Combination of Food That Cause Food Poisoning (Watch Out What You Eat!)

There are various fruits that you need to know that is not good to combine with other foods, especially durian. Durian is a kind of fruit that is most considered to cause harmful effects on the body when consumed together with certain foods or foods. The following list are the foods that have a bad effect to your body if combined with durian :

1. Crab

The first food that shouldn’t combined with durian is crab. Crab one of kind foods that contains high cholesterol, so as durian that’s contain high carbohydrates and high fat.

When a person with a high cholesterol consume crab and durian together, it’ll increase cholesterol level in the blood, or even having a risk of heart attack, a stroke, and a drastic increase in blood sugar levels. This is the danger for the consumer because these conditions can result a death.
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2. Lychees

Lychees are known as one of a fruit that also not recommend to be eaten with durian. Keep in your mind that lychees are fruits that cause the same heat effect as durian. It’s clear enough what effect will happen if we combine it, right?

3. Mangosteen

Durian and Mangosteen are fruits that apparently doesn’t guarantee that both types of fruit can be consumed safely at the same time. Some people say that eating mangosteen before or after durian is good because it can prevent an increases stomach acid and headaches.

But prevent an unexpected effect, you should try to avoid consumed both fruits together or in short period. Durian itself is a type of fruit that can increase body temperature and consume at the same time will only trigger digestive disorders so that the stomach will feels uncomfortable. If you want to enjoy both, give a good time before or after without having consumed it together.
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4. Sheep’s Meat

Durian is a fruit that has a warm or hot effect so it is necessary to avoid consume it with sheep’s meat. sheep’s meat also has a heat effect and if both of it consumed together. It’ll increase the risk of inflammation in your body.
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6. Cow’s Meat / Beef

As same as sheep’s meat, beef also has a heat effect so it shouldn’t be consumed at the same time or short period to durian. As a result, it’s the same as eating durian with sheep’s meat, which is inflammation that you have to be well aware of it.

7. Eggplant

Eggplant is a type of vegetable and durian is a type of fruit. Although both of it are needed by the body, you still shouldn’t combine to consume it at the same time. It’s a kind of ‘hot’ food’, consuming both together can drastically increase your body temperature and cause you to get an ill later.

8. Lamb / Mutton

Basically, Lamb and durian fruit can be consumed together. But it becomes dangerous when the lamb is not cooked perfectly so it’ll cause infection when eaten with durian. It’s also dangerous to eat lamb and durian when you have gastrointestinal disorders, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol.
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9. Alcohol

Talk about foods that are forbidden to eat with durian. Alcohol cannot be missed to talk about, even it is a type of beverage. Eating durian and consuming alcohol can indeed certainly cause death.

In durian, contains a high sulfur which can be an inhibitor of alcohol-breaking enzymes. Some types of alcohol that should be avoided for consumption with durian are:

  • White Wine
  • Beer
  • Whiskey
  • Vodka
  • Rum
  • Tequila
  • Soju
  • Sake

10. Coffee

Coffee-based food or coffee drinks shouldn’t be consumed together with durian. The active caffeine in coffee can make your heart-rate faster while increasing your body temperature. Coffee and durian that consumed together can cause the heart to work harder and it is a bad effect for your heart. This can cause a devastating effect on people with severe insomnia, hyperthyroidism or thyroid disease, and who has a history of heart attacks.

11. Milk

The high sulfur content in the durian has been proven to be able to inhibit aldehyde dehydrogenase activity in the body. Though the enzyme is needed quite a lot by the body to remove toxins from the body. When consuming durian plus milk, the body can no longer function optimally in removing and destroying toxins.
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12. Soda

Soft drinks need to be avoided too, because it has a contain a high caffeine which will not be good if taken together with high sulfur fruits like durian. If consumed together it’s not permissible, are consume it at different time is possible? It is recommended to drink enough water after or before eating durian to make it safer.

So, it is a list of foods and drinks that shouldn’t be consumed together with durian. Indeed, a number of foods have not been known and examined properly, they can have a detrimental effect on health when consuming them with durian, but should be avoided rather than carelessly trying and have a harmful effect on the body.

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