17 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Chickenpox on Body and Face Faster

Chickenpox is a skin disease caused by Varicella zoster virus. In general, this disease infects children. However there is also possibility for adults to get infected as well. The initial symptoms are fever and body weakness. That is why, the body temperature of people who are infected always higher than normal.

Physically, it can be identified by the occurrence of red rashes forming small lumps. Those lumps consist of water and most of the time make the sufferer to feel itch. If somehow the lumps break, it will leave like permanent scars.

Symptoms of Chickenpox

Fever, body weakness, dizziness and losing appetite are a combination of what the sufferer will encounter. Most of the time, people would find either medical or even natural treatment to get rid of this chickenpox disease. Of all the treatment, we have found several ways that are believed to be capable to get rid of chickenpox quickly.

Here are the natural ways to get rid of chickenpox on body and face faster:

  1. Morinda citrifolia/Noni fruit

Noni is a fruit that can be used to treat chickenpox. Although it’s not everyone’s favorite due to its distinct odor, it is very effective to dry the lumps and stop the itchiness. The recommended intake is by drinking its fruit juice regularly every day. You may also read: Traditional Ways to Cure Chicken Pox

  1. Mung bean

Mung bean also is capable to make chickenpox dry quickly. Mung beans has excellent nutritional values to even get rid of the scar. You can start by putting the beans into a bowl of water until they look swollen. Then, separate the beans from the water and smash it until it becomes paste-consistency.

Apply it onto the lumps all over the body. Leave it for a while until it’s dried, then rinse it with water. Do this twice a day before taking a bath to get the best result. This rich-fiber food can also treat any other disease like malnutrition.

  1. Curcuma

Curcuma can be used as an alternative way to fasten the recovery from chickenpox. The recommended intake is by mixing 15 gram of curcuma and 15 gram of tamarind, and put the mixture into 600 ml of water and boil it until the volume of the water reduces to half. After that, drink the boiled water twice or thrice times a day. You may also read: Natural Remedy for Mumps in Adults and Children

  1. Castor oil leaf

Castor oil leaf is also considered to be a natural material to treat chickenpox. The recommended intake is by boiling 5-7 leaves for around 10-15 minutes.

Afterwards, pour some of room-temperature water to make it warm enough to be used to take a bath in. Do this twice a day until the chickenpox’s gone. You may also read: How to Cure Boil with Essential Oils

  1. Pepper

Treating chickenpox with pepper can be a little scary for common people, although it’s proven to treat chickenpox. Even though, pepper tastes hot and spicy when we consume it, it will not give any burning sensation when you apply it to the lumps. The important thing, the lumps should be cleaned first with water. Afterwards, apply the pepper to the lumps.

  1. Sandalwood

Sandalwood has the ability to handle black scars on the body caused by chickenpox. You can smash some pieces of sandalwood until it becomes powder and then mix with a little bit of water.

If it turns brown after the mixing, apply the mixture to the chickenpox scars. You may also read: Causes Oily Hair After Washing and Ways to Fix It. 

  1. Jicama/Yam bean

Here’s the natural ways to get rid of chickenpox on body and face faster. Jicama or Yam bean has been known to have great ability to treat skin. For chickenpox, Jicama is believed to be able to treat/get rid of the scars. You can smash jicama until it becomes paste-consistency and then apply it to the face like using mask.

  1. Babycorn

Corn has substances to prevent skin’s aging because of it’s super high amilum. Corn starch also can calm skin irritation and rashes. You can grate the babycorn and apply it to the lumps. This technique is usually a quick way to treat chickenpox. Using babycorn, the sufferer does not have to worry about any side effects.

  1. Banana peel

Banana peel is believed to remove dead skin cells. Thus, using banana peel can also fasten the recovery from chickenpox. You can use it by scrubbing the banana peel to the scars. Do this regularly twice a day for 10 minutes. Afterwards, wash it with water.

  1. Turmeric

Other than it’s effectiveness to prevent lyphoma disease, turmeric is also believed to treat itchiness that happens to chickenpox sufferers. Turmeric also is capable to get rid of the scars caused by chickenpox.

You can use it by smashing the turmeric until it becomes paste-consistency and then apply it to the scars, leave it for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, wash it with water. Other than to treat chickenpox, turmeric is also effective as food for constipated sufferers. You may also read: How to Treat Cancer with Turmeric #Proven Home Remedy

  1. Honey

Honey is a natural material that is able to soften the skin. Other than that, honey has substances that can prevent any infection on the lumps. This is suitable for chickenpox sufferers who mostly get infection on their body parrts. You can use it easily by applying the honey to the chickenpox scars.

  1. Centella leaf

Centella leaf has the ability to rejuvenate skin from inside, that makes it’s great to be consumed for chickenpox sufferer. The recommended intake is by making it as juice and add some honey to make it tastier. 

  1. Fresh coconut water

By drinking fresh coconut water, it will fasten the recovery of chickenpox. Fresh coconut water can anticipate the heat felt by the sufferer. This coconut water can also be added 1-2 spoonful of honey to make it tastier. Other than consuming it, you can also pour the coconut water to the lumps to fasten the recovery process and make it dry.

  1. Pea’s water

Pea is a food with high content of vitamin A and folic acid. The water of pea is believed to be very effective to treat skin irritation especially for chickenpox sufferers. Water obtained from cooking the pea, can be applied to the body parts that have lumps.

  1. Natrium carbonate

Baking soda is a popular medicine that can be used to control the itchiness caused by chickenpox. You can put a little amount of baking soda into a glass of water. Then dip a sponge to it and use the sponge to bathe. This method can fasten the drying process of the skin infected and also prevent kids to not scratching the rashes.

  1. Not scratching the skin

It is unavoidable that chickenpox will cause the sufferer to have skin itchiness. Although, scratching it is not really a good thing to do. By scratching, it will make recovery process slower. Worse, it can spread the chickenpox to another part of the skin.

  1. Maintaning sanitary

As a chickenpox sufferer, sanitary is a really important thing to keep. By maintaining sanitary, the sufferer will not encounter any other bacteria that can make its immunity worse. With that being said, the sufferer needs to always change clothes and avoid to wear the same clothes for 24 hours.

There are many natural ways to get rid of chickenpox on body and face faster, however it also needs patience from the sufferer. Chickenpox will be gone in its own way, and you won’t be stressed out any longer.

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