5 Side Effects of Vegetable Oil – The Most Dangerous Ones for Health!

Vegetable oil is one additional ingredient in various packaged food. Vegetable oil is indeed made from vegetables, but there are some things you need to consider because it turns out that there are side effect vegetable oils could bring. Some of the side effects are dangerous for our health, because most of them contained saturated fatty acids, so they pile up inside our body.

Some studies found that vegetable oils are made out of corn and sunflowers which can also be harmful for health. When the oil is heated, it will produce aldehyde compounds which are harmful for the body. This aldehyde can trigger dementia, heart disease, and cancer.

The followings are 5 side effects of vegetable oils that are harmful for our health.

  1. High Quantity of Fatty Acids

Vegetable oil is known to have high fatty acid content. Fatty acids are one ingredients that are needed by our body, but cannot be produced by body itself. Therefore, it is necessary to consume fatty acids from in our daily food.

There are two types of fatty acids that the body needs, omega-3 and omega-6. Both of these fatty acids must always be balanced. If in a phase there is an imbalance between omega-3 and omega-6, this will be dangerous because polyunsaturated fats can react with oxygen so that it can damage DNA and cells.

These fatty acids are usually located in the cell membrane. If these imbalance situations occur, these fatty acids will easily carry out oxidative reactions that will be harmful.

  1. High Quantity of Trans Fatty Acid Content

Trans-fatty acids are a kind of fat that contain multiple carbon chains and are saturated. These trans-fats are what cause obesity. Trans-fats are not good and actually dangerous for our body by causing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Laboratory research found that many vegetable oils contain trans-oil. For this reason, those of you who are currently obese must reduce the consumption of vegetable oil.

  1. Enhancing Risk for Heart Disease and Stroke

As discussed in point 2, consumption of excessive vegetable oil will actually be very dangerous for the body. Some researchers recommend using coconut oil or olive oil instead of using vegetable oil.

With high trans-fat content, fat in the circulatory can cause clogging in blood vessels. This certainly is what increase the risk of high blood pressure, brings out symptoms of heart disease, and stroke because there will be plagues in blood vessels. With the buildup of plague in the blood vessels, atherosclerosis will occur which is the origin of some of these diseases. 

  1. Enhancing Risk of Brain Damage (Dementia)

In the first point it has already explained that the imbalance of fatty acids in the body will harm cells. That is because the oxidative reaction carried out by the imbalance fatty acid situation can damage cells. Based on research, excessive consumption of vegetable oils can increase the risk of dementia or the deteriorating brain function due to brain cell damages.

  1. Enhancing Risk of Cancer

In the first point it has also stated that besides being able to cause dementia, oxidative reactions due to the imbalance situation of fatty acids can trigger the development of new cell to become tumor or cancer cell. If you’re still using vegetable oil and worry about the risk of cancer, you should first know signs of cancer.

Those are 5 side effects of vegetable oils that are harmful for our body. If you still use vegetable oil at this moment, it is recommended that you stop this habit immediately, and replace it with coconut oil or olive oil which is proven to be healthier and safer for the body.

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