How to Treat Black Hairy Tongue – Causes – Symptoms

Hairy tongue syndrome is an unnatural condition and it need to be worried about. This is because of a fuzz normally grows on several parts of our body except the palms, the soles of the feet, mouth, nails and eyes.

So, a tongue that has a fuzz becomes an odd thing. It is known that this hairy tongue syndrome is an excessive growth of papillae condition the dorsal surface of the tongue. Hairy tongue itself sometimes appear in white, pink, green and brownish.

Type and Causes

Normally, the Dorsal surface of our tongue looks soft and malleable when in healthy condition. Even if the papilla grows, it will disappear itself over time.

But there’s still possible that it will lasts and won’t disappear. Because the papillae won’t disappear, A groove formed on the surface of the tongue which causes stains to effect contamination from bacteria or other factors so that the tongue changes color.

How To Treat Black Hairy Tongue

To deal with Hairy Tongue Syndrome, we need know in advance what are the types of conditions. Not only the type of condition, but we also need to explore for a prediction of the causes or risk factors of the hairy tongue

  1. White Hairy Tongue

For the white hairy tongue condition, it is possible that hairy leukoplakia causes it and this condition usually affects in giving white color to the surface of the tongue. Not only white color, but also appears a texture like a fur on the part of the tongue that continues to grow to cover the entire dorsal surface of our tongue.

There are specific factors that cause the tongue turns into white. There are 2 main factors that we need to know, which is:

  • HIV / AIDS – One type of sexually transmitted disease aka STD apparently increases the risk of hairy and white tongue. For some cases, it is known that the white hairy tongue is precisely the initial sign of HIV infection. In general, a treatment for people with HIV AIDS can actually eliminate hairy leukoplakia. It’s just that when the condition arises again, it means that the medicine that given at the beginning is less effective in overcoming the symptoms.
  • EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) – This virus commonly known as a common which can cause infectious mononucleosis. Once the body is attacked by this virus, the virus will remain in the body and has a potential to be active again when the immune system is weakened. White hairy tongue is one of the effects that occurs when the virus is active again.

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  1. Black Hairy Tongue

The color of the hairy tongue in this type is black. And this color appears because the growing papillae won’t disappear and then forms a groove on the tongue as mentioned earlier. This groove is the cause of stains results from bacterial contamination of consumed food / drinks or from other activities so that the color is blackened. 

There are several products or foods that left black marks on the part of the papilla that forms a groove on the tongue. The products and food that mentioned before include:

  • Black Tea
  • Black Coffee
  • Smoking
  • Using a mouthwash that contains a high whitening ingredients or Peroxide
  • Using a mouthwash that contains an Astringent substance, such as White Hazel and Menthol
  • Fungi and Bacteria that blacken the papillae

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  1. Other Types

Aside from the two type above, there are also another hairy tongue with other colors. There are cases where the tongue turns into green, pink, brown or gray.

But even if there is such a thing, the cause is actually the same as the type of the black feather tongue that occurs as a result of consumption of certain foods / drinks / products. Even candy or sweets can change the color of the papillae because it used a lot of coloring substances.

General Causes

If we have seen various factors that cause the tongue to become hairy according to the type and color, then we also need to look at what are the common factors that cause hair growth. By knowing the causes or risk factors generally will also help so that this condition is resolved appropriately.

If we already known the various factors that causes the tongue become hairy according the type and colors, then we also need to look what are the common factor that causes the hair grows. By knowing the causes or risk factors generally it also contributes to help this condition resolved appropriately.

  • Use of certain drugs, such as antibiotics and proton pump inhibitor whose purpose is to treat stomach acid.
  • Smoking or Chewing tobacco.
  • Dehydrated.
  • Consumed too much consumed tea or coffee.
  • Xerostomia or Dry Mouth.
  • Use of cocaine use.
  • Radiation therapy, especially in the neck and head.
  • Low level of oral hygiene, such as rarely brushing teeth or mistake in brushing teeth.
  • Doing a soft food diet, that decreases the level of the stimulation level on the tongue and triggers the abrasion.

Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

The next thing we need to know is the presence of symptoms in this condition. Actually, the Hairy Tongue in most cases doesn’t cause a pain or other symptoms. But that doesn’t mean it has no symptoms at all.

  • Papillae that elongated and continues to grow
  • A burning sensation on tongue – it caused by the growth of bacteria or fungi.
  • Abnormal taste – it caused same as above that make the food taste become strange and not good on tongue.
  • Bad Breath – it caused same as above that make mouth smells bad. Using a mouthwash is a solution for this symptom, but it also can worsen and make papillae grows into various color.
  • Tingling Sensation – it happens when papillae grow longer and cause a tingling sensation on upper part of mouth to back of the throat. It will more felt when swallows and it also cause a choke. 

How to Overcome and Prevent

Basically, a hairy tongue is not dangerous and the condition is only temporary, which means it can vanish on it is own, but a hairy tongue can last continuously because results or effects of a life time habits. Smoking are one of habits examples that’ll make black hairy tongues will not lost easily.

  • Keeping the hygiene of the inside of the mouth is the good strategy for treating the hairy tongues. Brushing your teeth regularly and correctly, do flossing, and wrap your mouth properly will be able to overcome the hairy tongue.
  • Rubbing the tongue is also a solution, which is using a special scraper for the tongue and removes the papillae on the dorsal surface of the tongue.
  • Quit bad habits such as alcohol use, smoking and consumption of certain drugs in the long term.
  • Find an alternative drug from the currently consumed drug if the drug is expected to be the cause of the growth of the hair on the tongue.
  • Choosing the proper foods and drinks instead eating dark one. because eating it can trigger abnormal colors on the surface of the tongue as explained by the type of hairy tongue. Black tea and coffee are examples of drinks with dark colors that need to be limited for consumed.

Since we already knew a few things above, we also have to take a peek at some way to make sure our tongue to be healthy.

  • Brushing teeth 2/3 times a day.
  • Flossing
  • Use antiseptic mouthwash
  • Quit smoking
  • Consume more mineral water and limit consume tea, soda, coffee and any other abrasion liquid.
  • Brushing the surface of the tongue.

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Hairy Tongues Syndrome can vanish on it own in the short term and not a serious problem. However, when the condition didn’t get better and turn to normal even though they already handled, immediately go to the doctor for consultation and get more appropriate treatment.

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