30 Effective Ways How to Get Sleep Schedule Back on Track

Everyone wants a good night sleep, but unfortunately, some people don’t get the luxury of having a nice zzz’s at night. We can easily mess up our sleep schedule with our busy daily activities.

Sometimes, we don’t even realize that the activity during the day can mess up the bedtime. In this article, you will find out all about your lack of sleep and how you can get your sleep back.

Reasons for Why You Can’t Sleep During the Night

Finding out the reason why you can’t sleep during the night is the first step to help you get a nice deep sleep. There are a number of reasons of why it is difficult for you to get some sleep.

  • Stress
  • Sleep during the day
  • Exposure to some stimulants that keeps you awake (peppermint, coffee, nicotine etc)
  • Blue wavelength lights emitted from your gadget
  • You don’t get enough exercise

What Would Happen if You Don’t Get Enough Sleep at Night?

Don’t underestimate your sleep problem! In fact, lack of sleep has some serious effect on your body:

  • Difficult to concentrate and trouble with thinking
  • Weakened the immunity
  • Mood changes
  • Weight gain
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Trouble with balance

Signs of Lack of Sleep

  • Excessive sleepiness
  • Easily irritated
  • Excessive yawning
  • Tired during the day

Now, here are the things you can do to get your sleep back at night and keep your sleep schedule back on track:

1. Avoid Making up the Lost Sleep

Trying to make up for the lost sleep by sleeping during the day make your body think that it already has enough sleep which then makes you wide awake at night. Keep the day awake and night for sleep only.

2. Change Your Toothpaste

Peppermint toothpaste has the effect of stimulating the brain to enter its ‘awake’ mode. While it is refreshing during the day, you might want to change it when you’re about to sleep at night. You may want to read about 20 Best Ways to Heal Faster After Wisdom Teeth Removal.

3. Stop Binge-Watching Movies Before Bed

Watching movies before sleeping can make you unable to sleep. Although physically you are not even moving, your brain still awakes and it will be harder for you to fall into a deep sleep mode.

4. Avoid Smoking Before Bed

Nicotine contained in the cigarette can also work as a stimulant. This means that smoking before bed will actually make you more awake and difficult to fall asleep.

5. Don’t Charge your Gadget in Your Bedroom

The light emitted from a charging gadgets disrupt your sleep, especially if it emits blue wavelengths that can affect the circadian rhythm. Try to charge your gadget during the day, or put your gadget away from your bedroom when you have to charge it at night.

6. Exercise Can Help You Sleep Well During the Night

A workout is the best activity to achieve a good quality sleep at night. In fact, people who exercise at night will have 75 percent more time to get a deep sleep at night. Read more about 30 Effective Ways How to Get Sleep Schedule Back on Track

7. Create a Sleeping Schedule and Stick to It!

One of the reasons why people have trouble sleeping during the night is because of their irregular activity. Try to review your sleeping habits like how long you need to sleep and when you can go to sleep. Once you find out the answer, create your own sleep schedule and stick to it!

8. Try Not To Skip Breakfast

Having breakfast not only will help your body to set-up your waking up mode, but it also regulates your metabolism. Avoiding breakfast will increase the production of stress hormones because the body thinks that you’re starving which make it harder to sleep at night.

9. Don’t Sleep Around During the Day

Napping or falling asleep when it is not your bedtime will send the wrong messages to the brain about when or where you should actually go into the rest mode. Try to sleep only in your bedroom. If you feel sleepy when it isn’t bedtime yet, stretch your body to increase the amount of oxygen in your body.

10. Clean up Your Room!

If your bedroom filled with clutter and looks messy, it will affect your mind too and make it crowded and negative. Make sure your bedroom clean and mess-free. This way, you can avoid turning and tossing around when you’re about to sleep.

11. Never Think that You Will be Fine Without Sleep

Some people will think they can function well with little sleep. This thinking can disrupt the normal sleep cycle, makes it harder to get enough sleep. This might be able to trick their brain, but their body still needs it and it will eventually wreck their body.

