10 Proven Tips to Prevent Premature Grey Hair Naturally

At what age usually people’s hair starts to turn grey? There is no exact answer to that because even though most of the times graying hair naturally occur to people in their 30s to 40s, there are also people who grow grey hair in their 20s or even younger. We cannot deny that having our look all put together will boost mood for the day. Having grey hair often becomes the signs of aging. No wonder, spotting one or two strands of grey hairs become a wake-up call to act on it. 

Each strand of hair has follicle under the skin that contains pigment cells. The pigment cells produce melanin which is responsible for giving color to hair. The more melanin produced in the follicle, the darker your hair will get. Unfortunately, the older you get, the less follicle will present there making you grow more transparent color of hair like grey, silver or white.

Factors of Graying Hair

However, there are also many other factors that contribute to greying hair:

  • Genetic factors – people who are inherited with genetic hair of grey will likely to grow few but sometimes noticeable grey hair at young age.
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency – lack of vitamin can be the big cause of the graying process to happen faster and earlier.
  • Lifestyle – eat right and healthy highly. Even without a proper scientific background, it is fairly logical that if you eat healthy and right food, your body will show the signs. And that goes for your hair as well.
  • Health issues such as thyroid problems
  • Stressful situation and smoking.
  • Pollution.

You can shield your hair before the nightmare kicks in by trying out these tips to prevent premature grey hair:

1. Use oil

Treat your hair with oil regularly to condition your hair. Sometimes, dry hair provide a way for hair to growing grey because there is lack of moisture there. You can either go to spa for the hair treatment or you can also do it at home with oil.

Use egg oil to treat graying as it has acids that help revitalize the follicle cells in your hair while also moisturizing the scalp and promoting new healthy hair growth.

Follow these simple steps twice a week to prevent greying hair and moisturize your hair:

  • After washing your hair
  • Massage scalp thoroughly with egg oil
  • Put on hair cap or towel over your head
  • Leave it on overnight
  • Rinse off in the morning to clean all the excess oil 

2. Use shampoo with natural ingredients

Pay attention to products that you use. Harsh ingredients in shampoo may cause damage to hair pigments and cause hair fall for you. You might want to consider switching to mild or even more recommended, organic shampoos. 


3. Perfumed hair products

Having sweet-scented hair indeed boosts your confidence. However, the perfume contained in hair products to give fragrance to it contain strong chemicals. These chemicals are harmful because there might be side effects like causing grey hair. Use fragrance-free products or hair oil as an alternative.

4. Reduce stress

In the present days, people facing stressful environment in daily basis are prone to premature greying hair. Try to manage your stress level by finding things to distract your mind from constantly stressing over certain issues. Treat yourself regularly with vacations, or some relaxing weekends in your favorite spa.

If you are in hectic schedule and find it hard to find some free time for vacation, try yoga or meditation. You can do this for every morning or every night before going to bed. 

5. Stop smoking

If you cannot go a day without smoking, you might need to quit right away if you want to prevent graying hair. Cigarettes contain with carcinogen, an element that is responsible for cancer. The element will also affect hair follicles which gradually turns your hair follicles into grey.

How to Prevent Early Graying Hair

The tips to prevent premature grey hair is by eating good food in good lifestyle. Meanwhile, try to consume fruits and fish daily. It’s not just good for hair, but it works for maintaining overall health. Meanwhile, try to consume these following foods:

1. Almond

Almond is able to increase catalase, a powerful antioxidant enzyme that helps to convert harmful substance in the body into harmless oxygen and water. The good news is, this will help to prevent your hair from graying.

You can add almonds into your smoothie or you can directly eat them as a snack. Another tips, soak almonds in water and leave it overnight before eating them. This process will enhance nutrient content, make it more alkaline and easier to digest. And remember, always go for organic ones.

Indeed, there are many natural treatments to heal overall diseases such as Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Dark Armpits and How to Cure Chapped Lips in 5 Minutes with Home Remedies

2. Berries

Berries has rich contents of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The berry family includes strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, blueberry, blackberry, and mulberry. One of the best berries for your hair is Indian gooseberry known as amla. The berry helps to keep the natural color of your hair intact.

3. Chocolate

Yes, you don’t read it wrong. Now preventing your hair from greying can be enjoyable and tasty owing to chocolates. Chocolates have rich content of copper, another key ingredient to boost the production of melanin. Milk also contains a little of copper, but go for pure dark chocolate for maximum benefits of copper.

But remember good news come with bad news. Eat them only in moderation as you don’t want to rise calories in your body. Then, also consider about Best Ways to Get Rid of Dark Spots Caused by Acne

4. Fresh greens

It’s never a bad idea to add more vegetables to your diet. Sufficient amount of vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, cucumber or other green leafy vegetables are able to remove impurities like toxins from your body. Add more of them to your diet to prevent grey hair.

Another nutrient-rich food is spirulina, or blue-green sea algae. Combine all these greens for your smoothie every morning to keep grey hair away from you. Meanwhile, do not forget to try these Natural Ways to Heal Dry Cracked Feet with Home Remedies

5. Salmon

Salmon fights greying hair because it has very high amount of Vitamin B12 which the lacking of the nutrient, as discussed, sometimes is the main reason for greying hair at young age. Another nutrient this food can provide is selenium which acts to increase the catalase production, moderate amounts of Iodine and Pantothenic Acids. These substances will fight greying hair. In addition, eating more salmons also means reducing potential of cancer.

It’s always better to be prepared before grey hair attacks. However, remember that greying hair is a natural process when you’re in the age of 30s to 40s. When it is no longer possible to prevent it, there is no harm try to embrace it. Be confident with your body and keep it healthy. While you apply the tips to prevent premature grey hair, you also promote for a healthy lifestyle. Stay healthy!

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