21 Symptoms of Itchy Bumps on Inner Thigh Near Groin Female

Have you ever had itchy bumps on inner thigh near groin female and it feels so uncomfortable? There are several causes of itchy bumps on inner thigh near groin. It may not be serious ones but it should not be ignored.

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  1. Caused by damp

One of several symptoms of itchy bumps on inner thigh near groin female is damp condition around it. The damp can be caused by our habit after taking a bath and we do not dry our body especially that part directly and properly using clean towel. It then causes itchy bumps easily.

  1. Sharing shirt with others

If you often share your shirt with others, you have to be more careful, especially for pants. Yes, it is better for you not to maintain this habit because it can cause itchy bumps on inner thigh near groin.

  1. Using deodorant

Have you ever used deodorant on inner thigh near groin female? Yes, it can be symptoms of itchy bumps on inner thigh near groin female because this product can cause skin irritation and severe itchy.

  1. Wearing tights

If you are often wearing tights, even everyday, it can cause itchy bumps on inner thigh near groin female.

  1. Using condom

Using condom can cause itchy bumps on inner thigh near groin female.

  1. Using sanitary napkins

During period, women usually use sanitary napkins for few days. It can be the symptoms of itchy bumps on inner thigh near groin female even to their bottom.

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  1. Using pants with wrong materials

Usually, when you are not wearing cotton pants, it can be a factor causing itchy bumps on inner thigh near groin female.

  1. Vaginal Cleansing Soap

Other than deodorant, using vaginal cleansing soap is better to be avoided because we never know how much the product is safe and what kinds of chemical substances on it. It can also damage our vaginal organ. 

  1. Rarely taking a bath

If we are rarely taking a bath, it can be boomerang for us because it can cause itchiness on our crotch.

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  1. Rarely washing your pants

Other than cleanliness of our body, it is also important to maintain hygiene of things we wear, especially pants because it can easily be attacked by bacteria.

  1. Fungal infection

The itchiness can be caused by fungal infection. The fungus itself is known as Tinea cruris. Our crotch is their favorite part because it has high humidity with low cleanliness.

  1. Diabetes Melitus

People with diabetes melitus can experience itchiness on their crotch.

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  1. Pubic lice

The lice live on human’s pubic is called Pthirus pubis. It is the cause of itchiness on our crotch. 

  1. Scabies

There is another lice, called Sarcoptes scabei which can cause skin inflammation. This lice likes to make a nest and evolve in the body with thin-skinned area, such as crotch.

  1. Bacteria infection

Other condition causing infection is because the person is having intertrigo. The itchiness is often caused by bacteria infection.

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  1. Intertrigo

Intertrigo is one of dermatitis  or skin inflammation which only attacks special part of the body, such as folded body parts. Therefore, only those parts which are often attacked by intertrigo. Friction between our skin and the clothes we are wearing can cause skin irritation and then it leads to itchiness.

  1. Using soap with harmful materials

This factor is similar to when you are applying deodorant. When you are using soap with harmful materials or its chemical substances, the crotch part which is very sensitive can be itchy afterwards. Therefore, to treat it, it is better for you to use soap with safe materials on it (chemically).

  1. Unable to cope with stress

A well-method of coping stress can reduce several kinds of risks of complicated diseases. Itchiness on the crotch can be caused by stress.

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  1. Herpes

A severe itchiness can be an effect of having herpes. A herpes virus can cause a signal for sexual infectious disease so it has to be very cautious. The itchiness sensation can lead to burning sensation when the herpes virus itself is the factor causing itchy bumps on inner thighs near groin female.

Other than that, the itchiness sensation turning to burning sensation can be followed by the appearance of blistering skin, scuffed, and also the wound will be very painful. Therefore, you are better to look for a proper doctor’s treatment if the diagnose of the itchiness is truly caused by herpes. The treatment taken properly can reduce the risks of sexual infectious diseases to your couple.

  1. Genital warts

Other kind of sexual infectious disease is genital warts. The cause of genital warts is HPV or Human Papilloma Virus. This condition commonly occurs to women and men. The symptom is the appearance of bumps around the genital area. It will be very uncomfortable because the crotch can be very itchy and you really want to scratch it.

  1. As a reaction to allergy

The cause of itchiness on your crotch or other parts around it is because of allergy reaction from certain allergen. It can be several things, such as you use body spray, ointment, or certain cream in those parts of the body. And, the body cannot accept the chemical substances containing on it. In general, this condition is also called as chemical irritation and it is signed by red rashes followed by itchiness.

Those are brief information for you about the causes of itchy bumps on inner thigh. Therefore, if you are still having itchy even you are maintaining your hygiene well or even stop using certain products mentioned above, you have to go to doctor to get a proper treatment for them.

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