Is It Safe To Dye Your Hair In Early Pregnancy?

Dyeing hair is a trend out of the whole world, especially for the ladies. Changing over their hair color makes them more radiant and different. Starting from a brunette trend, then balayage technic, and of course the ombre hair which combine natural color with strong color in the edge of the hair.

But, a question suddenly appear. What about early pregnancy women dye their hair? Is It Safe To Dye Your Hair In Early Pregnancy? Let’s find the answer right below!

Consider waiting until the second trimester to dye your hair

It is better for you to wait until your second trimester comes. First trimester is the hardest beginning for a woman. In first trimester, usually woman would suffer from morning sickness, unstable hormone, and unstable condition too for both woman and baby in their tummy.

Besides that, dye hair product usually contains dangerous ingredient such as Amoniac that will bring harm to a pregnant woman. So, its better to wait until your second trimester to come.

Make sure that the treatment is done in a well-ventilated area

When you dye your hair, one thing that very important, make sure that the treatment is done in well ventilated room. What does it mean? It means that you have to get a clear air during the dyeing process.

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Amoniac content on coloring hair materials is quite irritated for your nose. It can bring a bad influence on your baby too. So make sure you inhale a clear air in a ventilated room during dyeing process, okay?

Do not let the chemical on your hair stay any longer than what is written in the instruction

During dyeing process, make sure you had understood the instruction written in the label. Usually they do mention how long it takes to dye your hair. Generally, it takes to 30 minutes then you had to wash your hair right away.

So, make sure you read the directions and understand it. Don’t dye your hair over the time than what had been mentioned. It’s dangerous to leave the chemicals content on your hair for a long time.

Rinse your scalp thoroughly with water after treatment

After you had dyed your hair, then let it for 30 minute for an amazing results but next you have to rinse off the chemical on your hair. Make sure that all of the chemicals have been washed away from your hair.

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If you washed it carelessly, then the aftereffect might be worse than what you can imagine. Amoniac left on your scalp may bring harm for your scalp and head.

Wear gloves

Dye hair products usually comes along with a glove on it. But, if they don’t, you had to wear your own gloves for a better results. Not only because of the coloring may bring effect on your hand, but also for healthy reason.

Amoniac on dye hair product may burn your skin. Wear gloves during your treatment may help you to avoid it. It may be troublesome for you, but it’s much better than not wearing any during your hair treatment,

Carefully follow the direction on the package

Read and understand the directions is very important for you. Usually, it may be some cautions too that you had to be aware of. Some products may forbid you to do it due to earlier pregnancy. Find a product that contain natural ingredients and lower amoniac for your better health.

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Never dye or bleach eyebrow and eyelashes

Coloring or bleach eyebrow is now a trend. To make it harmonize with the hair color, ladies usually bleach their eyebrow too. But for pregnant women which is in the first trimester, it’s better not to bleach your eyebrow.

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Your eyes might be blind because of it. It is too dangerous to do it while you have a baby on your tummy.  So, we recommended to you, do not bleach your eyebrow.

Side effect of dyeing hair during early pregnancy

Well, there are some side effects both good and bad. First we have to tell you the bad side effect from hair coloring in the first trimester.

  • Bleaches hair can cause swelling
  • Increase risk of infection
  • Increase risk in eye area

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Good effect of dyeing hair in early pregnancy are :

  • You will look beautiful
  • You look stunning with the new trend on your hair
  • You proved to the world that early pregnancy won’t intervene you from looking radiant.

Recommended things for you

Well, we had done explaining to you about Is It Safe To Dye Your Hair In Early Pregnancy? Now you know the answer. Do it after you had second trimester or we have another recommendation for you:

  • Try to find natural product that had the same function as hair coloring product such as henna. Henna has various colors such as; red, white, brown, burgundy, and black. You can choose any of it.
  • Try to find product that contains lower amoniac on it. Amoniac is very dangerous for a pregnant women.
  • Ask professional to dye your hair. They can prevent any dangerous things to happen. So, you can learn from them.

We had done giving you an advice before dyeing your hair. Hope this article may help you to find a better way. Spread this information to all of the women out of the world. Have a nice day.

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