Recommended Ways on How To Eliminate Blackheads With White Eggs

Blackheads are an annoying word for most women. How not, if the existence of these blackheads interfere with the perfection of our facial skin. Read more about Causes of Acne on the Forehead

Every woman must be happy to perform as well as possible so that the beauty of her face stand out and encourage her confidence as well.

Just imagine if you are in the mirrored and ornate, suddenly there are stains that interfere with the appearance of facial skin that is visible also from close range. Usually blackheads are seen in the most oily areas of the facial skin, the area T: forehead, nose and chin. The most and obvious is in the nose that will be visible from close range.

Type of blackheads

One of the stains on the face is a blackhead. Actually what blackheads are and how blackheads can appear on the face? Blackheads are clogged skin pores, either by dirt, dead skin cells, or excess oil on the face. Blackheads there are two types, which will be described below:

  • Whitehead: Whitehead or whiteheadhead is a blackhead covered by a layer of skin and will look like a small white bulge on the face. Oil and bacteria trapped beneath the skin layers over time will harden and form a white bulge in the face.  Read more about  How to Overcome Wet Armpits
  • Blackhead: Blackheads are blackheads that look like black and enlarged pores. The black color occurs because the pores are oxidized so that the color changes to black or brown.

Blackheads do not hurt because they do not have inflammation such as acne. However, if scratched or squashed – push, it could be inflammation that occurred. Especially if there is a wound on the skin.

Causes of blackheads

Commonly, blackheads occur because the skin produces excessive oils that clog the pores of the skin. This situation is what makes the face so increasingly at risk of blackheads. Factors that cause the risk of blackheads on the face are:

  • Hormones: Unstable hormone conditions will cause the skin to produce excess oil glands. The trigger factors are adolescence, use of contraceptives, pregnancy, the condition before menstruation, and use of drugs containing hormones. Read more about How To Get A Good Night Sleep
  • Bacteria: Increasing the number of acne-causing bacteria on the skin will cause facial skin to become blackheads. This can happen if the facial skin is rarely cleaned or incomplete when cleaning it, so the face becomes dirty and a good place for bacteria to multiply.
  • Irritation: Dead skin cells do not fall out regularly because the hair follicles on the skin are irritated.
  • Make Up: The use of heavy makeup every day will make your skin tired and difficult to clean because it accumulates the remnants of makeup on the skin. Read more about Effects of Stress in Skin
  • Lifestyle: Irregular diet, smoking, drinking alcohol, as well as late sleeping habits, all of which will adversely affect the skin condition.
  • Stress: Pressure of the mind or psychological burden will also look its effect on the skin, become dull, dirty and blackheads out.
  • Oily Foods: Preferences on oily or fried foods can make the face more oily and ultimately make blackheads thrive because of excess oil.

Egg whitening has long been known to be good for facial treatments, one of them is to remove blackheads with egg whites. This blackhead is none other than Black Spot on the face. Here’s how to remove blackheads naturally on the face with an egg white mask:

1. White Egg Only

Apply whole face with egg whites and let stand until slightly dry or for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with warm water until clean. This way can also be done every day until blackheads do not look anymore. In addition to the egg white mask, there are also benefits of egg yolk mask and the benefits of eggs for hair. Read more about How to Withstand Hunger without Eating

2. White Egg and Honey

Take the egg white and separate it from the yolk, then mix the egg whites with a little honey. After mixed, apply to all parts of the face evenly. Allow about 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly with warm water. The benefits of honey for facial masks have been known to whiten, reduce oil, cure acne and remove blackheads. There is also a benefit of honey for the lips, and the benefits of honey for hair.

3. White Eggs and Tissues

How to remove dark spots on the face with egg whites can be combined with facial tissue. Clean the face first, then prepare the egg white and facial tissue.

Apply egg whites to the skin of the whole face until blended, then stick the tissue to the face that has been smeared the egg whites. Allow to dry or let stand for up to 30 minutes. Remove the tissue from the face, see if the blackheads have been lifted, then clean face with warm water. Can be done every day until the face clean of blackheads. Read more about Causes of Acne in Armpits

4. White Egg and Lemon Lemon

The benefits of lemon for the face is very good used to overcome the acne and oily skin that is also the cause of blackheads. Mix the egg whites and lemon juice until evenly distributed, then wear on the skin of the face. Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes. Then clean using warm water, then continue with cold water. This way can also be done every day for blackheads lost. There are also benefits of lemon for hair in addition to skin care.

