Magical Fruits That Are Effective for Removing Acne

There are at least 12 acne remover that you can use to help eliminate acne on the face. Why is acne so disturbing? Acne makes the face unsightly therefore should be immediately cured.

However, acne itself appears mostly because of its sensitive facial condition so it is better to choose a natural treatment for acne treatment. Many natural ingredients that can be used as an acne medicine one of them are fruits. Lots of fruits are cheap and easily obtained to be used as a fruit acne remover on the face, including:

  • Belimbing Wuluh
    Carambola can provide the benefits of eliminating acne on the face because it contains a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C in starfruit Wuluh has a good function to remove acne and black spots on the face and can be a way of treating acne in the back and chest naturally.
    1. Prepare 5-star fruit Wuluh
    2. Wash 5 starfruits and puree it
    3. Add salt to taste
    4. Rub on the face slowly
    5. Do this three times a day.
  • Tomatoes
    Tomatoes that are usually used only for food ingredients by people proven to be effective to treat acne and black spots.
    1. Prepare 1-2 fresh tomatoes
    2. Cut tomato to a thin rounded shape
    3. Use a thin piece of tomato fruit to rub your face slowly
    4. Should be done at night before going to bed regularly.
  • Cucumber
    Cucumbers have a large amount of water and useful contents to help remove acne scars on the face and irritating black spots. Cucumber itself has been widely used by manufacturers of beauty products be it a moisturizer or facial cleanser.
    1. Slice off a thin pieces of cucumbers
    2. Rub on face slowly
    3. Rub the cucumber until it dries in the face
    4. Perform the steps above 3 times a day
    5. In addition to cucumber to remove acne scars, you can also try natural ways to remove blackhead on your nose.
  • Paprika
    Paprika has a content called Silicon and it is good for the skin and face because it contains a low glycemic index and anti-blood clotting. In order for paprika to work optimally in terms of eliminating acne on your face, you are recommended to consume the whole fruits without removing the skin in a routine.
  • Avocado
    Avocado is one of the fruits that people love. Who does not like avocado juice?  Besides drinking it as juice, avocado is also believed to get rid of acne naturally and as fast as possible. Avocados as well as cucumbers had been transformed by manufacturers of beauty products to the form of lotions, moisturizers, fresheners, face masks, etc. It is because avocado contains amino acids and very rich in fiber plus it contains anti-clotting substance. In addition, avocado also contains a good glycemic index for the skin and face because it protects our skin from free radicals.

  • Coconut

Coconut water is refreshing to be consumed yet it can also be utilized   as a fruit acne remover on the face. It is because the coconut water contains high Vitamin A and able to meet the 68 percent requirement of vitamin A required by our face; so that, coconut water is believed to treat inflammation of acne. In addition, coconut water also contains potassium, sodium, sulfur, and magnesium minerals which are good to eradicate acne yet cleanse the acne scars naturally and quickly.

  • Sweet potatoes and carrots
    Both Cassava or Carrots both have a very high source of vitamin A. Vitamin A itself is very useful for health and beauty because it can prevent inflammation of acne.
  • Fruit Ara
    Fruit figs are originally from the Middle East and this fruit is not so well known by the people of Indonesia but these figs can be found in general in the form of dried like candied for example those in the form of packaging. Figs are good for health and beauty because they contain alkaline properties which can balance the pH levels in the human body.
  • Papaya Leather
    Papaya is a fruit that is known as a natural remedy digestion but besides papaya skin is also known to be efficacious to remove black spots on the face and acne scars spots.
    1. Peel the papaya fruit and take part of the skin
    2. Cut into small pieces and paste the papaya skin on the face
    3. Do it regularly to get rid of acne quickly
  • Bengkoang
    Bengkoang which can be used as 12 moisturizers and cleansers for acne and oily skin can also be used as a mask for the skin to look bright and white.
    1. Provide bengkoang fruit sufficiently and grated
    2. Apply grated bengkoang fruit in the area of the face that there are black spots
    3. Let stand for a few minutes
    4. Do it regularly for maximum result

  • Peaches
    With peach acne, scars and irritating black spots on the face can be lost.
    1. Blend the peaches
    2. Apply on the face that there are black spots slowly
    3. Let stand a few moments while massaged slowly
    4. Rinse face thoroughly
  • Banana Leather Mas
    Acne remover fruit is very powerful also to remove black spots are banana mas skin. Banana mas skin can solve problems on the face either it removes acne scars or black spots when used regularly.
    1. Wear banana peels to rub the face that darkly glows black
    2. Let stand a few minutes until the skin rubs dry
    3. Clean your face with warm water until clean

Magical acne remover fruit on top you can use as a herb that can help you in an effort to get rid of acne. The usage of fruits is much more natural because it will not cause any significant side effects.

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