12. Avoid Coffee After Noon

After seven hours, many stimulants, including coffee will usually out of the system. However, there will be still 25% that still left in your body. Surely this will affects your sleep during the night.

13. Stay Out of Alcohol Before You Sleep

According to study, women slept fewer and woke up more often when they are sleeping after drinking some alcohol. Instead of making you sleep well, drinking alcohol prevents you go into a deep sleep.

14. Use Light To Your Advantages

Your body detects light cycles to understand when is time to sleep and when is the time to be awake. Try to expose yourself to natural light throughout the day and dim your lights when the sun starting to set.

15. Avoid Reading ‘Heavy’ Book

Although reading is a nice thing to do before sleeping, reading an intellectually demanding book will only keep you awake at night. Choose light reading such as entertainment magazine.

16. Understands Why You Can’t Sleep at Night

There is a therapy that focuses on finding out why people suffer from stress or depression, it is called the Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Doing CBT can help your body and mind to fall asleep faster by understanding the behavior behind your insomnia. You may want to read about 13 Helpful Ways How to Get Good Sleep When Stressed

17. Have a Warm Bath

If you have trouble with sleeping, try to take a warm bath for about 90 to 120 minutes. It helps you relax and feel calm, thus you will be able to sleep well during the night.

18. Read Your Medication

Check the medication you take daily. This is because many medication might interfere your sleep. Talk to your physician if it is possible to change the dosages.

19. Watch What You Eat

What you eat during the day will also affect how well you sleep at night. Your organ also have their own clocks to respond to food. Avoid big meal at night because your organ will need to rest too.

20. Keep Your Sleeping Space to Yourself

While sleeping with pets might feel cozy and nice, a study found that 53% of people sleeping with their pets experience sleep disruption. In fact, 80% of people sleeping with children will have trouble sleeping soundly at night.

21. Bed is Only For Sleeping

Associate your bed with sleeping only which will help your body to get the cues that bed means sleeping. Therefore, avoid working, eating or watching tv in your bed.

22. Herbal Tea For A Nice Sleep

Valerian tea is an effective herbal insomnia cure. This organic drink helps you fall asleep faster and produce a deep, nice sleep during the night.

23. Drink Warm Milk and Honey

Milk can increase the amount of serotonin in your body that work as a natural sedative. While honey help to transmits that hormone to the brain faster. Therefore, this is a nice combo to get a nice sleep at night.

24. Stop Stressful Situation Before Sleep

You might not realize it but checking your social media or have big arguments can actually disrupt your sleep at night. Make sure your body and mind relax without any unnecessary stress or emotion before sleep.

25. Can’t Sleep Yet? Get Out of Your Bed

Don’t force yourself into sleeping mode when you’re not feel like it since it will only make you  feel anxious. Get up and make some herbal tea, once you feel sleepy, go back to your bed.

26. Having Sex Before Go to Sleep

Having sex will make your body to produce oxytocin or sometimes called as the cuddle hormone. This oxytocin helps you relax and you’ll be sleeping soundly within minutes!

27. Stop Worrying About Tomorrow

Sometimes worrying about the next day can make you wide awake during the night. Try to postpone the worry for tomorrow by writing what makes you worry and you can handle that tomorrow.

28. Take Melatonin Supplements

Melatonin is the hormone produced in the brain which will help you fall asleep. Luckily, melatonin is also available as pills. You can take it as supplement that will ensure you to fall asleep during night.

29. Wash Your Face With Warm Water

Washing your face with a cold water will release the energy in your body which will make you awake. Wash your face with warm water instead.

30. Prioritizing Your Sleep

It will be useless to read all of these how to get your sleep schedule back on track if you’re not being serious about it. Be serious and you’ll find yourself achieve your sleep easier.

Beside all those useful ways from getting your sleep schedule back on track, here the additional information that you might need, to be more understanding about how to get sleep schedule back on track. Watch out.

Those are complete explanation about Effective ways how to get sleep schedule back on track so you can get your sleep time back to normal and make your days more fresh and energetic than before.

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