10 Effects of Drinking Cold Water after Exercise – Solutions

Getting used to exercise at least once a week will help us to maintain health and fitness. It would be better if we exercise every day before starting daily activities. Light exercise such as jogging or fun gymnastics will be good enough.

After exercise we need to drink to replace the lost body fluids. Normally it will be more refreshing if we drink cold water. The fatigue will disappear instantly. However, is it safe to drink cold water after exercise when our body temperature is high? Let’s look at the effects of drinking cold water after exercise.

1. The Emergence of Headache

The head becomes dizzy because the central nervous system is not ready to accept changes from hot to cold temperatures in a short time. That’s why it’s better to wait for the body temperature to get back to normal before drinking cold water. If the headache is unbearable, you can take medicine for headaches. Mostly the medicine is sold freely. So you can buy it without a prescription.

2. The Urge to Urinate

Drinking cold water can stimulate the bladder so that the urge to urinate arises. What you can do is,  just make sure it won’t happen when you’re stuck in a traffic jam. It will not matter if you can find a toilet.

3. Slow Absorption

Cooling your body by drinking cold water is an easy choice. But cold water is slowly absorbed by the body. The water must be warmed first by the body until the temperature is equal to the body temperature. Then the water can be absorbed well by the body.  It would be better if you drink water with normal temperature, about 25 degrees Celsius. When exercising the body gets hot. Naturally the body will produce sweat to cool the body slowly. That’s the best way to restore the temperature of the body back to normal.

4. Narrowing Blood Vessel

Cold temperatures can stimulate blood vessels to narrow so that blood flow is disrupted. This condition can cause interference in body. If drinking cold water often causes your body to feel bad, you better immediately consult a doctor. And it’s also a good idea to reduce the frequency of drinking cold water.

5. Weakening of Heartbeat

Some studies say drinking cold water can stimulate the vagus nerve. The nerve serves as a controller of the body’s unconscious activities such as heartbeat. Too much cold water will disrupt the working of the vagus nerve so that it can cause the heartbeat to weaken. If you feel pain in the chest after drinking cold water, consult a doctor immediately. People are often unaware of problems that occur in their heart until it is too late. Heart problems can happen to anyone.

6. The Emergence of Sore Throat

One of the effects of drinking cold water after exercise is causing the appearance of mucus in the lining of the esophagus. This condition can cause the throat to become susceptible to infection and inflammation. To relieve sore throat, there are several famous medicines in the form of sweets. They are sold freely and do not require a prescription. Certainly you need to reduce drinking cold water as well.

7. Distended Belly

In the digestive tract occurs the process of warming. Cold water will be warmed by the fat pads that are in our stomach. Fat pads come from the intake of food consumed daily. If we often drink cold water, obviously the body will need more fat pads. The more fat pads in the abdomen, the more visible the distended belly. Of course this will ruin your appearance. No one in this world would think the distended belly was attractive. Except Santa Claus.

Exercising regularly will burn fat and make sure to set your diet to be healthier. Less fat means less weight. But sometimes weight loss can cause excess skin. No need to worry, there are plenty of ways to prevent excess skin during weight loss.

8. Narrowing of the Intestine

Cold water will cause the freezing of fat in the oily food consumed. This causes the buildup of fat so that intestinal narrowing occurs. As a result, it will slow down and interfere with the digestive process in the body. Exercise regularly to burn fat and stop to eat oily foods. You should also frequently eat fibrous foods to keep your digestion healthy. Properly cooked green vegetables and fruits will give the body the necessary nutrients and prevent constipation. Anyway, it’s good for you to know a few traditional ways to cure constipation.

9. Flatulence

Cold water will affect the work of the digestive tract. Cold water can stimulate the gastric to shrink so that the stomach feels cramps or seizures. Then the gastric will produce gas that makes the flatulence. Taking an ulcer drug will help to relieve flatulence. It’s sold freely. You don’t need a prescription to buy it. Sometimes farts can also help relieve flatulence. Just find the right place and the perfect time to do it. Do not embarrass yourself. Flatulence could also be a symptom of ulcer. There are several ways to cure an ulcer in your stomach naturally.

10. Brain Freezing

The brain is very sensitive to temperature. A study was conducted on a number of people who were asked to drink ice with straws sticking to the walls of their palate. The blood flow to the brain was then monitored. Apparently there was an increase in blood flow to the brain. This led to temporary headaches or brain freezing. A person who has a history of migraine is very likely to have brain freezing. All you need is time. Headache will slowly disappear by itself. And of course drink water with a normal temperature, about 25 degrees Celsius, is better than cold water. By the way, if you have migraine, it will not hurt if you learn several ways on how to relieve chronic tension headaches.

After knowing the effects of drinking cold water after exercise, what will you do? Will you change your habits? It all depends on you. You are the one who knows best about your body. Act wisely because every choice has its consequences.

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