How to Bathe A Newborn Baby Step by Step at Home

Bathing a newborn baby could present challenge for new parents. It requires patient and precise steps to do, due to its body size and vulnerability. How to bathe a newborn baby step by step at home? Here are are some good tips and sort of preparation for bathing a newborn baby

  1. Preparing the sponge

When the baby is still a week old, it is to bath them with a warm damp washcloth. The first step is to wash its face gently, continues to the hands frequently. Don’t forget to also clean its genital area well after the diaper has been changed.

  1. Using a bath tub to bathe the newborn

Bathing the baby by using the bath tub is best to do after the umbilical cord stump has dried and fallen off. Do not forget to clean it up afterwards. You can start by bathing them twice a day using a bath tub. As the alternative, you can also use the kitchen sink or a small plastic baby tub. It is important to keep in mind to fill the tub with warm water instead of the cold one, since the skin and the baby’s body temperature is still sensitive. However, some parent are still arguing about the frequency of bath time for a newborn baby.

Some parents still assume that a bath is not really necessary during the first year. It will consequently make the skin dry out. Furthermore, it may also result to the baby having a high body temperature, since it is still not stable yet. On the other hand, some babies find the warm water very soothing. Bathing a baby should not take much time. Experts argue that five minutes is the maximum time to spend when bathing a baby. Here are more about: Causes of Rashes after Fever in Baby

  1. Keeping the baby safe in the bath tub

First, it is very important and highly advised not to leave your baby unsupervised, even for a split of seconds. If any case happens, such as your phone rings, and you must answer it, it is best to scoop the baby up in a towel and take it with your while you are doing your own things. Second, you should never put your baby in a tub when the water is still running. It will result to getting the water volume too deep or too hot.

In addition, the sound of the running water may disturb the baby which cause them to uncomfortable. Third, always check the water temperature. You have to make sure that the water is warm enough for the baby to bath. The water should not be too hot nor too cold. Last, never leave your child unattended (Yes, it’s so important that we even listed it twice). A child can drown in less than an inch of water and in less than 60 minutes. 

  1. Understanding the step by step on how to bath a newborn baby

There are several steps that can be taken in bathing a newborn baby:

  • Prepare all the bath supplies, such as the soap, a washcloth, a towel, a clean diaper and clothes. In addition, you need to make sure the temperature of your surroundings.
  • Start filling the tub with warm water, not too cold nor too cold. You can measure that by using your wrist.
  • Undress the baby and carefully take them to the bath area. Again, you need to ensure the temperature of your surroundings. If the temperature is too cold, it might lead to the baby feel fussy.
  • Gradually slip your baby into the tub, using one hand to support its neck and head. Pour cupfuls of bath water over it regularly during the bath so the baby does not feel too cold.
  • Use mild soap and use it sparingly (ps : too much soap may dry out your baby’s skin). You can start washing the baby with your hand or a washcloth from top to bottom, also from front and back. After that, begin by washing the scalp with a wet and soapy cloth. Next, Rinse the soap from the cloth and use it to gently clean the eyes and face. When doing this, you must be careful, since the baby’s eyes still tend to be sensitive. As for your baby’s genitals, a routine washing is essential in order to keep it hygienic, and still, do it very carefully. 

  • Rinse your baby thoroughly with cupfuls of water (or simply with your hand), and wipe with a clean washcloth. Then lift the baby out of the tub carefully with one hand supporting the neck and head and the other hand supporting the bottom. Wrap your fingers around one thigh. You should keep in mind that babies are slippery when wet. If it impossible, try to have another adult help by receiving your baby in a dry towel.Try to move them carefully.
  • How to bathe a newborn baby step by step at home? The last thing to do is to wrap your baby in a hooded towel and pat the baby until it is dry. If the skin is still peeling from birth, you can try to apply a mild baby lotion or baby oil throughout its body after the baby is finished taking a bath. You do not need to worry, because the peeling skin of a baby is actually dead skin that will remove itself. Then put on the diapers, dress them carefully with long sleeve clothes (if it is cold), and put on a pair of warm socks and a pair of gloves if it is necessary.

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Those are some highly recommended tips for bathing a newborn baby. It is expected that it will be beneficial to guide new parents on how to bath a newborn properly, since most new parents find this activity difficult and challenging, and sometimes, dangerous.

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