5 Bay Leaf Side Effects for Health – Important to Notice!

Bay leaf has been known as one condiment to enhance food aroma and flavor. Bay leaves are obtained from multi functional bay trees. The bark of bay tree is commonly used as woven or nets, while its fruit can be eaten. In addition, bay trees have dense leaves and white flower which smells fragrant. Bay trees are usually bred using seeds or cuttings and grafts.

The dense leaves bay trees owned is commonly used as the main condiments of various kinds of dishes. Both in fresh or withered condition, its presence can really complement the taste of food, making it more delicious and tempting. Bay leaves or more scientifically known as Syzigium polyanthum are also useful for beauty and health because of its many good compounds contained in a single leaf.

There are several side effects of bay leaf which can also threaten health especially if it’s consumed excessively. Some of those including:

  1. Constipation Effect

Bay leaf is a condiment with several compounds that are difficult to digest by human bodies, and therefore can cause constipation. This happens because the digestion process of bay leaf is slow, resulting a slower and more difficult defecation. Generally, this side effect experienced by people who took bay leaf routinely as medicine.

People experiencing high blood pressure, for example, use bay leaves in a large quantity to maintain their blood pressure, and make them susceptible to such side effect. To overcome it, you can balance the consumption of bay leaf with grass jelly. When combined, you can cure the disease without experiencing the constipation effect.

Another source also stated that bay leaf is believed to be an herbal ingredient for diarrhea treatment. Regarding the assumption of bay leaf constipation side effect as a result of its difficult to digest compounds, those two sources could mutually reinforce each other depending on the circumstances – the digestive system, the consumer, and the portion of bay leaves consumed. Indeed, also check out more about Dangers of Coconut Milk for Gastritis Patients

  1. Respiratory Effects

Compounds in bay leaves are also known to give adverse effects on people with respiratory disorders such as asthma. Therefore, experts do not recommend people with asthma to consume excessive amounts of bay leaves. It is best to consult with your doctor if you want to naturally cure a disease but you’re also having asthma.

Another alternative is to look for substitute herbs to help you with both your other disease and asthma. Indeed, also check out more about Natural Ways to Cure Uric Acid without Medicine

  1. Eczema

A patient reported that he had eczema on his face and hands after consuming bay leaves. Eczema is a skin condition that requires immediate treatment. However, the relation between bay leaf consumption and the diseases caused by it is still doubtful because body’s sensitivity is also suspected to be an influential factor.

In addition, any objects that have direct contact with the skin also have to be considered because it’s possible to be the cause of eczema, such as dirty water, germs, and viruses attached to certain objects.  Indeed, also check out more about Traditional Ways to Cure Constipation

  1. Disorders for Pregnant Women and Breastfeeding Mothers

Although there is no scientific evidence or arguments regarding any harm caused by bay leaves for pregnant or lactating women yet, medical experts generally prohibit excessive consumption of bay leaves due to allergic factors contained in it.

It is also believed that consumption of bay leaves could harm the fetus being conceived and reduce the quality of breast milk. If so, it will also give negative effects for the baby, especially if the mothers have certain allergies.

Meanwhile, if the mothers do not have any allergies, the consumption of bay leaves in a reasonable amount is believed to be beneficial for pregnant women for its good compound contained. These compounds including vitamin A, vitamin B6, iron, calcium, folate, fiber, and manganese. Indeed, also check out more about Side Effects of Swallowing Nail Polish Remover

  1. Addiction

According to another source, mixing bay leaves in a dish will cause addictive effect, and will make people continuously put bay leaves in every dish they make. Such addiction will cause excessive consumption of bay leaves and will disturb the digestive and respiratory system, or even causing diseases such as eczema or other pregnancy disorder, and disturbing the process of breastfeeding.

Explanations given above shows the harms bay leaf could cause our health. All of the above are assumptions and some did not supported by valid scientific research. Although, bay leaves also have variety of widely proven benefits for our health, we can’t ignore the harms bay leaves could cause our body.

At the very least, if you must consume bay leaves daily, you should not consume it excessively. You should make sure the herbs mixture with bay leaves is instructed by your doctor. That way, you can still enjoy its benefits without worrying about the side effect due to dose errors or procedures. Indeed, also check out more about Side Effects of Cassava Leaves 

Benefits of Bay Leaves

Behind all those side effects, there are various benefits that we can obtain from bay leaves. Some diseases that can be treated with bay leaves are:

  • Uric Acid
  • Hypertension
  • Ulcer
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Diarrhea
  • Scabies
  • Itching and other skin conditions
  • Stomach disorders
  • Cancer
  • Etc.

There are many contents of bay leaves, including color ingredient from the bay tree bark extract which used to color woven and nets, tannin substance and essential oil as antibacterial. No wonder the production of bay leaf extract in capsule form as alternative herbal medicine is high. Some people mix bay leaf as an ingredient in traditional remedies so that bay leaves are used in large quantities.

Consultation with an herbalist will greatly help you to find information regarding other herbal ingredients to weaken the possible harm bay leaf could cause. You can also cook herbal remedies in the traditional way, which is by using a clay-based cauldron instead of the aluminum we often found nowadays.

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