Dangers of Eating Standing Up (Watch Out to Healthy Eating Habit)

Eating standing up activities were only carried out at the short-time period events, but as time progressed, eating while standing turned into a habit that many people do in various occasions, for example when parties take place, meetings at work, gatherings with friends, At the place where the shop sells food but there are no seats and so on.

The reason why eating standing up is become a people’s lifestyle:

1. Efficiency

Eating standing up is often seen at special events filled with invitations, such as birthday parties or weddings. Where the situation requires an interaction from the guest with the other guests. And also requires more efficient time and position, for example chatting up while eating where the situation can accommodate the a quite a lot of people without having to struggle to find a chair.

2. Warming the Atmosphere

Eating standing up while done by more than 2 people is able to increase a friendship sense and warmed the atmosphere. This condition able to utter an agreement on a meeting schedule between fellow employees or colleagues.

If someone eat standing up but only in a several times, it’ll only experience a mild risk that can occur at any time such as temporary stomachache. But if this bad habit of eating standing up becomes one of lifestyle. Then there are other risks that will arise in the health complaints, such as:

1. Gastric Acid Rise to Esophagus

Eating standing up can cause gastric acid to suddenly rise. Spices that contain chili, pepper and acid are susceptible to causing gastric acid to rise towards the esophagus and provide a heat effect that can trigger the appearance of wounds and irritation to the esophageal wall.
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2. Decreased Digestive Performance

Eating standing up causes the food to fall into the stomach faster and so sudden. This condition causes the gastric wall to suffer injuries and irritation. The digestive organs that are injured will cause tremendous pain so that a person will feel a nausea and start vomiting. And also causing the digestive performance in not smooth state.
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3. Esophageal Cancer

Eating standing up can cause esophageal cells to arise irritation and infection. This condition can accelerate the abnormal cells growth that have the potential to become active cancer cells in the esophageal tract.
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4. Tenth Brain’s nerve Disorders

Familiarize yourself to eating standing up will cause food that enters the esophagus to run roughly towards digestion, so that it’ll cause chronic nerve dysfunction in the tenth nerve of the brain and trigger heartbeat to become chaotic.
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5. Disturbed Kidney Performance

Eating standing up can make food not having a normal digestive process. As a result, absorption of nutrients is inhibited and causes the kidneys to work hard to treat water to support the process of destruction of these foods. This condition has the risk of kidney irritation, fatigue and decreased performance. If you don’t get special treatment from the medical team, kidney damage cannot be avoided.
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6. Heartburn

Eating standing up without drinking can cause muscle tension and blood flow around the epigastrium to be not smooth. This condition can cause pain around the epigastrium and trigger a person to get cold sweat and mild stress simultaneously

7. Relapsing Ulcer Disease

If you have an ulcer disease, avoid eating standing up for a long time or don’t do it at all, because the food that enters the base of the stomach will disturb the ulcer. Food that enters the digestive system and does not undergo the proper grinding process, then relapsing diseases that have recovered will recur. Irritation of the stomach often triggers recurrence of ulcer disease.
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8. Nausea and Vomiting

Someone who has a sensitive stomach to fatty oil, spicy and acidic foods will not only increase gastric acid but also recurrent nausea and nausea that comes with vomiting due to discomfort around the stomach.

How to avoid health complaints due to eating standing up :

1. Eat first

As much as possible eat first before doing the standing activities. For example, interacting with other guests when in the middle of a party.

2. Eat a Little

If the situation isn’t possible to not eat standing up due to respecting the host or friend who has invited us to attend the event, it is better to take a little food and avoid foods that are flavorful, too spicy seasoned, and stinging to keep the acidic stomach stable.

3. Eat hunger-suppressing foods

20 minutes before arriving at the party or place where we will attend a special invitation, you should eat foods that have a nutritional composition that able to suppress hunger after eating it or filling your stomach longer, for example whole wheat bread, bananas, Oats, etc. as So you’re not trapped by hunger which requires that you must surrender to situations that require eating while standing.

The lifestyle of eating standing up is actually not good when viewed from the point of ethics of modesty that exists in society. But because of the times and the behavior of the community that increasingly changes by itself. So, the position of eating standing up seems to have become a difficult habit that is prohibited.

Eating while sitting is the best position and will not cause any health complaints. Because when we are sitting, the food that enters the digestion will undergo a slow, gentle, natural and normal process of destruction so that the body will remain in its best condition. 

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