5 Dangerous Effects of Chia Seed for Body Health

Chia seed is a kind of organic food that processed from Salvia hisvanica seed which usually lives in hot regions such as Mexico, Latin America. Chia seed as an ingredient for food can act as an active antioxidant in counteracting the adverse effects of free radicals.

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Chia seed contains high omega 3 that can be blended with other foods that have high nutrition such as low-calorie milk, oats, yogurt, fruit salad, whole grains, and others.

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Nutrient contents contained in chia seed food

  • Carbohydrates are good for body energy.
  • Vitamin A, B 12, C are good for the health of body tissues
  • Good calories as a source of formation of the daily energy.
  • Fiber is good for stabilizing cholesterol, preventing constipation and sugar in the blood to increase.
  • Phosphorus is good for forming bones, improving body metabolism.
  • Protein is good for nourishing brain.
  • Pottasium is good for healthy digestive and gastric systems.
  • Manganese is good to accelerate body’s metabolic process.
  • Cooper is good for body to absorb nutrients.
  • Zinc is good for brain and skin health. You may also like to read foods that rich of zinc.
  • Iron is good to prevent anemia and improve red blood cells.
  • Omega 3 is good for brain tissue health, lower cholesterol levels, and improve heart performance.
  • Calcium is good for bone and tooth density, prevent calcification and osteoporosis.
  • Typtophan is good to improve digestive system disorders.
  • Alpha linolenic acid (ALA) is good for the health of vital organs

Many people only know about the advantages of chia seed without thinking about its disadvantages of it. Here are several dangerous effects that caused by chia seed if you don’t consume it in the right way.

  • Causes sore throat

One of the dangers of chia seed is it can lead to whoever comsume it to experience sore throat. It can happen due to a blockage of chia seed in the throat. You have to chew the chia seed until it gets really smooth so you can join it with more saliva.

  • Not suitable for thin people

Chia seed has an ability to burn fat and suppress hunger so it is not recommended for those who have a thin body to consume it because it will make the weight become decreased. 

  • Causes pain in the pit of the stomach

Chia seed has a chewy and dense texture, if we consume it without using an enough water, there will be a pain in our stomach which can causes nausea. You may also like to read reasons why nausea occurs in the morning.

  • Flatulence

Chia seed have to be added to another food that contains lots of water such as milk, yogurt, syrup, or juice. Chia seed that being consumed without an enough amount of water can lead to flatulence, a pressure on the digestive system and stomach.

  • Causes allergies to the skin

In some people, chia seed can lead them to experience allergies. It can be happened due to the saturated fat component in chia seed. Those who have allergies with chia seed with get itching.

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Are foods that made from chia seed good for children?

Foods that made form chia seed can be added with another food that have high nutrition yet lots of water to prevent the pain in digestice system. For children, you can combine chia seed with low-calories milk and yogurt that are rich of water.

These are 5 dangerous effects of chia seed you have to consider before consume it. Stay healthy, Good People!

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