Natural Ways to Get Rid of Heat Rash in Baby with Home Remedy

Prickly heat does not only attack adults but also babies. It will make baby feels uncomfortable and easy to fuss and also make parents anxious. These are natural ways to get rid of heat rash in baby with home remedy.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural ingredient or a very good herbal remedy for dealing with skin especially face. The cool effect of the gel or the extract makes babies who have problems with prickly heat feel comfortable. Apply to the baby’s skin which affected by rashes and itching to get maximum results where the prickly heat will fade faster. More to know about Ways to Make Glowing Face with Aloe Vera

2. Tapioca Starch

The function of this starch is to reduce heat on the skin faster. It is quite simple because we only need to bathe the baby first and continuing by drying his body until completely dry. After that, mix the starch into the water. Then, apply it to the itchy skin.

3. Purslane Leaves

These leaves may not be as popular as Aloe vera, but it offers high benefits for sufferers of skin problems and itching, including prickly heat. It is not difficult, just prepare a handful of leaves and boil with 3 cups of water. Wait until it boils and 1,5 cups remaining. Let it cool first and the water can be drunk into our baby slowly.

4. Coriander Powder and Sandalwood Powder

Both of these ingredients are very good in reducing the effects of prickly heat which makes our babies feel uncomfortable. Mix two tablespoons of sandalwood powder and cilantro powder with a bit of rose water to make the paste thicker. This paste can be applied to the baby’s skin which is swollen and itchy. Let it dry and rinse with cold water. More to know about Types of Vegetable Salad for Diet

5. Corn Flour and Cereal Flour

It doesn’t need to be so thick because what is needed here is a thin paste. This homemade pasta can be applied to the baby’s skin, especially in the affected parts. After the paste which is applied to the baby’s skin has dried, we can rinse it with cold water.

6. Tembelekan leaves

This wild plant has woody stems which can grow up to 4 meters. These leaves are very good to overcome prickly heat. This is due to the low levels of toxins which can be used to overcome prickly heat. We can prepare a handful of tembelekan leaves and boil with 3 cups of water until it boils for 15 minutes. Let it warm and wash the baby’s skin with warm water concoction from the leaves of tembelekan. The routine use is highly recommended.

7. Ice Cube

Utilizing ice cubes is the simplest way, because everyone must have it at home, and it can be used for whiten face skin. It can also be directly rubbed on the baby’s skin which has prickly heat. Itching and rash will certainly relieve with routine use. More to know about How to Whiten Face With Ice cube

8. Utilizing Castor Oil

Another natural ways to get rid of heat rash in baby with home remedy is castor oil. It is one of the most effective natural ways to overcome the prickly heat. Give half a teaspoon of castor oil on the baby’s swollen skin while massaging it slowly with a circular direction.

9. Telon Oil

Telon oil has a high coconut oil content which can reach up to 60 percent. The purpose of using telon oil is to make baby not overheated because of rashes and itching. Just apply the telon oil on the the baby’s skin until the prickly heat heals.

10. Honey

Honey is a natural moisturizer and humectant which is good for treating skin, including for acne and baby’s skin. The method is very easy because we only need to apply directly to the swollen and itchy baby’s skin area.
In order to get much better results, try to prepare jojoba oil which can be mixed with honey.

Apply to all the swollen and itchy areas and wait for 20 minutes. After that, wash the baby’s skin thoroughly. Doing it three times or four times every week will give extraordinary results. More to know about Effects of Honey on Dark Skin

11. Protecting from Exposure to Sunlight

When our baby has prickly heat, always remember to take him away from exposure of the sun’s rays which can damage the skin because it can be more dangerous for him. As a solution, it’s easy because we only need to allow our little baby to stay at home at noon to late afternoon. As long as the prickly heat has not disappeared, it’s better to take him for walks in the afternoon or evening where the sun has sunk. 

12. Baking Soda

Even though the use of baking soda is dangerous, it can be a solution to overcome prickly heat because this ingredient is natural and good to overcome the problem of rashes and itchy skin. Provide a glass of cold water which can be mixed with 1 tablespoon of baking soda. After that, the ingredients are ready and can be used immediately. The method is simple because we only need washcloth which is used to compress the affected area. Using it regularly is recommended to get the faster results.

13. Special Lotion

For babies who have prickly heat should be given special lotion with content of calamine in it. The method is very simple, because after getting the lotion, just apply to the baby’s skin. Doing it regularly will give better results.

14. Cutting Baby Nails

Cutting baby nails will be very helpful. The purpose is that the baby’s skin is not injured when the baby scratch the itchy areas. Irritation and skin infections are a potential condition that can occur. Therefore, cutting the nails is safer.

15. Bathing Baby Regularly

Keeping baby’s skin dry is a must, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t need to bathe him. The baby must be bathed 2 times a day as usual, because this is a thing that can make his body fresh and automatically remove all dirt stuck on his body. After bathing, do not forget to wipe each part of the baby’s skin carefully and use a soft towel which can easily absorb water, so that the baby’s skin will not get irritate.

16. Avoiding Humid Place

Make sure that your baby’s skin is always fresh and dry and also far away from hot spots. Letting your child getting enough fluid or water is also very important.

17. Choosing the Right Clothes for Babies

The right clothes means comfortable clothes and clothes which are comfortable to wear when the prickly heat appears is loose clothing. Make sure that the clothes are cool so the baby feels comfortable.

18. Cool Air Circulation in the Baby’s Room

To overcome the prickly heat in babies, it is important to keep the baby’s room cool. Soothing air circulation will keep the baby’s body fresh and dry.

19. Oil as needed

When the baby has prickly heat, it is better to use special lotions which have been discussed above and not smearing the baby’s skin with ordinary lotion product too often or all the time. Or if you want to keep applying baby lotion, use it when the baby’s skin looks dry.

Factors of Rash on Baby Skin

Babies are quite often getting prickly heat, but there are always factors that can increase the potential of prickly heat in babies. 

1. Overheating.

Babies who are too often exposed to heat will be more easily get prickly heat. That is why maintaining the baby’s room air circulation is very important to keep the coolness stable so that your child can sleep and rest comfortably.

2. Clothes.

Clothes which made from thick materials as well as not easily absorbing sweat will make our baby’s skin suffer. It is not good for the skin and increases the risk of prickly heat.

3. Sweat Glands Have Not Developed.

Babies who are in the warming process in the incubator and babies who get fever are more likely to be affected by prickly heat. It is because there are no sweat glands that develop well in our child’s body. Therefore, this is the reason why sweat cannot come out and stuck in the skin.

4. Blocked Skin Pores

Bathing our babies regularly is one of the ways to overcome prickly heat because the pores of your baby’s skin will easily clog if it expose to dust or dirt.

If those natural ways to get rid of heat rash in baby with home remedy above are not effective enough and getting worse, see a doctor immediately. Medical treatment will be very helpful.

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