20 Signs You Have Skin Cancer Must be Recognized Fast!

Skin cancer happens when your DNA experiences a serious damage. It causes your skin cell to overgrow and develop a tumor. It can be quite difficult to diagnose yourself for skin cancer.

However, there are some basic things that you should know about to keep yourself informed.

These 20 Signs You Have Skin Cancer will help you get to know the symptoms in case you have one. It’s always better to catch them early on than having to go through extensive treatment to get rid of it later.

But first, take a look at these causes and the effects of skin cancer that you should take seriously.

Causes of Skin Cancer

  • Sun exposure
  • Excessive tanning
  • Sunburn

Effects from Skin Cancer

  • Spread of cancer cells
  • Complications
  • Pain
  • Death

Signs of Skin Cancer

The following are the most common symptoms of skin cancer:

1. Abnormal Red Patch

Though it may seem like a rash, a red patch can turn out to be cancer. As your skin is inflamed, the immune system of your body fights the cancer cells. So the patch will become very itchy. It could also peel, similar to a dry skin. A rash can go away but this red patch may seem to last for a long time.

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2. Increase in Size

You should become suspicious if you see an usual mole that seems to grow in size. A normal, non-cancerous mole stays the same on your skin. But a cancer mole will evolve into something larger and bumpier. When it gets worse, bleeding will start to happen.

3. Scaly Patch

Another sign of skin cancer is scaly patch. Though the patch may be dark brown or red, it is covered in scales. Even though you’ve tried moisturising it in hope to heal it, it stays the same. When it persists, it’s best to see the doctor to ensure the right diagnosis for your skin.

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4. Bloody Sores

This bloody sore may seem like a bad result from a sunburn but it’s more serious than that. It could be an early sign of a skin cancer. The cancer cells that cause this condition don’t usually infect other places. But you should still be concerned especially if it grows near your mouth or your eyes.

5. Bump with Craters

Skin cancer may form a bump with a small crater in the middle. Often times, the middle part of the bump would release a bit of blood. Apparently, this kind of skin cancer doesn’t usually lead to death. Despite that, it can cause permanent changes to your skin appearance.

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6. Asymmetric Mole

A normal mole is usually symmetrical. Half of it matches up to its other half. A warning sign of a skin cancer is an asymmetric mole. This is where the shape of the mole is an odd one and doesn’t seem like an evenly formed mole.

7. Raised Bump with Faded Colouring

Besides being asymmetric, a mole can have an usual raised bump. The center of the bump could be dark in colour. However, its surrounding could have faded colouring. This fading pigmentation could be a sign of a skin cancer before it gets even worse.

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8. Uneven Thickness

A mole often appears on skin in a uniform manner. Its shape and thickness stays the same. But for a skin cancer mole, the thickness vary. A mole may have a bit of an area that is thin but also thick. This unevenness is not normal and should be a source of concern.

9. Small Moles

Large moles are easier to notice and observe for any signs of skin cancer. But keep in mind that small moles could be dangerous too. After all, a big mole starts out small. It can be difficult to self diagnose a small mole. The best option is to visit a doctor for a further checking on it.

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10. Varying Colours

Safe moles only consist of one colour. They don’t form with varying colours at all. When you see a mole that has more than one colour then that could be a sign of skin cancer. For instance, a normal mole may only be dark brown. But a cancerous mole has a bit of red, pink and blackness to it.

11. Irregular Border

A normal mole also has regular border. It’s smooth and defined. However, according to doctors, a cancerous mole doesn’t have this feature. Its border is irregular. The surrounding border could be fading out or weirdly lined. This means that the cancerous cells in that area is growing in numbers.

12. Shiny Nodule

Other than a mole, a small bump should be taken seriously as well. A particular shiny bump that appears on your skin may turn up to be cancerous. It could be pink, white or red. However, it can also be black or brown. It may seem like a regular bump but it’s unusually quite big and shiny.

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More Signs to Take Seriously (13-20)

These are some more signs of skin cancer that you should not ignore.

  • Tenderness: Bumps or moles will feel tender when touched.
  • Horn Growth: The skin is raised just like a tough horn.
  • Oozes: Cancerous bumps or moles often ooze.
  • Never Completely Heals: Your skin never fully recovers from patches or bumps.
  • Spreading Colours: Abnormal colour from bumps start to infect other skin area.
  • Massive Swell: Swelling grows over its boundary.
  • Waxy Bump: The bump seems waxy and taut on the skin.
  • Scar Area: Skin looks scarred with light colouring.

Things to Consider

It is recommended to have a routine check-up at your dermatologist. It will help identify any early sign of cancer and eliminate the concerns that you have. In case you have any abnormal bumps, moles or other skin issues that you think could be related to skin cancer, immediately go to a doctor. Don’t wait for it to get worse as it could become difficult to treat it.

Always remember to wear your sunscreen when you step outside your home. Reduce your chances of getting a skin cancer as much as you can by avoiding too many sun exposure.

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