How to Cure Nausea That Comes with Hangover (Fast and Proven)

 Nausea or the feeling of discomfort in your stomach along with the feeling of wanting to vomit at unpredictable time and place is not the most pleasant feeling in the world at any time, especially in the morning, more so if the said morning is a working day’s morning.

Most of the time the cause is none other than a hangover. Hangover as one of the reasons why you feel nauseous in the morning is not a rare occurrence. Many people have similar experiences or even the exact same experiences with a few additional troublesome or other painful complications.

After a night full of fun with few friends and families or a depressing night with drinking as a temporary relief, the after effect of alcohol, the sweet poison, is not going to subside just like that, particularly for low alcohol tolerance people.

It’s not like an upset stomach after eating something spicy that can be gotten rid of by hunting what settles your stomach after eating spicy food then consume those. The after effect of heavy drinking the next morning is so troublesome and hard to get rid of, that will make you want to stop drinking altogether.

A responsible person will just have to deal with it, maybe by searching ways on how to get rid of nausea side effects, and other complications that come along with the nausea for the sake of going to work and being productive. Whereas a going-with-the-flow kind of person will decide to rest for the day just to cure the terrible hangover that comes with the nausea. But are there effective and easy ways on dealing with hangover nausea that you can do to ease the effects and discomfort?

How to Cure Nausea That Comes with Hangover

Here are ways on getting rid or ease your body whilce facing the discomfort of nausea caused by hangover,

1. Fluids is your immediate and relief

You may think that drinking lots of alcohol can automatically fill your body needs of fluids. But the fact is alcohol is a diuretic, that basically means that your body is losing water when you’re drinking alcohol and you will also lose more fluids by urination induced by consuming alcohol.

So the more you drink alcohol, the more fluids your body lose.  The lost of fluids will cause your body to have some complications and one of them is nausea.

Drinking a lot of fluids, especially the type of fluids containing electrolytes to replace such lost is greatly recommended as it will lessen the side effect of nausea after hangover and will give your body some strength to fight the nausea and the hangover.

2. Get your sugar stock full

By drinking, not just fluids that’s lost but your blood sugar will also decrease for a significantly large amount of percentage. With a low level of blood sugar, your body will lose it’s main source of energy and therefore one of the symptoms of low blood sugar are fatigue, nausea, dizziness.

Because the blood sugar in your body is low, the stomach will try to digest what’s left in the stomach and increased amount of gastric acid is the result. The increasing gastric acid to digest small amount of food left in the stomach usually caused stomach discomfort that will induce the feeling of nausea. Replenishing your energy by eating carbohydrates frequently but in smaller size will usually do the trick.

3. Tea is literally the drink of the day

Hot tea or or even hot cocoa can soothe your stomach so that it will not feel discomfort as much as it usually feel. While drinking tea helps with your digestion, it can also prevent vomitting after a night full of drinking. With a soothed stomach, nausea is the least condition you have to worry about.

Usually nausea also came with dizziness or migraine when it’s caused by hangover. While you succeed in getting rid of nausea, the dizziness can cause it to surface again and it’s not a good thing to happen. By pouring the delicious warm fluid to your stomach, dizziness will slowly fade away and nothing can invite nausea feeling back to your body.

4. The hero is Vitamin B6 in particular

You may have heard about the magic of vitamin C for stamina, vitamin A for the eye, vitamin D for your bones, etc. But vitamin B6 is rare to be heard as it’s rare to be mentioned for it’s medical ability. That’s contrast to how often most of the people in the world eat vitamin B6, considering it’s contained in basic foods such as poultry, liver, potatoes and some fruits (excluding non citrus fruits).

Consuming vitamin B6 while you’re suffering from a terrible hangover can reduce the complications, especially nausea. It’s recommended after a study conducted about three decades ago that have been tested and proven. After all what can go wrong with a bowl of warm chicken soup in the morning for your poor stomach that’s full of discomfort in a hangover.

Even though these ways are very effective and efficient in curing nausea because of hangover, it’s much better to get rid of the habit of drinking alcohol altogether, not by drinking moderately or drinking rarely but stop the habit for the rest of your life. Drinking also is one of the causes of darkening gums, reducing and destroying your beautiful body.

Even though it’s not easy to stop drinking and sometimes it makes you search desperately on how to get sleep during alcohol withdrawal because of how hard it actually is, for the sake of your health and happiness (not just yours but your loved ones’ happiness), maybe it’s time to put the habit to rest once and for all.

I hope this article is useful for you and your loved ones. Thank you!

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