. It distracts your ability to sleep as it energises you. Caffeine is not only in coffee. It might also be present in chocolate or any other kind of food. Watch what you eat so you can avoid it.

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6. Reduce Exposure from Screens

Reduce your exposure to bright screens. These bright screens include TVs, laptops and phones. The bright light from the screen keeps you alert and awake. So try as much as you can to avoid using technological gadgets a few hours before sleeping. If you really have to use them, make sure to use the lowest setting on the light intensity.

7. Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises can help you relax. When you are lying in your bed, let go off all your thoughts. Focus only on your breathing. Take in deep breaths and release. Repeat this until you feel completely relax. You might also catch yourself already falling asleep while slowly breathing. Moreover, you can also count while you sleep since some people find this to be relaxing too.

8. Eat Enough Food

Eat enough food before you sleep. But make sure not to eat too much or too little. Eat just the right amount to keep you full. There are some food that could help you sleep such as vegetables, chickens, pumpkins or frozen yogurt.

9. Take Relaxing Baths

Take a relaxing bath before you sleep. Fill the bath with warm water and you can add in some drops of your favourite essential oil. You can also drop in your favourite bath bombs. Soak yourself in the water for 20 or 30 minutes. Don’t think too much about anything else while you are bathing.

10. Drinking Tea

Drink tea to calm your body down. A warm milk tea, Chamomile tea or Peppermint tea will help you relax before hitting the bed. Other than that, they are also tasty, then it can lifted your mood and make your day fresh.

11. Read a Book

Reading a book can also give you distraction from your stress. It will help you relax and make it easier to feel sleepy. However, I recommend you to read something nice and full of humor sense of book. Don’t choose to read a book with so many logical intrinsic on it.

12. Listen to Music

Listen to some soft music before you sleep. The music will soothe your mind and won’t stress you too much. Also instrumental music is the best choice for your sleeping companion.

13. Have a Consistent Sleeping Hour

Have a consistent sleeping hour to ease you into a good sleep. This way, your body knows when it is time to get tired and sleep.

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Hopefully these will finally help you sleep. Always remember that your body and mind need good hours of resting too.

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