10 Dangers of Measles: Minor and Severe Stages

There are 10 dangers of measles which divided into minor and severe stages category. Measles is one of the diseases that is widely discussed by various countries.  Public believe that this disease will infected to everyone, once in a lifetime.

The measles treatment becomes serious when it has advanced to the stage of complications. Children and adults who have been detected with measles symptoms are required serious treatments such as medicine or natural medicine. Measles vaccination has been done since we are in the childhood, and it has reduced the number of mortality caused by measles.

Minor Stages of Measles

These are various danger of measles at various stages.

  1. Dehydration

In the early stages of measles, the sufferers will experience diarrhea and vomiting. This happen because the sufferers do not get proper medication. In a long period, this condition will make the sufferers lack of body fluid or dehydration.

Dehydration makes normal water levels in the body drastically reduced and will causes disturbance in the balance of minerals, such as sugar and salt. Besides has  bad effect on your skin, dehydration can makes your body changes it is function and can be exposed to the high potential danger of dehydration.

The symptoms of dehydration are:

  • Very thirsty and headache
  • Dry mouth and body becomes easily tired
  • The urine’s colour is dark or cloudy
  • Reduced urine volume
  • The front face looks more concave
  • There are no tears when crying
  1. Middle Ear Infection

Middle ear infection occurs when there is inflammation in the middle of the ear that accumulating fluid. The fluid accumulation will occurs on the back of eardrum. It will causes the ears to runny and the liquid comes out. Babies who affected with measles most often develop this infection. Infection can affect one or both parts of the ear. This infection is characterized with symptoms like:

  • High fever
  • Severe ear pain
  • The sufferers become easily tired
  1. Eye Infections

Eye infections or conjunctivitis are known as a general complication of measles. The symptoms of eye infections are red eyes, inflammation in the front layer of the eyes, eyes discharge, discomfort in the eyelashes and uncomfortable eyes.

  1. Laryngitis

Laryngitis or respiratory inflammation occurs when there is an infection in the larynx. This condition happen when the measles virus has infected the larynx. The sufferers will difficult to speak, breath, and eat, when there is no properly treatment within a week. These followings are the symptoms:

  • Hoarse voice
  • Cannot speak clearly
  • Severe sore throat 

  1. Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a condition that causes inflammation in parts of the lung tissue. This can be happen in one or both parts of the lungs. Infection from bacteria or viruses can make the condition even worse. In addition, the inflammation causes the air sacs in the lungs filled with fluid which causes severe infections. The symptoms of pneumonia include:

  • Dry cough or cough with phlegm in long period
  • Out of breath
  • Fast heartbeat
  • High Fever in long period
  • Cold sweat and shivering
  • Decreased appetite
  • Pain feeling in the chest while breathing
  1. Seizure

Seizure in measles sufferers mostly caused by high fever. Commonly this seizure is not seriously problem if it is treated immediately. Usually the patients’ body become very stiff, loses consciousness, arms and legs become stiff, and some children will urinate during seizures. It is better to get to the doctor immediately so that the seizure can be treated properly.

Severe Stages of Measles

  1. Hepatitis

Measles sufferers who do not get proper treatment can also get hepatitis, usually their urine becomes darker or their  eyes become yellow due to the hepatitis. This can be happen because the measles virus has caused infection in the liver. Due to the hepatitis  The virus can spread rapidly that make the liver condition even worse. The symptoms of hepatitis that you should aware are:

  • Pain in the muscles and joints.
  • High fever
  • Body weakness continuously
  • Decreased appetite
  • Stomach ache
  • Dark and cloudy coloured urine
  • Eyes and body skin turn into yellow 

  1. Cockeyed

Severe measles sufferers who do not receive proper treatment can also be affected by cockeyed. Cockeyed makes both of eyes do not work in balance manner. This happens when the virus has attacked the muscles and nerves in the eye. Cockeyed cannot be treated when it is already worst.

  1. Encephalitis

Measles sufferers who do not get properly treatment can also causes inflammation of the brain or encephalitis. This condition happen when the virus has infected brain. Brain inflammation will causes people vomiting, seizures, coma or even a high potential of death. Encephalitis is difficult to be treated and often requires a long-term care.

  1. Disorder of pregnancy

Pregnant woman who are affected by measles should get a proper treatment. It looks harmless, but disorder of pregnancy is include in the 10 dangers of measles, specifically major category. Measles that occur in pregnant women will increase several risks of pregnancy such as:

  • Miscarriage: The virus will attack the fetus in the mother’s womb. The virus can also damages the fetal’s development system and even make the fetus sick so that can lead to the death.
  • Premature birth: Pregnant women who are infected with measles, in the middle or towards the end of the trimester can experience preterm birth. Premature birth can increases the risk of a baby’s health and make the baby more vulnerable.
  • Babies born underweight: Measles that infected the mother causes maternal and fetal malnutrition. This condition will make the mother become unhealthy, and for the baby, it must be born before it is time.

So measles is very dangerous and can increases the risk of death especially the diseases that including in the major stages category. Preventing measles by doing a vaccine is the right action to avoid all the dangers of measles.

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