14 Ways on How To Overcome Insomnia During Pregnancy

Symptoms of insomnia or difficulty sleeping often suffered by pregnant women, both young and old pregnant. Actually this condition is quite normal.

The existence of psychological changes and increase hormone levels in the body is the main factor triggers pregnant women difficult to sleep.

Although this does not celebrate the fetus, but if the mother has trouble sleeping for days then it can make the body’s stamina becomes decreased. The effect of the body feels weak and lethargic.

Well, here are some ways to overcome pregnant women difficult to sleep the most effective. Check it out!

  1. Soon to sleep when sleepy

One of the tricks to overcome insomnia at night is to immediately sleep when the eyes began to drowsy. You do not have to wait for bedtime or late into the night. Read more about  How To Lose Weight While Pregnant

When the eyes begin to feel swollen and sleepy then hurriedly lying on the mattress. This can make you sleep soundly. Conversely, if you hold back the drowsiness, then slowly drowsiness will disappear so you too difficult to sleep.

2. Position of sleep should be comfortable

As we get older, most mothers will find it harder to find a comfortable position to sleep. So as a result some pregnant women experience insomnia. Well, to overcome this you can try some sleeping position is right for pregnant women.

According to medical experts, elderly pregnant women are advised to sleep in a sloping position to the left and throw pillows on the back so that mothers can be more comfortable. Avoid sleeping on your back while pregnant young because it can disrupt the blood circulation in the body. Read more about How To Cure a Fever for Pregnant Mom

3. Follow special yoga classes pregnant women

How to overcome pregnant difficulty sleeping next is with yoga. This gymnastics is not only useful to improve health but also helps the brain nerves relaxed.

The body becomes more calm and reduces the symptoms of insomnia. However, not all yoga movements can help you sleep soundly. You can attend a special yoga class for pregnant women to get the right exercise in overcoming the problem of insomnia. Read more about Danger of Cats For Pregnant Women

4. Schedule a proper time

If you feel less sleep at night, then you can get an alternative by taking a nap. This nap activity can help restore stamina and make eyes more refreshed. But keep in mind, you should not sleep too long because it can make you experience insomnia in the evening. So just 1-2 hours.

5. Do light activity

When pregnant you are advised not to fatigue. But the activity of lazing, like lying too long it can increase the chance of insomnia. Read more about Dangers of Morning Sleep for Pregnant Women

Therefore, you should do mild movements to trigger fatigue. When the body is tired then the eyes will automatically sleepy, so sleep can become more soundly. Some mild activities that can be tried during pregnancy such as walking, sweeping, cooking, or attending a gymnastics class.

6. Eat milk at night

For pregnant women it is important to consume milk to assist the development of the fetus in the womb. In addition, milk also has other benefits of overcoming insomnia. If you have trouble sleeping, then try to consume warm milk at night.

According to research, milk contains tryptophan is useful in stimulating the body releases the hormone melatonin, the hormone triggers sleepiness. Read more about How to Treat a Throat Infection While Pregnant

In addition, milk also helps to give effect to the muscle relaxation so that someone who drank it will feel calm and can sleep soundly.

7. Consume bananas

Other food sources that can help overcome insomnia that is bananas. According to research, this fruit contains active compounds that stimulate the production of the hormone melatonin in the body making it easier for someone to be sleepy.

In addition, bananas also help muscle relaxation by increasing seratonin production. Thus, you can sleep soundly. Read more about  Dangers of Ice for Pregnant Women

Moreover, banana is also good for pregnant women because this fruit contains folic acid that helps the development of nerves of the baby, minimizing the risk of prematurity and birth defects.

8. Increase intake of vitamin B12

Eating intake of foods containing vitamin B12 can be a way to cope with difficulty sleeping pregnant women.

According to research conducted in the United States found that someone who is deficient in vitamin B12 tend to suffer from insomnia, depression and easily tired. Some food sources of vitamin B12 are tuna, sardines, salmon, dairy products, eggs, beef, mutton, chicken meat, cereals and cheese.

9. Avoid consuming drugs

When pregnant a woman is strongly advised to avoid drugs. Because the consumption of drugs can cause side effects to the health of the fetus. In addition, certain types of drugs also have the effect of insomnia, such as anti-depression drugs, stimulant drugs, cancer drugs, heart medications, lung medicine and so on. Read more about How to Overcome Wrist Pain When Pregnant

10. Reduce caffeine intake

If you expect to have a good sleep quality then avoid excessive consumption of caffeine. Caffeine is one of the aphrodisiac (psychoactive) that plays a role in stimulating the central nervous system.

Usually caffeine is found in plants, such as in tea leaves or coffee beans. According to research in America, long-term consumption of caffeine can cause the effects of sleep disorders (insomnia) and cause excessive anxiety.

Thus, pregnant women should avoid caffeinated drinks in order to maintain the health of the body and also the fetus.

11. Avoid eating before bed

Eating before bed also becomes one of the triggers of someone experiencing insomnia. According to studies, eating activities before bedtime can disrupt the digestive system and metabolism. In addition, it also makes the fat accumulate in the body.

Therefore, you should avoid eating heavy foods before bed. The right diet takes about 2-3 hours before lying down. If you suddenly feel hungry at midnight then simply consume snacks, such as water, fruit or vegetables with servings to taste. Read more about Dangers of Spicy Food For Pregnant Women

How to overcome pregnant difficulty sleeping next is to try a warm bath. Warm bath activity before bed has many benefits for the body. In addition to clean up dirt, warm water also provides a calm effect, make the muscles become more relaxed, reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep becomes more sound.

However, you are not allowed to bathe at night in a row because it can lead to health problems. Enough 1-2 times a week.

12. Use dim lighting

Next you can try to set the lighting in the room. We recommend using dim lights or dim lights to sleep, not too bright. The darker the condition of room space then the production of melatonin hormones will also increase, so that sleep can be more easily and soundly.

13. Set the room temperature

In addition to light, room temperature also affects the quality of one’s sleep at night. Try to set the temperature as comfortable as possible. Provide adequate ventilation for air to enter. But if your room space is too closed then you should install the air conditioner to make it cooler. Read more about Effects of Stress in Skin

In addition, avoid sleeping with several people in one room, this can make the atmosphere becomes hot and make it difficult to sleep.

14. Remove excessive anxiety

Some people have difficulty falling asleep due to overly stressed, anxious and depressed thoughts. To overcome this, you can try to follow the yoga class so that the mind can be more relaxed. In addition, if you have any problems, we recommend sharing with others you trust. Tell your anxiety, so the anxiety can be reduced. Read more about  How to Get Healthy Diet for School Children

Thus are some ways to deal with difficult and effective sleeping pregnant women. If the above methods do not produce results then immediately consult a doctor to get the right handling.

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