Can You Get Sick From Eating Frog Legs – Warning The Side Effects

Many people feel disgusted when they see frog. For those who have no fear with frog, they will see it as a cute animal. However, whether you like or dislike frog, you still need to know the contents that include in frog body.

Content in frog body

Frog legs has been a part of frog body that many people like to eat because it is as delicious as chicken legs.

Frog legs itself rich of protein. According to Food Weight, there is about 16,4 gram protein that contained in frog legs. Meanwhile, the fat content is about 0.3 gram. Therefore, mostly people who have fat body like to eat frog legs due to its contents. Moreover, mineral content in frog legs is about 18 mg of calcium, 147 mg of phosphorus, and 0.14 mg of vitamin B1.

After knowing contents of frog legs, maybe many of you curious about can you get sick from eating frog legs. Although frog legs are delicious, there are several dangers of frog legs that can treaten our body health. These are:

  • Contain poison

There are around 150 different types of frogs but unfortunately, only 10 types of them that considered as those with no poison component.

Evil chemical whose its function is to kill pet is the source of poison in frog body, especially the legs. If a person consumes frog legs that infected with poison, it will lead them to experience several diseases.

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  • Many worms in frog body

Avoiding food that contains lots of worms is a must thing to do because they will ruin our body metabolism. Worms itself can lead us to experience several health problem. Processing frog not in the right way will make the worms in frog body stay alive. Therefore, ensure to cook frog properly.

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  • Cancer

The amount of harmful residual content in frog body can trigger our body to get cancer easily. Cancer itself is indeed a dangerous disease and consuming frog legs opens a big opportunity for cancer to occur. You may also like to read signs of skin cancer you must to recognize.

  • Susceptible to kidney failure

Easting frog legs can also increase the risk of kidney failure due to the residual content and biomagnifield in the frog that enters our body. Kidney that unable to attack the poison in frog body leads us to experience kidney failure.

  • Not 100% halal for those who considers halal food 

Frog has been questioning whether it is halal or haram because it classified as disgusting food. Many religions prohibit to eat frog. However, if you don’t feel disgust by eating frog, it is no need for you to stop the consumption then. 

  • Headache

Eating frog legs excessively can lead us to experience headache. Many people complaining about the headache they get once they consume frog legs.

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  • Disrupt heart performance

Frog legs contain a lot of animal protein. If you consume it too much, it will disrupt the system of our body metabolism. The worst is, we may get liver cirrhosis if we excessively eat frog legs.

  • Bad for kidney health

If you consume frog legs in an overload amount, it will affect to our liver metabolism that relates with our kidney health. Therefore, we need to control ourselves on consuming frog legs to make our kidney stay healthy. You may also like to read early symptoms of kidney disease.

There are several risk that caused by consuming frog legs. can you get sick from eating frog legs? The answer is obviously yes. That’s why, we need to manage the consumption of frog legs to avoid several dangerous diseases. Stay healthy, Good people!

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