13 Causes of Excessive Sweating and Proper Treatment

Excessive sweating, especially on the palms is indeed something that could make someone uncomfortable and cause embarrassment. This kind of condition is really bothering, particularly when you are in a situation that needs you to shake hand with other people. It could make you lose confident and uneasy.

Excessive sweating could be a sign of Hyperthyroidism, also known as Polyhedrons or Seborrhea. The sweating can affect just one particular area of the body, such as palms, feet, armpit, or the whole body. Below are some of the causes of excessive sweating:

  1. Hyperactivity of the Nervous System

Excessive sweating on the palms, which is of course could disrupt your daily activities, might be caused by hyperactivity of the nervous system. The hyperactivity could cause the sweat gland to produce more sweat than it should be.

There are various functions in the body that are managed by the sympathetic nervous system as a form of response that we call it as flight-or flight condition. Some people might have not heard of this term before; fight-or flight in this context is known as the process of releasing some chemicals from the body, such as sweat and adrenaline, as well as constriction of blood vessels and increased heart rate.

The sympathetic nervous system in its normal state will be active when obtaining an external stressor or stimulus, such as fear, anxiety, and other nervous feelings. Fight-flight has the potential to arise in a less precise situation when the sympathetic nervous system is impaired, which is the hyperactivity of the nervous system.

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  1. Stress

Psychological conditions such as get stressed can easily trigger excessive sweating that is usually experienced in the palm of the hand. When a person is stressed and easily anxious or restless, sweat glands will usually be more active than usual. The stress level determines whether a person has the potential to experience excessive sweaty hands.

If your hands get sweaty easily, maybe you are one of those people who are easily stressed out so that your palms are sweating often. Try to look for ways to get rid of stress or how to avoid stress in order to resolve the excessive sweaty hands.

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  1. Mumps

Disrupted thyroid gland is capable of causing mumps. This gland itself is an organ in the body that resembles a butterfly-shape with a location just below the Adam’s apple. The function of this gland is to produce thyroid hormone in which the role of this hormone is vital for various chemical processes that present in the body.

Swollen thyroid gland will trigger the formation of a lump in the neck and this condition is called mumps. Indeed. Excessive sweating as a symptom of mump is not only happening in the palm of the hand, but also on the armpit so as to cause body odor. This situation could make you very uncomfortable because it raises bacteria and germs and cause disbelief.

  1. Fever

Fever can make a person experience sweaty hands. Actually, not only the hands, someone who suffered from fever, his body will automatically sweat out more than usual. Therefore, measure your body temperature to see if your body temperature is high or in normal level.

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  1. Heart Disease

When a person experiences sweaty hands, as well as on the feet, this is usually also a sign of heart disease. There are various types of heart disease and of course, the initial characteristics or symptoms that suffered by a person will vary where it is determined by the type of heart disease.

In addition to sweating on the hands and feet, there are other accompanying symptoms, such as headache, fatigue, chest pain, swelling of the feet, anxiety and anxiety, sometimes fainting suddenly, and shortness of breath. When your hands are sweating and other symptoms arise, it is most likely that you have heart disease.

  1. Menopause

Excessive sweaty hands and it is experienced by people who are 40 years of age or older may be a sign of menopause. Menopause itself is a normal condition that people, mostly women, will surely experience as they age.

Actually, menopause is not a disease and not also classified as a medical disorder because this situation is common, particularly for women who are already in their 40s or 50s. The irregular menstrual cycle becomes a major sign in which sometimes it is also accompanied by quite excessive sweating hands.

  1. Excessive Alcohol Consumption

There is a potential for excessive sweating of hands caused by high consumption of alcohol beverages. A heavy alcoholic may experience sweaty hands. If you like to drink alcoholic beverages, and then experience wet hands, most likely this is due to the effects of excessive levels of alcohol in the body.

Because the danger of liquor for health is so high, you need to start to limit it. No need to immediately stop drinking at all if you cannot, try to get used to reduce the dose before really no longer consumes alcohol. Alcohol also becomes the trigger of many more serious and deadly disease conditions not only excessive sweating.

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  1. Obesity

Obesity seems trivial because there are many people who are overweight or weight more than the ideal weight. However, obesity can cause many health problems, including sweaty hands. Obesity is also the beginning of serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.

Sweaty hands and feet are most likely triggered by excessive weight. When this happens, you should begin to follow healthy diet tips in order to reduce weight to the fullest. By dieting, your organs become much healthier and the hands can be prevented from frequent sweating.

  1. TBC

Tuberculosis is one type of lung diseases. The symptoms are commonly known when you cough continuously and sometimes blood comes out when you cough. But besides coughing, Tuberculosis disease is also able to trigger other symptoms, such as sweating hands, sudden weight loss, fatigue, fever, and loss of appetite.

When the body is infected by the TBC’s bacteria, the bacteria may not be active for several days before it eventually triggers some of the symptoms of the tuberculosis. To ascertain whether your lungs are in normal condition or not, do chest x-rays, blood tests, Monteux tests, and sputum tests can be taken. If the disease can be treated appropriately from the start, it prevents the disease from becoming more severe.

  1. Malignant Disease

What’s on your mind when you hear malignant disease? Cancer is the answer that is often catapulted and indeed the most life-threatening disease. Little by little, cancer can undermine the body of the sufferer which if not handled properly can lead to death.

Apparently, some cancer conditions can also trigger a person to experience a great sweaty hand. To find out the true condition of your body health, you can immediately go to the doctor, if the hands continue to sweat in excess and not as usual. Getting a medical check up can prevent cancer from growing further and fiercer.

  1. Neurological Disease

Neural disorders are also able to be one of the causes of excessive sweating of the hands. There are 4 types of nerve abnormalities: peripheral neuropathy, cranial neuropathy, autonomic neuropathy, and Mononeuropathy.

To find out if you are suffering from neurological disease and check for nerve function that would have the potential to be damaged, take the correct diagnostic method. Nerve biopsy, neural conduction velocity test, and electromyography are a series of tests that need to be done to determine the actual conditions and also the appropriate treatment. Treatment of nerve abnormalities will be given according to the cause and symptoms.

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  1. Metabolic Disorders

When your body has metabolic disorders, as well as decreased or increased blood sugar levels, this could cause the hand to sweat easily and excessively. Try to find more information about the characteristics of low blood sugar and the characteristics of high blood sugar. High blood sugar automatically indicates the presence of diabetes aka diabetes.

  1. Consumption of Certain Drugs

Sweaty hands can also be caused by the consumption of certain drugs, such as drugs specifically for heart disease. Propranolol may be quite familiar to some of you and such drugs can have an effect on the body like excessive sweating, including on the hands. It’s good to consult with a doctor so that clear handling can be given.

If your palms are very easy to sweat, always remember to learn to control stress and limit excessive alcohol consumption. Eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly and continuing a healthy lifestyle will help reduce the potential for more serious sweating hands.

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