Why Is My Poop Green and My Stomach Hurts – Causes and Treatments

Color changement in poop that becomes green often makes many people worried and scared about this condition. If you experiencing a condition where your poop becomes green, you don’t need to worry because this condition classified as a normal condition.

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Maybe some of you questioning why is my poop green and my stomach hurts. Below this, we will explain what are causes of green poop and why it makes your stomach hurts.

Causes of poop green in adults

  • Disorder in digestion system

The food that supposed to be proccessed 3 days into poop unable to be experienced by those who have disorder in digestion system because its process will run shorter.

  • Consumption of green vegetable

Consuming green vegetable excessively can affect to the poop you produce that become green afterwards.

  • Pregnancy

Any woman who is in pregnancy often experiencing color changement in their poop due to consumption of iron supplements. You may also like to read dangers of ice for pregnant women.

  • Food

Consuming food such as spinach, cabbage, broccoli that classified as food with high-chlorophyll can also effect to the poop you produce.

  • Bile pigment

Bile pigment is one of important part in human body that can cause poop green if it affected with food that high in chlorophyll or on the other words, food that you consume.

  • Antibiotics and drugs

Consuming several kind of antibiotics and drugs will make you experiencing color change on your poop. It may possible for having green poop if you consuming them excessively.

  • Medical procedure

If you just performed medical procedure such as surgery, it can also affect on the poop color you produce.

  • Parasites, viruses, and bacteria

There are tons of bacteria in human body. For example salmonella bacteria that often lead someone to experience poop green.

  • Gastrointestinal

If you suffering from gastroinstestinal, your bile will run faster that later makes your poop becomes green.

  • Fissura Ani

Fissura Ani is a kind of wound that can be found on anus if someone has poop with hard texture. This wound is classified as a serious problem that can make its sufferer experiencing poop that become green.

  • Consuming food in purple or blue color

Consumption of food that has purple or blue color such as blueberry can also affect someone to experiencing green poop.

  • Spicy food and alcohol

Eating food and alcohol can lead bilie system to be erected which later affect to the poop color that becomes green.

  • Doing particular diet

Doing particular diet which the only food that allowed to be consumed is just food with green color can lead you to experiencing green poop.

  • Stress

Stress can also classified as factor why a person has their poop colored in green. You may also like to read tips on stress relievers.

Causes of poop green in baby

  • Sensitivity towards the diet

Feeding a baby with food that contains high-chlorophyll as a new menu can affect the baby to experiencing green poop.

  • Changing food texture

Food changing from liquid to solid textured food opens a big possibility for baby to get green poop.

  • ASI that not balance

ASI also affect the poop your baby produces. If the amount of ASI is not enough, the baby will get green poop.

  • Disease

Diseases such as flu and viruses can lead the baby to experiencing color changement in their poop.

  • Consumption of drugs

If a mother consuming any kind of drugs, it will affect to the baby they feeding as well which later color changement in poop will occur.

Symptoms of poop green 

  • Lose of appetite
  • Stomach gets hurt
  • Bleeding in the rectum or vomiting
  • Experiencing weight loss
  • Fever
  • Constipation
  • Get tired easily

How to prevent poop green 

  • Balancing the diet method

Consumption of fiber on those who are in diet is indeed recommended to make the digestive system becomes healthier. You may also like to read types of vegetable salad for diet

  • Drink an enough amount of water

In order to make your digestive system healthier, drinking an enough amount of water is a must.

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  • Reduce the consumption of food colouring

Food colouring affects to the poop you produce. Therefore, try to reduce its consumption to prevent green poop.

  • Do exercise regularly

Body exercise regularly is needed in order to prevent the color change in your poop.

  • Avoid consumption of snack

In order to keep bile system healthy, try to avoid the consumption of snack as well so your digestive system will be healthier afterwards.

Treatments for poop green

  • Consuming acidic food such as fermented cabbage, kimchi, or pickles. Another food with high-acid such as apple vinegar tea is also beneficial to heal poop green.
  • Consuming food with high-fat content such as avocado, cheddar cheese, and various kind of nuts will help you to overcome poop that become green.
  • You can blend orange juice with olive oil. These combination is effective to get rid of poop green.
  • Try to mix your salad sauce with onion, olive oil, lemon juice, mustard, and salad.
  • Supplements with basil, beetroot extract, and grape seed extact also effective to make your digestive system become healthier.

These are several explanation on why is my poop green and my stomach hurts, a health problem that you have been questioning. Stay Healthy, Good People!

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