5. White Egg and Aloe Vera

Traditional treatments for facial skin have long used the benefits of aloe vera for beauty, one of the benefits of aloe vera for skin and aloe vera benefits for facial skin. Use a mixture of egg whites and aloe vera to overcome blackheads. Way by mixing egg whites and aloe vera gel to taste evenly, then apply to the face for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.

6. White Eggs and Avocado

Benefits of avocado fruit for hair is used as a hair mask, as well as the benefits of avocado for the skin. Take the ripe avocado then peel and cut the flesh, then puree. After finely mix with egg whites to taste. Wear it on the face until it dries slightly, then rinse with warm water, then wash with cold water.

7. White Eggs and Cucumbers

Use a medium cucumber, then wash and scar. Mix the egg whites and grated cucumber until blended, then apply to face evenly. After sitting for a few minutes, wash your face clean. Benefits of cucumber for the face is to overcome the face of oily, acne and mengkedo. In addition, cucumber is also a natural way to eliminate panda eyes due to lack of sleep. Read more about  Dangers of Morning Sleep for Pregnant Women

8. White Eggs and Limes

Lime is one way to eliminate black spots on the feet. It also can to remove spots or blackheads in the face. Squeeze lime juice to taste, then mix it with egg whites. Apply to whole face until blended, then leave for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly afterwards. Try also the benefits of lime for hair that can cleanse, lift dandruff, reduce oil on the scalp and more.

Why White Eggs?

Among many other natural ingredients, egg white mask is one effective ingredient for lifting blackheads on the face and other facial skin problems due to some of the substances contained in them. The content in egg whites are:

  • Protein: Its protein content helps improve skin elasticity and brightens skin tone. Egg whites are one of the ingredients used in making white skin tips.
  • Collagen: Fine lines and wrinkles can be minimized with the content of collagen in eggs that have a function as a way to prevent wrinkles on the face. Egg whites also become masks to tighten facial skin. Read more about Benefits of Washing Face With Warm Water
  • Potassium: Moisture of the facial skin can be maintained with potassium content in egg whites.
  • Riboflavin: Helps as a way to prevent premature aging indicated by wrinkles on the face, caused by free radicals that damage the skin of the face.
  • Magnesium: Helps slow the aging process on facial skin and overcome the causes of skin wrinkles at a young age.

How to Prevent Blackheads

Although there are ways to remove blackheads with egg whites as discussed before, but if the trigger factor is not we stay away then blackheads will come again and again damage the skin of facial skin. Ways – ways to prevent blackheads on facial skin that can be done are:

  • Clean the face – The need to clean the face regularly will be very good benefits for skin health. Clean at least twice a day, avoid excessive cleaning because it can make the face irritated.
  • Careful Cosmetics – Avoid cosmetics that worsen the condition of oily skin, choose which is formulated for oily skin to avoid messing up the condition of our facial skin. Read more about Causes Oily Hair After Washing
  • Diligent Hair Wash – Oil from the hair can also contaminate the face and clog the pores – the pore of the face, so always try to wash your hair regularly at least every two days so that the hair is always in a clean state.
  • Peeling – The benefits of facial exfoliation is to clean stubborn dirt on the skin and clean dead skin cells that can not be cleaned with ordinary cleaners. Perform regular facial scrubs for example by performing a periodic chemical peeling procedure at a trusted beauty clinic.If you want to prevent blackheads so as not to appear repeatedly on the skin is rather difficult, because after all there will certainly be one or two visible blackheads. What can be done is to avoid the factors – cause factors and care for the face well, including daily care and regular maintenance by using a face mask.

Other Benefits Of White Egg Mask For Skin

In addition to cleaning and lifting blackheads, egg white masks have many other benefits for facial skin, including:

  • White Eggs Can Decrease Pores – Skin Pores: Skin pores can be reduced by the content of amino acids and enzymes in egg whites that work by shrinking the size of the follicle that will affect the skin texture.
  • White Eggs Can Cleanse Skin – There is a bio-enzyme called lysozyme in eggs that can help cleanse the skin more deeply, so skin care is guaranteed thoroughly because the dirt and sediment in the skin can be all lifted.
  • White Skin Tightening Egg – By speeding up the skin regeneration process, egg whites can help tighten the skin and reduce fine lines, wrinkles or other aging marks on the face. Read more about How to Prevent Dangers of Dengue Fever
  • White Eggs Overcoming Oily Skin – Due to its dry nature, egg whites can help overcome oily skin by absorbing excess oil on the skin through regular use. So the problem of acne and blackheads will be reduced by itself.

Those are complete explanation about how to eliminate blackheads with white eggs naturally.

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