11 Early Symptoms of Heart Disease Need to be Recognized

One disease that until now could be called as the most common cause of death is heart disease. Heart disease is a condition in which the flow of blood containing oxygen that flow from and through the heart is having a problem.

The problem that usually happen is, the blood flow to the heart will be disrupted and will cause the heart muscle to function abnormally. This condition is very dangerous if not immediately get help and treatment.

The thing is that, many people do not know the difference between heart disease and ordinary chest pain.

That is why many of them are late to know if they have a problem with their heart. That is why we need to know the early symptoms of heart disease so that we can distinguish between heart disease and pain in the chest. The early symptoms of heart disease are:

  1. Headache

Headaches may be common issue to many people. However there are some conditions where the headache you experience means you have a problem with your heart. For example, if the headache that you suffer accompanied by pain in the chest. Another thing that indicates if your headache is related to heart problems is when your headache comes when you are exposed to the sun. This condition will cause the heart rate to be slower or faster for some people.

  1. Pain in the chest

The most common early symptom of heart disease is the pain in the chest. Although not all pain in the chest that some people felt is a sign of heart disease. Pain in the chest is caused when a narrowing of blood vessels of the heart, of course this will result in blood circulation becomes not smooth.

This condition will become more severe if accompanied by a weak and often numb. The effects of chest pain can lead to shortness of breath, nausea, and heartbeat that beat faster. That being said, you need to be aware if you feel pain in the chest. Consult your doctor if it happens constantly.

  1. Irregular Heartbeat

Another symptom that indicates a problem in your heart is a pulsating heartbeat and the pulse begins to irregular. This condition is caused because the heart muscle is thickened and causes the heartbeat to be irregular. It is also the cause of the narrowing of the heart valve and further will be the cause of leakage in the heart.

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  1. Get Tired Easily

Another thing that becomes a sign of heart problem or a sign of a problem with the heart is the body becomes tired easily. This is because a painful chest will make the body more easily tired. When the heart has problems then the heart muscle will weaken and cause pumping of blood throughout the body becomes imperfect. This is the cause of the body becomes tired easily.

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  1. Swelling

Another thing that indicates a problem in our heart is when there is swelling in some parts of our body such as in the stomach. Having heart problems will make the heart function weaken and affect the kidney disposal process that will also experience problems. This is what will make the stomach becomes swollen.

  1. Nausea

Problems in the heart that make the stomach becomes swollen will also make the emergence of nausea. This is because too many substances are not processed by the kidneys causing problems in the digestive organs.

  1. Decreased Appetite

Another thing that is also a sign of heart disease is your decreased appetite. This is because the greater the stomach and also the nausea caused will affect this condition. It will also become more severe when accompanied by a sore chest and also a body that becomes more tired quickly.

  1. Excessive Sweating

Sweating after we do something hard activities or exercising is a natural reaction of our body to let out the toxic and unnecessary substances in the body. However, sweating becomes a sign of trouble if it is too much and not normal. Excessive sweating is one sign of our heart has a problem.

  1. Pain in Some Parts of the Body

Heart problems of course will make the blood circulation becomes abnormal. From the flow of problems that then some organs in the body will experience pain. One of them is with frequent back pain.

  1. Heart Pounding

The condition commonly referred to as palpitation is also an early symptom of heart disease that we should be aware of. This condition will happen even if you are not doing any activity. Most people neglect this heart pounding condition because the symptoms last for only a minute or so. However, you need to stop neglecting this kind of issue because it might be dangerous for your health in the near future

  1. Anxious

Some people believe that heart problems are also marked by excessive anxiety. This anxiety will get worse for those who previously also had a sudden heart attack. These anxieties will make them more fearful, anxious, and more tense.

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Those are some of the things that can be taken as early symptoms of heart disease that we should be aware of and keep in mind, so that we can get help quickly and accurately. If you experience one or more symptoms that are mentioned above, make sure to consult it with your doctor. Trying home remedies might be good if the symptoms are not happening too often because the cause of it may be different.

However, if you experience the symptoms constantly and too often, you should be cautious about it, seek for help immediately is highly recommended. Make sure to eat healthily, exercise regularly, pay attention on what you eat and also check your family’s health history, since heart disease is the kind of illness that can be inherited. Stay aware, stay healthy.


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