5 Causes of Shaking When Hungry – Remedies – Risks

Everyone must have experienced tremor with different causes. There are a lot of factors which induce a tremor. Tremor is a movement of limb parts that occurs in a reflex way. This movement involves isolation movements from one part to other parts. Tremor can occur in the hands, arms, head, face, vocal cords, and legs. Most people will experience tremor in the legs and hands.

Types of Tremor

Tremor can be grouped based on how it occurs:

  1. Resting or static tremor

This tremor occurs when the extremity muscle is relaxed, such as when someone is lying on the lap or motionless. This type of tremor is often happened in patients with Parkinson.

  1. Action tremor

Action tremor occurs when a person is actively performing a movement, such as writing, exercising, or doing other activities that involve muscle contraction.

  1. Essential tremor

This type of tremor is triggered by several factors. Stress, anxiety, sitting position, certain medicines, and foods or drinks with high caffeine can cause essential tremor. The tremor is slowly progressive and it is rather difficult to diagnose the exact cause. Essential tremor is a mild one and does not indicate that a person has a particular disease.

Causes of Shaking When Hungry

Tremor occurs due to several causes, however if the tremor happens when somebody is hungry then the following things might be the causes:

  1. Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is a condition where the body is lack of sugar levels because the glucose (blood sugar) is decreased from the normal limit. Symptoms of hypoglycemia will be very visible if the glucose levels in the body falls below 70 mg/dl. Lack of blood sugar will cause a person feeling shaky and weak. If your body is not fit, then hypoglycemia could be the cause of fainting even a coma.

Glucose is an important substance for energy formation. Glucose will go into the body to form energy through the bloodstream that is sent to the cells of the body. Furthermore, the glucose will be regulated by the hormones in the body. The hormones that regulate blood sugar levels are glucagon, cortisol, and epinephrine. Next, this glucose will be absorbed by the cells assisted by insulin and will be burned into an energy to be used by the body to perform various activities.

A person with hypoglycemia experiences several symptoms, such as feeling shaky, anxious, sleepy, and suddenly weak also sweating and easily getting hungry. Hypoglycemia can also occur when you sleep, this can be marked by Nightmares and sweating during sleep.

  1. Hypotension

People with hypotension will be easily getting weak and trembling. Hypotension is different with anemia. Anemia is a deficiency of blood, meanwhile Hypotension is a low blood pressure in the body. Hypotension can also cause the body trembling when hungry. 

  1. Anemia

Anemia is a condition where the body is lack of blood. A person with anemia gets tired quickly and looks pale. Anemia is more common in women than in men. We can overcome anemia by consuming foods that can increase our blood levels. Also read: Causes of Why Your Body Get Tired Easily

  1. Hormonal Disorders

Hormonal disorders can cause tremor when hungry. It is the result of hormonal dysfunction in the body. Unhealthy body might be the cause.

  1. Lack of rest

People who sleep less than 8 hours a day tend to experience tremor more than who does. Just like a machine, if it is used continuously without having enough rest will be dysfunctional and damaged. It also happens to our bodies. Also read: Negative Effects of Skipping Breakfast Before School

How to Overcome Shaking When Hungry

After knowing the causes of shaking when hungry, here’s the cures:

  1. Take a breath and relax

When your body is trembling, then breathe in and breathe out slowly. This can soothe the mind so that the tremors will be eased off.

  1. Sit down

After you are a little relax then sit down. Do not stand to avoid falling off.

  1. Drink a glass of water

After sitting down, drink a glass of water. It will make the blood flow fluently, especially the bloodstreams towards the brain. This condition will reduce the weakness due to starving.  Also read: Dangers of Eating Eggs Everyday

  1. Consume foods containing carbohydrate and sugar

Foods containing carbohydrate and sugar can restore the energy. You can eat donuts, rice and vegetable to recover your energy and hunger so that the tremor will slowly disappear.

  1. Drink fruit juice

If you are not ready to eat foods because of the tremor, then drink juice from sweet fruits. Juice can replace the sugar in the body.

  1. Drink sugar pill or pill containing glucose

First aid to recover tremor is by drinking pill containing sugar or glucose. This will quickly replace the sugar levels in the body, but not with the hunger. So, eat foods after that.

  1. Resting

Rest sufficiently to restore your energy. So, when you wake up the energy is already recovered and you can perform activities well.

8. Eat Slowly 

Life is simple. If you hungry, please eat well. Don’t let yourself suffering from hunger. If you feel the causes of shaking when hungry, try to eat slowly. Also, eat in small version at first to not make it worse. When you feel better then, you can eat normally in your portion.  Also read: The Effects of Eating Alone in Daily Life  

9. Drink Warm Tea 

If you feel shaking when hungry, please grab a glass of warm tea before you eat. It will help your stomach to relax. Drink it slowly and take a deep breath.

10. Manage Your Eating Schedule 

That’s the five causes of shaking when hungry, and it may be the symptom of bigger diseases. So, the important thing we should consider is not to be late in eating. Always eating on time and complete your nutrition needs.

Healthy Tips!

Thus, there are some causes of shaking when hungry but we need to take care of our own body. Just don’t eat late and always complete your daily nutrient needs. If you feel shaky every time when you hungry, you must aware to bring snack or food in your pocket.

Thus, if you feel the condition is getting worse, please call your doctor. Stay healthy, good people!

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