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As is known so far that the thyroid gland is an important part of the body so that if the thyroid gland is impaired it will also affect the health of the body itself.

The hormones produced by the thyroid gland have many important roles such as regulating heart rate, regulating blood pressure to help the process of changing food into a source of energy for the body.

Disorders of the thyroid gland are also known to be affected by glands found in the brain where these glands play an important role in the production of thyroid hormones. Read more about How to Maintain Nail Healthy

Problems or disorders of the thyroid gland can cause the body to experience side effects of thyroid disease, some side effects of thyroid disease can be like:

  1. Decreasing weight

The first side effect of thyroid disease is a decrease in body weight, as mentioned earlier that the hormone produced by the thyroid gland has a function to help the body process food that enters or is consumed into energy that will be used.

This decrease in body weight can be caused by a thyroid gland that is not too active to produce hormones so that the food that enters less can be maximally converted into energy and so on.

Nutrients and essential substances that contain food eventually become wasted and the body cannot store it in the body.

2. The weight gain

Side effects of thyroid disease are then caused by different factors with previous side effects. If the body is experiencing weight loss due to a lack of thyroid hormone, the weight gain in the body that suffers from thyroid disease is due to the excess amount of hormones produced by the thyroid gland.

This increase in body weight is caused by thyroid hormones that are too active in helping the body to convert food into energy for the body so it is not surprising that there is excess energy in the body that is stored by the body itself as an energy reserve. Read more about  Side Effects of Too Much Vitamin C

Some patients are strongly advised to eat food for people with mumps and stay away from foods that cause hyperthyroidism.

3. Certain parts of the neck experience swelling to large lumps

Severe thyroid gland disorders can be seen directly and marked by swelling of certain neck parts and in some cases can be accompanied by a lump formation. This can occur because the thyroid gland that has a disturbance is located in the neck or more precisely located near the neck Adam’s apple.

Lumps that are felt can be caused by the high amount of thyroid hormone that is produced, usually this disorder is referred to as mumps, also need to know whether goiter is contagious or not. This goiter needs to be alerted and immediately given treatment because if left for a long time this goitre can turn into a tumor or cancer.

4. Having hair loss

There are several types of hormones in the body that can have a major effect on hair growth so it is not surprising if people who often experience hair loss are advised not to experience excessive stress.

Stress experienced can cause an imbalance in the performance of hormones in the body, stress can also be felt by the body that experiences thyroid because excess thyroid hormone can have an impact on the body more prone to anxiety and excessive anxiety. Read more about How to Get Rid of Scabies Without Going to the Doctor

Severe thyroid disease can cause very severe hair loss that is owned by people with thyroid disease.

5. Disorders in the menstrual and digestive cycles

Thyroid hormone imbalances can also have an impact on the menstrual cycle that is disrupted, hyperthyroidism or a condition in which the body has excess thyroid hormone can cause menstruation experienced by women to become irregular.

Not only that digestion can also experience disruption due to thyroid disease such as having difficulty defecating or experiencing diarrhea. Disturbed digestion it’s good to consume foods that are good for hyperthyroidism.

6. Causes of babies born with disabilities

Pregnant women who experience disorders of the thyroid gland can adversely affect the health of the fetus they are carrying.

Pregnant women are at risk of having a baby with disability when born, this is due to disruption of the baby’s mental and physical development when conceived.

Also note that thyroid hormone is needed by infants and children in their body and mental development so that if you experience thyroid disorders this will affect the body of the baby or the child itself. Read more about Benefits of Sugar to Prevent Acne

7. Disorders of the heart

Side effects of other thyroid diseases can be experienced by heart organs. The heart is an organ that is very vital and needed by the body.

Heart rate changes due to an imbalance of thyroid hormones will slowly trigger other heart complications such as stroke and heart failure.

8. Infertility

Women who experience thyroid disease for a long time and do not get the right treatment can result in sterility in the body. Hypothioidism experienced by the body can affect the process of ovulation in the uterus.

Thyroid disease on a small scale or in other words is still in a mild stage and can be treated with several treatments.

The first step is quite easy, such as choosing several types of foods that are good for the body and foods that should be avoided because they can interfere with the thyroid gland and choose how to treat the thyroid gland which enlarges properly.

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