5 Reasons Why Going to Concert Is Good For Your Health According to Studies!

It is such a common activity to go to a concert of your favorite idols and finally meeting them in person. A concert itself is a performance of live music in front of certain numbers of people called audience. In fact, concerts are held in variety settings including privates houses, concert halls, arenas and also sports stadiums. Concert is also known as show and gig for some people.

The fact is that not only you are able to meet your idol, but there are also some health benefits from going to a concert! Therefore, in this article we will cover 4 reasons why going to concert is good for your health according to studies.

1. Stress Relievers

Here’s the reasons why going to concert is good for your health. Problems that has been held for a long time can unavoidably affect a person’s physiological state and lead to stress. The feeling of stress can affect anyone whether you are still young or in an adult age. Although, there are some researches that indicate women are more prone to stress. Stress is claimed as the cause for various kinds of diseases. The level of stress itself varied from a light stress, mild, and heavy stress. There are some tips on stress relievers, and going to a concert is one of them.

A study published in journal Public Health by researchers from Imperial College London talks about the relation of concert and stress relievers. It is said that when you attend a musical show or performance, your body will decrease the release of stress hormones including cortisol. The study was done in observation of 117 study participants. It showed that after attending a concert, in this case a classical music performance, decrease the cortisol level of participants significantly. Some of other after-result of going to a concert include decrease in blood pressure, respiratory rate and heart rate. It is important to relieve stress in our body since there are even some effects of stress in skin.

2. Good Exercise

Exercise is an activity that involves your whole body or only parts of your body. The purpose is to enhances overall health and also physical fitness. Some doing it to increase development, strengthening muscle and even only for enjoyment. Some studies show that doing exercise can increase quality of life in general.

It is because it contributes to maintaining healthy bone density, healthy weight and also enhance physiological well-being. Exercises can be done daily, weekly or in a particular time when you feel like you want to do it. But, doing it regularly surely gives more benefits for your body health.

There are a lot of small exercises you undoubtedly do in a concert. Ranging from walking between concert venue, dancing to your favorite songs and also jumping up and down during the performances. All of those are equivalent to running on a treadmill for 30 minutes. The fact is that you are getting in shape without even realizing it. Also, there is something called diaphragm workout. In which you are doing it when you sing and cheer during the concert. You can also read more about tips to treat back pain with exercises

4. Increase Well-Being

Well-being is often called wellness, is defines as a term for a group or individual’s condition. In which, a high level of wellness means that the condition of the group and individual is positive. A study conducted by researchers at Deakin University, Australia, and published in Sage Journals.

It is said that people who attend musical performances or shows in regular basis, have higher level of well-being than those who do not go regularly. The study was done by interviewing 1000 participants. In which, the researchers gain insight to see the relationship between a person’s sense of well-being with their music’s engagement.

There is also another study conducted by O2 and Patrick Fagan about the effects of going to concerts. O2 itself is a telecommunications services provider in UK while Patrick Fagan is a behavioral science expert at University of Goldsmith. The researchers observe psychological responses and measure participants’ heart rates when they were at a concert. The study shows that seeing live music regularly can increase your life expectancy as much as nine years. To be more specific, it is said that you actually only need about 20 minutes watching to get the benefits. If you attend the shows at least once every two weeks, it can increase your level of wellness. In which, high level of well-being leads to a longer lifespan. That’s the reasons why going to concert is good for your health. 

5. Social Sense

It is a well known fact that human is a social creature. We are in needs of other people throughout our daily lives. When you make the effort to attend a concert and enjoying the music with a ton of other people in the same room it can actually makes you feel connected with other human beings.

That being said, interactions happen a lot when you get to a concert. From preparations day, trying to find other people who goes to the same concert, having fun with other audiences, all of them are good for your mental outlook. In fact, we feel better when we are connected to other people. And people at a concert is included in the list.

That is all for 4 reasons on why concert is good for your health. As said before, you can have double benefits from going to concert, one for your health and second for the chance to meet your favorite musicians. There are more opportunities to explore this subject, since not a lot of studies have explored about the concert effect on health. A research should be conducted to give more scientific prove about the subject of concert and health benefits. It is mainly only recent studies that covered about the particular subject. But, it is best to enjoy your show as today since there is an actual scientific reason on those benefits for health!

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