13 Side Effects of Eating Raw Instant Noodles – Is It Allowed?

The side effects of eating raw instant noodles happen because of the form of chemical reactions that occur in the body and cause internal organ discomfort. Raw instant noodle has this crunchiness sensation in the tongue when you eat it and it also has savory flavor that makes you want to keep eating it.

This is why the raw instant noodles are so well liked. Instant noodle is very easy to find in various stores and supermarkets with different flavor choices and affordable price.

However, there is a side effect of eating raw instant noodle, especially when you eat it excessively and too often. Some of the side effects of consuming raw instant noodle are explained below.

Early symptoms of body balance disorder caused by eating too often instant noodles:

  1. Get Hungry Easily

Instant noodle is believed to be the quick fix for hunger. However, it will not make you feel full for long because of the preservatives that can be found in instant noodle can make you want to eat more instead. People who like to eat raw instant noodle usually will crave more snack or more food an hour later. Read more about  Risks of Eating Noodle with Rice

  1. Nausea

Eating instant noodles daily can cause the stomach to suffer from nausea, especially  for children who like to consume raw instant noodles in the morning without having any meal beforehand.

  1. Decreased Appetite

Eating raw instant noodles too often can make a person to be addicted; they tend to eat it again the very next day. The high content of MSG and other preservatives are the triggers of addiction syndrome. This condition will result in lack of appetite to eat other food.

Content of the substance in instant noodles:

  • Sodium polyphosphate – used as a developer and additive for typical noodle scents
  • Sodium carbonate – used as a balance control of acidity to taste on instant noodles still tasty and tasty in the raw state.
  • Potassium carbonate – used as a controller and regulator of acidity in the noodles so that tasty taste is maintained even in a raw state.
  • Tartazine – used as a dye that creates a tempting noodle look, the dye is claimed to be save and especially made for instant noodles.
  • Monosodium glutamate or MSG – used as flavor or flavor enhancers so that instant noodles taste very delicious when boiled or still tasty tempting when eaten in a raw state. in instant noodles MSG levels are the highest.
  • Propylene glycol – used specifically to maintain the condition of instant noodles to be kept awake moisture and avoid the growth of fungi.

Is there any nutritional content in instant noodles?

  1. Instant noodles actually contain some vitamins (vitamins A, C and D) and minerals but in moderate levels and when noodles are boiling the nuts tend to decrease, which is why nutrition in instant noodles is rather very little.
  2. To meet the nutritional needs while consuming instant noodles, it is highly encourage for you to eat instant noodles with some other ingredients that contain high nutrients such as eggs, meat, green vegetables, mushroom, chicken meat, and so forth.

This is the danger of eating instant noodles if consumed daily or long-term:

The danger of eating instant noodles every day can still happen even if a person consumes fruits or vegetables afterwards. Instant noodles can be dangerous because the substances contained therein are ‘sharp’ which might disrupt the blood flow in the body.

  1. Cause Diabetes

Consuming instant noodles every day can increase blood sugar levels. If you continue to consume instant noodle without cooking it beforehand, it will trigger the emergence of diabetes, because instant noodles contain high levels of sugar.

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  1. Causes High Blood Pressure

High salt content in instant noodles can cause blood pressure to rise. The condition is caused because the salt, fat and oil content can combine and form clots that can block blood flow.

  1. Cause Obesity

Someone who likes to consume instant noodles in a raw state at night then most likely will experience obesity quickly. Because inside the instant noodles contained carbohydrates and high saturated fat.

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  1. Causes Wound on the Intestinal Wall

Preservatives and salt present in instant noodles are consumed raw and done every day or long term can cause the wound and irritated intestinal wall which later can decrease the quality of bowel performance.

  1. Causes Cancer

Someone who loves to eat noodles in a raw state can be at risk of getting cancer. The ingredients and the ingredients present in the noodles may turn into toxic if eaten under conditions without going through the boiling process. These preservatives are able to trigger cell growth into abnormal cells that slowly turn into cancer cells. Read more about How to Treat Cancer with Turmeric

  1. Causes Brain Nerve Disorders

Children, who consume instant noodles in a raw state and have been done it for years, can be at risk of nervous disorders of the brain. The content of the flavor enhancer (MSG) can damage brain tissue and affect the memory and intelligence of children.

  1. Causes Sore Throat

Eating raw instant noodles excessively can irritate the throat tract. The MSG substance and other preservatives might be attached to the slurry of the esophagus wall and cause itching, hoarseness, and coughing. The throated throat will continue to swell if eating instant noodles in a raw state is not immediately stopped.

  1. Cause Elevated Cholesterol

Eating instant noodles in a raw or boiled state every day more than 3 packs can increase cholesterol level in the body that can trigger the emergence of a mild stroke.

  1. Cause Malnutrition

Consuming instant noodles every day and long term can cause the body to be in state of malnutrition because nutrition in the noodle is very little and need the addition of other foods so that the noodles that eat can contain adequate nutrition. Thus, it is better to add some veggies on your instant noodle.

  1. Causes Heart Disease

The content of salt, fat and preservatives that exist in instant noodles can clog the flow of blood or arteries on the heart.

  1. Causes Damaged Tooth

If you eat raw instant noodles and then go to bed without brushing your teeth afterwards, it can cause tooth decay. Raw noodle is easier to damage the teeth because the perservative material and sugar in it might remain between your teeth that can become a nest of bacteria. If this condition is left unchecked, it can damage the roots and tooth layers. Read more about Home Remedies for Tooth Pain from Nerves

  1. Cause Constipation

Eating raw instant noodles every day can cause a person to be difficult to defecate smoothly because the content of substances that exist in instant noodles tend to attract and bind the fluid around the bladder system that ultimately affects the health of tissue under the stomach.

  1. Causes Stomach Acid to Rise

People whose stomach is sensitive to preservatives substances, such as sodium and sodium, should avoid or not consume instant noodles in a raw state because it can accelerate the stomach acid.

Is it true that instant noodles are alternative food substitute for rice?

Instant noodle can be used as alternative food substitute for rice, but not recommended for consumption every day especially in the long term. Instant noodles are suitable only in a pinched situation or a precarious condition such as when not having rice, bread or other foods containing high carbohydrates.

Although instant noodle is an alternative food substitute for rice but not recommended to eat with rice. Instant noodles contain high levels of fat, calories and sugar; rice also contains high calorie and sugar. If someone often eats rice with noodles then there will be an increase in blood sugar levels that can lead to the emergence of diabetes and they might be at risk of having obesity. This condition is the cause of why instant noodles cannot be eaten with rice.

Instant noodles should be boiled first in accordance with the recommended rules on the packaging of noodle plastic, In order for preservatives in it can be reduced and minimize the risk of health problems, especially in internal organs. Instant noodles that have been boiled are more delicious and relatively safe.

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