20 Effective Ways to Prevent Yellowish Eyes

Eyes is the most important part of the body. Eyes are the means of the sense of sight. No doubt about the importance of eye health for us. There are several types of eye disease are eye squint, minus eye, yellow eye and so forth.

Yellow eye is one characteristic feature of the existence of jaundice, jaundice is a disease that attacks the liver. Jaundice can be categorized :

  1. Pre-hepatic jaundice : Pre-hepatic jaundice is a jaundice caused by a dramatic increase in the destruction of red blood cells.
  2. Hepatic jaundice : Hepatic jaundice is a disease caused by the cells of liver cells.
  3. Post-hepatic jaundice : Post-hepatic jaundice is a disease caused by obstruction that occurs in the flow of bile.

Yellow eyes are usually associated with symptoms of jaundice. Because one characteristic feature of jaundice is the presence of a yellowish chromatic on the whites part of eyes. There are the symptomps of jaundice :

  • The eyes turn yellow, especially on the whites of the eyes
  • The nails of the hands and feet become yellow
  • The existence of skin discoloration, which becomes more yellow
  • The color of urine turns dark yellow
  • The color of the fases turns into clay
  • In the joints and abdomen often feel pain
  • Weight loss
  • Appetite disappears
  • Being lackluster, sluggish, not excited
  • Feeling itchy itching on the skin
  • Increased body temperature.

In addition to medical treatment there is also a traditional treatment that can cure jaundice : See also Foods Containing Purine Subtance

  • Noni
  • Bangle
  • Temulawak
  • Coconut water
  • Honey
  • Moringa leaves
  • Leaf pare
  • Leaves are shrewd

Yellow eyes are not always associated with jaundice. There are several factors that cause the eyes to turn yellowish. Before knowing some factor factors that cause the eyes to yellow, it would be better if we know the various diseases marked by the change of eye to yellow.

Eye-marked Disease Turns Yellow

  1. Blood Disorder

Yellow eyes can be caused due to abnormalities of red blood cells. The occurrence of early destruction of red blood cell cells can be caused due to abnormalities in the blood caused due to incompatibility during blood transfusion or caused due to certain drugs.

  1. Liver Cirrhosis Symptoms

Liver cirrhosis is the damage of scar tissue in the liver caused by liver damage in the long term. 

  1. Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer can cause obstruction in the bile ducts and integrated pancreas. If the pancreatic duct is inhibited will cause the bile is not drained properly so that the occurrence of jaundice.

  1. Symptoms of Gallstones

The gallbladder has a function to release the bile to help the body become fat. If there is a blockage caused on the danger of gallstones will cause jaundice.

Factors that cause the eye to turn yellow
Before we find out about the ways to prevent yellowish eyes, here are the factors of yellowish eyes:

  1. Eyes are too tired

One cause of yellow eyes is the eyes are too tired. This is caused by the many activities in front of tv screen, computer, laptop. Can also be too long to read books. So the eyes become very tired. Also read: How to Treat Allergic Pink Eye at Home 

  1. Stressful

Although in fact we must have many problems. Someone who is too Stress is usually very sensitive and irritable. Someone who is too stressed is also unable to enjoy daily activities even when relaxing. 

  1. Lack of sleep

lack of sleep is one cause of yellow eye. Lack of sleep can be due to insomnia or it could be because someone really wants to stay up. In order for the eye to stay healthy, sleep enough.

  1. There is a blockage in the bile

Yellow eyes are also one of the signs because of problems in the function of the liver or bile. Or any indication of tumor in the pancreas. At first these symptoms are marked with eyes turning yellow. You will feel tired, nauseated and lack of appetite. It was also accompanied by a high fever. If there are symptoms of these symptoms as soon as possible to see a doctor.

  1. Smoke

Smoke or the like can also be one cause of the eyes become yellow. Can we see in someone who often smokes, or are around smokers and often exposed to smoke. Smoke causes the eyes become dull or even look yellow.

How to Prevent Yellow Eyes

Here’s ways to prevent yellowish eyes:

  1. Checking the eyes regularly

Regular eye checking is also recommended for yellow eye prevention. Changing the eyes to yellow can be one of the symptoms of a dangerous disease. Such as damage to liver tissue or blood disorders. If healthy eyes suddenly turn yellow, consult a doctor.

Not only to know the disease caused by the yellow eye only. Conducting examination on the body regularly will make it easier to know the symptoms of disease or disease that we suffer today, before the disease becomes more severe. For medical examination the doctor will usually require us to take 3-6 months once a medical checkup. You may also read Food that Causes Osteoporosis

  1. Set sleep patterns well

This is one of the healthy lifestyle that will reduce the occurrence of color changes that occur in the eye seklera. Do not let the body too often stay up because it is not good for the health of the body. Often staying up will make the eyes become tired. This causes the eyes do not look clear or even turn yellow. Please read Causes of Small Wart on Neck

  1. Organize activity well

Do not too push yourself to work too hard. If we work in front of the computer must be no more than 10 hours. The reflection of light that is on the computer will make the eyes become very tired. Working too long in front of the computer can damage the existing network of tissues in the eye.

  1. Doing mind relaxation

In order for us to avoid the yellow eye, we can relax the mind. A quiet mind can keep us from excessive stress. In addition, with relaxation the mind can reduce the occurrence of kungging on the eyes. Relaxation of mind will make the mind become more calm that will make our body more fresh. 

  1. Using betel leaves

Betel leaf has many benefits one is to maintain eye health. First prepare a few pieces of betel leaf, clean the betel leaf and boil it until boiling. Drain and let the betel leaves cool. After that filter the betel leaf stew. And to treat the eye drops the betel leaf stew on the yellow eye.

  1. Consume herbs

Herbal medicine is very good for the health of the body especially the eyes. Medicinal herbs can usually heal thoroughly though for long periods of time. Wild Ginger and mengkudu can be one of the herbs are very effective to overcome the symptoms of color changes in the yellow eye.

  1. Enough rest

Normally a person’s body needs at least 8 hours a day to rest. Do not force the body too tired. So also with the eyes, do not force the eye to work too focused in a long time. Because it will make the eyes turn yellow. You can also read Black Around Neck Causes on Fat People

Indeed, there are many ways to prevent yellowish eyes. Thus, for further treatment please contact your doctor.

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