25 Proven Tips for Skin Care During Pregnancy

Every women wants to look beautiful despite being pregnant. There are some changes in their skin during pregnancy that might decrease their appearance. do you know that some cosmetic ingredients are not safe to use when pregnant women? You do not have to worry, though there are some cosmetics that harm pregnancy, pregnant women can look beautiful by using safe cosmetic options and treat their skin by healthy and natural methods.

What changes during pregnancy?

  1. Pregnancy glow

During pregnancy, blood circulation / blood pressure in your body become higher than before, this is generally happen to pregnant women and causes blood vessel under skin made changes to your chick looks more flushed.

Besides, because of hormonal’s change that happening during pregnancy, oil production in your body become higher and this is cause your skin looks more glowing than before. If you’ve found that glowing, you’re lucky to have the lowest maintenance skin condition of them all. The only thing you need to prepare yourself for is lots of compliments. The pregnancy “glow” usually starts to appear in the second trimester. Enrich your knowledge about Best Way to Get Rid of Warts on Hands at Home.

  1. Temporary color changes in your skin

Some women might experience color changes in their skin tone during pregnancy, but others might have their skin flawless. Color changes in your skin causes by  estrogen, progesterone and melanocyte-stimulating hormones (MSH) increase during pregnancy. It’s about 50-70 percent of women struggle those with dark-skinned complexion are more prone to this condition. Nevertheless, lighter skin tones of pregnant women can have it too.

  1. Stretch mark

According to the study of American Academy of Dermatology, there are more than 90 percent of women have stretch mark during in about 6 until 7 month pregnancy. Stretch mark it self cause stretching of base layer skin during pregnancy periods, usually it’s appear on the surface skin by reddish to purple line in stomach, and some of this experience happen to chest and thigh. But this stretch mark would be disappear and changes color to your skin tones as time goes by.

  1. Chloasma

Chloasma, also known as “pregnancy mask” is brown or yellow spots in your face skin causes by the effect of pregnancy hormones, called progesterone and esterogen   which is exist in melanin cells of the skin. You may want to read about How to Treat Anxiety with Aromatherapy

  1. Linea nigra

Linea nigra is one of the most bizarre skin changes that occur during pregnancy. It is not unusual for a woman to have a thin brown line extending from her navel to the center of her pubic bone. Actually, the line is already there since the first but its existence is not very visible until the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy to make the line turns brown.

How to treat skin during pregnancy?

Pregnancy made changes type of skin for women during pregnancy. But others might don’t make any changes to their skin according to each hormonal in their body. But if you doubts that you might not be one of those, we provides some tips guide for you to follow during in about nine month of your pregnancy, for healthy and beautiful phase on your life, as follows:

  1. Avoid make-up which contains of mercury

Cosmetics that have mercury ingredients are not allowed to pregnant women because it might affect your healthy, in any condition, mercury not good to be used even you are not pregnant. especially when you are undergoing pregnancy the impact that will be given from this hazardous chemicals is damage and disturbance of fetal development. Read more about Homeophatic Ways to Get Rid of Pink Eye

  1. Avoid make-up which contains of retinoid

Skin care, or other cosmetics product that contains derivate of vitamin A, also known as retinoid, which is usually present in cosmetics such cream to overcome acnes. Although the use is only applied in surface of the skin, but endangering the fetus may increase the risk of fetal record.

  1. Avoid make-up which contains of salicylic acid

The composition of anti-acne in the form of soap or cream contained using a chemical composition of Salicylic Acid. Although the use of less than 2% safe but pregnant women should remain vigilant because it will affect fetal growth. You may want to read about Ways to Get Rid of Ear Piercing Infection

  1. Avoid make-up which contains of hydroquinone

Pregnant women who use cosmetics made from hydroquinone are usually found in whitening creams should be avoided. Mothers do not need to worry because the darkening of skin tone just temporary, and it will disappear by itself when the mother gave birth.

  1. Avoid make-up which contains of benzoil peroxyde

cosmetic products for acne prone skin generally contain benzoyl peroxyde which is absorbed about 5% when applied. Although there are not yet found further research about this, but pregnant women should avoid this made from cosmetics.

  1. Para Amino Benzoic Acid

The Amino Benzoic Acid should be avoided during pregnancy. Skincare or cosmetics containing these chemicals found on sunscreen when used in pregnant women will pose a risk to the fetus. This is similar to the use of Benzophenone 3 which causes disturbing of hormone balance.

  1. Avoid make-up which contains of hydroquinone

In brightly colored make-up usually use harmful chemicals such as rhodamine. This chemical is not recommended for cosmetic ingredients but still exist. Of course, this chemicals will harm pregnancy.

  1. Supply vitamin C

Brighten your skin’s look with vitamin C. Creating a skin care routine can be quite tricky during pregnancy with the many toxic chemicals floating around out there. One ingredient that is deemed safe and effective is the powerful antioxidant, vitamin C.

  1. Use cosmetics with no boiled milk

A very popular skin care routine pregnant women are recommended is usage of no boiled milk. Dip some cotton into non boiled milk and run it slowly across your face. Your skin will be hydrated, tan reduced and a glow added.

  1. Use anti blemish agents

If you are prone to acne, be sure to be ready. Arm yourself with a good skin care and anti blemish agents. Be aware that retinol and such chemicals are to be avoided during pregnancy. So consult your derma before you use any new product.

  1. Avoid using soap

Soaps might cause your skin become dry in maximum and give you blotchy spots. Better if you use hydrating cleansing milk. It will give you a best result and give your skin glowing effects, as well as not so much oily. Read more about Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Dark Armpits.

  1. Use moistureized

Some women are known to suffer from dry skin though it’s not a part of their regular skin type. Use a lot of thick moisturizers and also increase your fluid intake. Reapply them all through the day. Body oils are also a wonderful option as they provide a massage too.

  1. Safe skin care products

Finding a good product that is safe to use for skin care during pregnancy is not an easy venture. It is best to follow the all natural and non-toxic approach if you can because it is the safest choice for you and your baby. Just selective of cosmetics that will be used, make sure all the cosmetics free from harmful chemicals like mentioned in some points above.


  • Drinking water routinely.
  • Get a good sleep every day.
  • Doing exercise every morning and evening.
  • Take care of stretching marks on belly.
  • Break in your schedule to take care of yourself.
  • Make sure you choose the right products.
  • Don’t forget to use sunscreen when you go outside.
  • Choose only healthy food.
  • Don’t dare to do hair dying when pregnant.
  • Eat healthy juice based of organic fruits.
  • Doing skin exfoliation to reduce pores.
  • Go to dermatologist routinely.

Often times, the skin troubles you experience during pregnancy will be disappear once your bump becomes a baby. Even though these symptoms fade naturally, 9 months is a long time to not be feeling great about your skin.

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