13 Measles Symptoms Day By Day and It is Natural Medicine

Measles is a disease caused by virus infection where the disease will be very disturbing for the sufferers. When the sufferers do not get a proper treatment, measles can be a dangerous disease with a risk of worse complications. Therefore it is very important for all of us to understand the symptoms of measles in order to overcome the disease as soon as possible.

  1. Red Eye

When you are experiencing red eye and it is not getting better for a long period, it is likely to be unusual irritation. Try to feel whether your become more sensitive to light or not. If so, this can be an early symptom of measles.

  1. Dry Cough

In the beginning, the visible symptom of measles is dry cough. Unfortunately, this will not make the sufferers aware of the measles. Dry cough is a type of cough which only can be cured with cough medicine and plenty of rest. However, if the cough is not cured within 2 weeks, this can be another symptoms of disease.

  1. Sore Throat

Sore throat can be caused due to the lack of water, or too much consuming ice drinks and fried food. However, this disease can suddenly appear without any causes. To overcome this disease, you can drink mineral water, and honey.

  1. Runny Nose

Another symptom of measles that might be visible is rhinorrhea or commonly known as runny nose. A runny nose can be caused by flu. However, flu which is not cured within a week can be a serious problem. The possibility of breathing problems is quite large as well, or even you can be infected by measles virus. Before it is getting more serious, getting a diagnosis from a doctor will be very helpful.

  1. High Fever

Besides sore throat, runny nose, and dry cough, another symptom of measles is high fever. There are various high fever causes, such as weather, low body’ immune system, or lack of fluid intake in the body. Make sure the fever is well measured using thermometer. Do not underestimate high fever because there are many deadly conditions that start with high body temperature symptom. So do not wait too long to see a doctor.

  1. Pain in the Certain Parts of Your Body

When you have fever and cold in the same time, probably you will feel pain in certain parts of your body. It could be normal health condition if the pain is accompanied with another symptoms above. In addition, you should not underestimate any pain in your body because there is a high potential of measles symptom.

  1. Muscle Aches

Muscle aches usually can be cured by getting physical or massage therapy by experts. After getting the treatment, usually the pain will disappear. However, if it is does not work, you should see the doctor instead, to prevent measles getting worst. 

  1. Decreased Appetite

Decreased appetite can be assumed as an early symptom of measles. Decreased appetite can be caused by various things such as, too much working or stress. In addition, decreased appetite also due to digestive disorders, including ulcer disease, and stomach acid. Another, measles is also potentially high enough to decrease your appetite for a long period.

  1. Quickly Tired

When you feel sluggish, limp, uninspired, and quickly tired even though you do not do a lot of activities it is enough to be the reason to check your body. Decreased appetite, cannot sleep due to unwell feeling, vomiting, and lack of body fluid intake, they can be the reason why your body feel weak and tired. Those can be symptoms of measles in adults and children.

  1. Vomiting

The early symptom of measles can be a nausea or even vomiting. Nausea and vomiting often look like a stomach problem rather than measles symptom. It is recommended to see a doctor to make sure what disease infected your body and to get appropriate treatment too.

  1. Diarrhea

The digestive system disease often occur due to the lack of clean food. Eating spicy food can also be a cause of diarrhea. However, diarrhea can also be an early symptom of measles. It is better if you consult it with a doctor. 

  1. Red Skin Rash

Red skin rash often occur in children and may be interpreted as a normal allergic reaction. The appearance of the red skin rash is not that bad, and usually can be seen in the hands before it spreads to other parts of your body.

  1. Small Spots

The earliest symptom of measles is the appearance of small spots which slightly white or gray colored. The appearance of the small spots usually occurs in the mouth or throat area. So pay attention to those area.

The Natural Medicines for Measles

To overcome measles, there are some ingredients that are natural and safe to consume.

  1. Orange Juice

Food that contain high vitamin c can be made as juices . Consume it regularly to heal from measles.

  1. Oatmeal and Baking Soda

For treating measles, you can mix the baking soda with bath water. In addition, oatmeal has the same effect as baking soda with the same technique.

  1. Eggplant Seeds

Another natural medicine that you can try is eggplant seeds. Eggplant seeds can naturally increase your immune system.

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