How to Remove Tan from Feet in One Day at Home – It’s Easy and Effective!

Having fair skin is everyone’s dream. Fair skin is considered to be one factor that could help people appear more beautiful and handsome, even though handsomeness and beauty did not always emitted through fair skin. But isn’t it a problem if your skin have hyperpigmentation? Hyperpigmented skin certainly will not look perfect anymore, because the hyperpigmentation sometimes make people insecure or even embarrassed.

There are many causes of hyperpigmentation, such as exposure to sunlight to the uncovered area of our skin. Later, when we open the covered area, we can see the colors in both areas are different (hyperpigmented). Therefore, if you’re insecure about that, you have to know how to deal with it. Here are some steps that you can do to treat skin hyperpigmentation:

  1. Lemon

How to remove tan from feet in one day at home? Lemon contains a lot of antioxidants and Vitamin C which are good to maintain skin regeneration and treat skin hyperpigmentation. With lemon, the dark area will back to its normal condition, it can be even fairer. This result will appear after a routine and consistent treatment.

  1. Tomato

Tomatoes are beneficial for our skin health. The nutritional contents of tomatoes that play an important role in treating hyperpigmented skin are antioxidants and Vitamin E which helps to rejuvenate skin and return it to its original condition. Truly, hyperpigmented skins are dead skin cells that cover the epidermis layer so it appears darker. Vitamin E and antioxidants will exchange the dead skin cell with new skin cell so that the skin looks brighter. You may also read about How to Prevent Acne with Tomato Mask

  1. Potato

It’s easy to use potato to treat skin hyperpigmentation. Just find a potato, clean up the dirt, peel, and then wash it. Apply the potato to hyperpigmented skin for at least twice a day. Consistent treatment will restore your original skin color. Another way you can do is to make a paste out of potato. You just have to mash the potato then rub it to the hyperpigmented section. You may also read about How to Treat Cancer with Turmeric

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is widely used as beauty products nowadays due to its ability to brighten the skin. Using turmeric regularly, your hyperpigmented skin will be able to return to its original condition. All you have to do is to mix turmeric with lemon juice and apply it to the hyperpigmented area, and leave it until absorbed, then rinse.

  1. Yogurt

How to remove tan from feet in one day at home? Many kinds of yogurt have been used as one ingredient for facial masks. Therefore, the benefits of yogurt for our skin are highly trusted to rejuvenate the skin. If you have any hyperpigmentation, you can immediately apply some yogurt to it. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse. Remember to do it regularly.

  1. Papaya

Papaya is good for our beauty and health, especially digestive system. It is very easy to find, especially in rural area. Therefore, papaya has been widely used for beauty products such as facial masks, soap, lotion, and other papaya extracts which can helps brighten our skin complexion. You may also read about How to Whiten Face with Papaya

  1. Honey

Honey is beneficial for our skin. Honey can moisturize the skin and keep the skin healthy. Honey can also restore the original state of the skin from hyperpigmentation, and make the skin healthy and fair. You may also read about Effects of Honey on Dark Skin for Skin

  1. Lime

Like lemons, lime contains antioxidants and Vitamin C that are beneficial for the skin. Lime can help reduce oil on our face and body. Not only that, lime plays an important role in the process of skin regeneration and treat skin hyperpigmentation to its original condition.

  1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is very important to prevent ultraviolet (UV) light from directly touching our body. But there are some cases where people are allergic to sunscreen. If from the first use of sunscreen you experienced allergy, then stop using it because instead of protecting your skin from UV, it will damage your skin. People with sensitive skin finding it hard to find a suitable sunscreen for their daily use.

  1. Vinegar

Hyperpigmentations are common due to sunburn, but don’t worry, just have to add a few drops of vinegar in warm water, and then add a little bit of salt and lemon. Soak the hyperpigmented area while gently rubbing it to make the dead skin cell disappear and replace it with new cells.

  1. Coconut Water

Not only to relieve thirst, coconut water surprisingly beneficial to help brighten the skin. That’s why coconut water is recommended to be used as medicine and helps treat skin hyperpigmentation. You may also read about Benefits of Coconut Water For Hair

  1. Mineral Water

Mineral water is beneficial for our body. It helps with the continuity of beautiful skin condition. Lack of mineral water will make skin look dull and wrinkled. Therefore, it is recommended to have mineral water therapy. Even though, mineral water is good and beneficial for our beauty, consume it according to instructions.

  1. Rice

Rice is rich with carbohydrates, so that it’s not suitable for diabetics. But surprisingly, rice gives benefit for our beauty especially to brighten the skin. Basically, rice along with olive oil will help restore the hyperpigmentation of the skin so that it can return to its original condition.

  1. Banana

Banana is high in fiber and it’s good for baby’s digestive system. Also, banana is good for our skin, because it helps regulate oil levels in the skin.

  1. Coffee Grounds

Consuming too much coffee is unhealthy because caffeine contained in it is dangerous for our health. But, coffee can be used as facial mask and it will be beneficial for our skin. It will make the skin healthier and clean, and treat hyperpigmentation. Well, that’s how to remove tan from feet in one day at home.

  1. Carrot

Carrots also beneficial for our skin by brighten it. To use carrot to brighten your skin, you just have to mash the carrot finely, mix it with body lotion and apply the paste on your hyperpigmented skin.

Those are some ways to recover hyperpigmented skin due to sun exposure. Hyperpigmentation can be treated easily, but it can happen so easily too. Therefore, for optimum result, do those steps to also prevent the hyperpigmentation.

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